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Is it possible to add more divisors other then the ones that are shown in the example?



Good question Andre. Yes, its possible to add more of them :)

hello I got some problems with this theme, chrome inspector report some errors that problably stops javascript execution queue Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined -> jquery.js:2 e.extend.each -> jquery.js:2 a.fn.cssAnimationRemove -> jquery.themepunch.plugins.min.js:18 (anonymous function) -> jquery.themepunch.plugins.min.js:18 i’m using WPBakery Visual Composer and Revolution Slider can you help me? Thank you


Thanks scleroliquido for purchasing our theme. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with other authors plugin. You should contact plugin authors for errors.

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Hi there I’m having trouble with the Novo theme being responsive on my ipad and samsung galaxy s2, is there something I need to do to get this working? www.study2degree.com



Hi admins2d. Novo wp theme is full responsive. We tested your url like our theme as well on iPad3, iPhone5 and Samsung galaxy S3. And looking great on all devices. Take a look at S3 screenshot ( http://i.imgur.com/5aeEa.png ). Can you please send us your screenshots so we can check.

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Yes exactly, but that doesn’t look what you see on your laptop. I would like to show the same as this demo below, taken on my iPad http://i.imgur.com/81oDn.png

Do I need to set up differently to show this. Thanks.


Sorry for late answer. I was out of town for a few days. Can you send me your url? Or even better, you can go to our support forum ( www.support.drythemes.com ) and start a new discussion. Our developer will help you. Thanks buddy for understanding in advance!

It’s possible to add a logo in the header?


Yes my friend :)
in index.php change this line:

<a href="<?php echo(site_url('/')); ?>" class="logo left"><?php echo get_theme_mod('menu_site_name', 'WP NOVO'); ?></a>

with this one:
<img src="your_logo_url" />
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Hi DryThemes,

Wonderful minimalist theme and I bought it and installed it with no hustles whatsoever (I’m a total n00b on wp/php/css :( ).

A couple of very short questions before rating it:

  • In the “Index.html”-folder you point to a function non-existing in my backend of WP; “Theme customization”. In there you are able to change favicon etc. But the whole function/part of the admin panel does not exist?! Either I go to Appearances_Editor” and end up in the php panel or I can go to “Setting” (no use) or, bellow, to “Performance” (which is a dead end also)....

    I managed to locate the general footer ©text but have a problem reaching it inside the actual blog post (“© DryThemes – Built with love and passion” – I would like to change this to my own ©text)

    1. Please advice and thank you in advance


Can you update your wordpress to the latest 3.4.2 and let me know. We will certainly find the solution :)

zipitup Purchased

Tadaaa! :) IT WORKS!

Soo sorry for occupying your time with this issue – all my fault :(

So – great theme – great support!

Once again Dry, thank you very much.


Hey :)
it’s not your fault buddy. We are glad that you are satisfied with the theme. Enjoy ;)

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Hi, great theme! How do I set the Menu to follow around while scrolling? Thanks, Vlad


Thanks for purchasing theme buddy. Please open your admin panel (www.yoursite.com/wp-admin) and in “Setting -> Reading” set “Front page displays” to “Your latest posts”.

Amazing Theme

One quick question, is there a way to create to create to different portfolios?

thnx in advance


Hello smectacular. Thanks for supporting us and purchasing the theme. Bottom line, you can create different portfolios, but it’s large modification.

It’s possibile to change the number of about people section to two or one?


Hello piccolobill,
thanks for interesting in for theme.
Yes, you can change the number of “about” people section to 1, 2, 3, 4 or some higher number… :)

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Hi, i encountered an error with color picker.

This is what I see in Chrome console

Object [object Object] has no method 'ColorPicker' in page-custom-admin.js:15

Thanks for purchasing template man. Try to update theme to latest ver. 1.3 and let me know ;)

Hey :) just to inform you we updated our theme to ver. 1.3. What we change:

- css/common.css – fix for Portfolio height items, fix for Text slider, fix for About Item Boxes Render Issue
- js/portfolio.js – fix for Portfolio filter function.php – fix for Portfolio (hyperlink), fix for custom field’s (Image, Vimeo, HTML)
- admin/ (whole folder) – fix for colorpicker, fix for custom field’s (Image, Vimeo, HTML)

Before I buy… I wasn’t sure if this was documented anywhere, but I couldn’t find it. Does the theme support google fonts, or is there a way to change between fonts? Is there a way to integrate social media icons?


Thanks for interested in our theme. Theme already use google web fonts but you can change them by editing .css. Social icons are integrated in “about” section.

And another update is released to ver. 1.4. Now NOVO WP is compatible with the latest Wordpress 3.5. Enjoy :)

admins2d Purchased

Hello thanks for your feedback and help. Is it possible to show only 4 blog posts at a time on the homepage so there is less scrolling?

Loving this theme Sylvia


Sure, no problem. Please open your admin panel (www.yoursite.com/wp-admin) and in “Settings -> Reading” set “Blog pages show at most” to “4”.

admins2d Purchased

Excellent thanks heaps !!!


You’re welcome buddy :)

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hello, is it possible to edit the home slider?, font, timing, color?


Hey Javier83,
yes, it’s possible. And thanks for purchasing theme buddy. You can go to our support forum www.support.drythemes.com and there you’ll find open thread about it. Or start a new one.

Hi, great design guys! I had an awesome surprise finding it!

I’m seriously considering the purchase but I’d like to know if you know, think, can tell or cant test if the Image Parallax plugin will work for your theme. I’d like to use it with the background images. (Note that the plugin is compatible up to wp 3.3.2).

Could you tell me what you think about the best way for getting image parallax action in the backgrounds of the novo theme ;-)

Thanks for your work!

Hi talkomraja,
we are not sure how will Image Parallax plugin work on our theme. Because of plugin compatibility up to WP 3.3.2. We just update Novo Wp to Wp ver 3.5

hi, are there any slider options for the image at the top

can the size/aspect ratio of portfolio items be changed from vertical to horizontal or different size

can a image slider be added to ‘photo’ portfolio items?


Hi vasili123 – slider is textual, not with images. You can adjust sliding speed, pagination, auto start, etc but you must manually adjust that. We can help you :)
Portfolio items can change to be horizontally via .css.
Image slider can’t be added to “photo” portfolio items.

vladmedv Purchased

Hey buddy, amazing theme! Great job :bigwink:

I have a few questions;

1) how can I remove these items on the post page:

- Previous and Next buttons - Category title at the top

Here is a screenshot: http://goo.gl/ELQd5

2) How can I disable comments on some posts (not all posts but specific ones)

Thanks a lot!

Hi buddy. Thanks for purchasing… Try to find in novo-wp/single.php this three lines:
echo 'IN' . $cat_list[0]; (line 57)
<div class="left"><?php previous_post_link('%link', 'PREVIOUS'); ?></div> (line 68)
<div class="right"><?php next_post_link('%link', 'NEXT'); ?></div> (line 69)
and replace with this:
//echo 'IN' . $cat_list[0];
<div class="left"><?php //previous_post_link('%link', 'PREVIOUS'); ?></div>
<div class="right"><?php //next_post_link('%link', 'NEXT'); ?></div>

To disable comments open post (to which you want to disable comments) and in “Discussion” uncheck “Allow comments” . (if “Discussion” is not displayed, check if is checked “Discussion” in “Screen Options”)

If you like our theme, please rate :)
vladmedv Purchased

This is perfect! Thanks buddy, you totally know what you’re doing :) Rated 5 stars! Good luck to you, hope this theme brings a lot of sales :)


Very nice theme.. Just a few questions for both WP and HTML versions.

1- Is it possible to have replicate a section and add it to the menu. For example, I would like to use the same layout used for “service” for “products” too.

2- Is it possible to remove a section “blog” ?

3- Is it possible to remove first part of “contact” page. (cup of coffee, calls .. etc.).

4- does it support right to left fonts?

thanks in advance .. :)


Thanks for interesting buddy.
The answer to all your questions is “yes” :)