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Nice work guys looks great


Tnx Paddy :)

Looks so nice! Good luck :)


Thanks CanTigit,
love your Quickess template as well.

Very nice template!!! GLWS


Hey Hector,
You have awesome portfolio buddy!

This is stunning – WP at some point? Good luck


Hi Cara_design.
we are glad that you like the template. And yes, we will convert this into WP. I just read your topic on TF forum. Sorry buddy for strange experience at job interview.

Ha ha no worries – it happens actually I am not sure that your Kronos file was not in there somewhere – will have to try and check tomorrow – apologies for the thread if one of your designers is looking for a job in London at the moment! Good luck with this file


Thanks buddy,
our kronos is simple html template, so it’s probably not in his list. But, Who knows :)
Thanks for kind words.


Nice theme. Can you make that message box slightly larger?


message box in contact form or popup?
Anyway, both boxes are changeable. When you purchase the template, you’ll have free support to our support forum. Our developers will help you with changes. URL : www.support.drythemes.com

Nice style , congrats , clean work :)


Thanks buddy for support. Yes, our main idea is to be as much cleaner as possible :)

Great and simple like a brilliant :) Keep up an amazing work!

Very nice theme!

Very nice! Good luck :)

Hey :)
thank you all…

Nice ideas, wonderful style !

Does this template have mobile support? I wasn’t able to get the links to work on my mobile device. Thanks


Template is responsive. We tested in ipad 2 and 3, iPhone 4s and 5, samsung galaxy S2 and S3.

Thanks guys for support. We are glad that you like this template.

Sorry no luck with my android phone or on the kindle. Screen formats correctly, however buttons are not navigating to sections.


Well, not sure what Android phone do you use and what’s the resolution and pixel ratio. In all devices that I tested NOVO template – all works like a charm. Even in some Huawei mobile devices.

amazing work! Can’t wait to WP.


Thanks wesley :)

Nice work!

Tell me please. I’m new here :) Can I use this template without any CMS ? Or I need a web programmer to put it under the WP for example.


Hi yulchievs,
you don’t need any CMS for this template. It’s simple HTML /CSS. All you need to do is to change the content and upload to your server.

Hello Drythemes,

I really The Novo and the Kronos themes. Very very nice… and here is the but… why do I have to wait so long for the WP versions of your lovely work to be released? It has been months now that you say that Kronos is going to be converted to Wordpress, and now this Novo theme. Any idea when it is going to be ready? Is it going to be this year still? I would certainly buy it.

A fan.


Hi Kwitelle,
thanks for interested in. And for supporting us. We appreciate that. We really do. But here’s the thing – we will convert Kronos into WP for sure. Actually we started converting (as you know), but at some point we were not satisfied in which direction Kronos WP version goes. So we started all over from scratch. For your information, menu will be changed (horizontal instead vertical). And I’m not sure about the date. The best way is to follow us via twitter to be notified when will be ready. Thanks again and stay tuned.

naader Purchased

Could you tell me how could i setup the speed of slider (Text) in home page.


Hi pourang and thanks for purchasing the template. in js/main.js (line 12) you need to change this:

scroll: {
   fx: 'uncover-fade'
with this one:
scroll: {
   fx: 'uncover-fade',
   duration: 100

and to change the value for “duration”.