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When viewing the Portfolio Items that include a Vimeo Video it works great on Desktop Browsers but when viewing from an iPad Mini in Safari the videos don’t show up and reveal a great empty box. Please let me know if you can fix this before I buy!



Hello phillipfx, good notice buddy. We will find solution for that and release update as soon as possible :)

activexx Purchased

Hi I have bought novo wp and I have been tried to update home slider but I couldnt add image into home slider….how can I do that ?

I want to do like ’’ http://ingredients78.com/mcardle/ ’’

if its impossible I want to give back if its possible at Kronos wp I want to swop with Kronos wp

could you help me?


Hey buddy. Thanks for purchase. Check this: http://www.support.drythemes.com/discussion/299/home-slider

sorbieco Purchased

Great Theme!

I started with the sample data and just can’t figure out why the background and striped page border doesn’t show up? Background color colorpicker doesn’t seem to work.


Any help appreciated, thanks!


hi, thanks for purchasing our theme.
Regarding striped border – you should read this post: http://www.support.drythemes.com/discussion/297/striped-section-dividers
Color pickers not working for you because you don;t have latest version of our wordpress NOVO theme. But you can do this to work: In novo-wp/admin/page-custom-admin.php you’ll find two lines:
Replace this lines:

wp_register_script('wp-color-picker', get_template_directory_uri('template_url') . '/admin/js/colorpicker.js', array('jquery'));

With this lines:
wp_register_script('dry-wp-color-picker', get_template_directory_uri('template_url') . '/admin/js/colorpicker.js', array('jquery'));
sorbieco Purchased

Worked perfectly! Thanks again! Awesome Customer Service!


You are welcome ;)

Hey buddy, I just purchased the WP theme. I have no experience with web design and I am having a lot of difficulty figuring out how to customize this theme in WP? Is there anything I should know? I am lost!!!


Hi. Thanks for purchasing theme. Oh, do you import demo content? Please go to our support forum ( www.support.drythemes.com ), our developer will help you, and provide him with the actual URL. Thanks :)

Sorry…I didn’t see he index file. I’ll look it over first and if i cannot figure it out, I’ll let you know, thanks.

I cannot figure this out? I don’t think I can do this with no web design experience? I am truly lost!

I cannot figure this out? I don’t think I can do this with no web design experience? I am truly lost!


Hi. Not sure what is the issue. Did you install theme on your wordpress platform? Let’s go one step at the time ;)

Hi, can you upload your own logo? Can you make the message part of the contact us form to be bigger, like in the kronos-wp theme? I can not see the menu on mobile or when window is resized.


Hey. thanks for purchase. I’m not sure where you want to add logo? Instead of txt? If it is so, our developer will help you vai our support forum ( www.support.drythemes.com )
Regarding contact form – it can be done, but it’s larger modification and that need to be responsive wich in not that easy.
Regarding the menu – We think that the menu is not necessary for low resolution devices, because it’s “one page” template, and user can go trough this template just by scrolling up and down, so there is no need for menu to occupy additional space on small resolution devices.

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Hey DryThemes, First off.. love the template and I’m looking forward to jumping into it!

Is there a way of placing a logo where the website title text is (in the menu banner)?

I’ve quickly knocked up in photoshop what I mean .. http://www.dasfunct.com/test/example.jpg

Thanks in advance

Great theme! Question… Can I use this theme to have just only blog posts on the homepage and the one pager menu linked to those individual blog post? So people could go through the blog posts on one page using the one page menu style? I have the same question if I were using the portfolio portion.

I ask because we had a a “21day” type of facebook post thing where now I would like to take those facebook posts and make them into individual blogs. The 21days were split into 3 weeks. So I would like users to browse the 21day post via a menu like: Week1 >dropdown> Day1, Day2, Day3, Day4.. Week2 >dropdown> Day1, Day2, Day3, Day4.. etc. And the onepage menu style would transition on the one page to each different day.

Just throwing this out there.. maybe this can be done through linking categories main menu items? Right now your main menu just has one link to the whole entire blog.. I want to see about links to individual posts or categories or portfolio items, still using the one page feel.

Hope you understand…

~Thanks guru


Hey, thanks for the comment. It’s doable, but it’s also really larger modification and we provide support just for theme bugs and smaller changes.


Ok, I understand.. appreciate your help!


Thanks for understanding buddy. I really appreciate that.

Certainly a wonderful theme but… I can’t install it :(

I have no demo content folder in the themeforest zip, and I also have no .zip file to upload via my WP Admin :(

I’ve asked on the support forum, wainting for an answer… I never buy any theme but this really suced me, and it’s obviously cheap !

Anyway, can’t wait to use it !


Well, I see your post on our support forum. Please go there and check you answer.


lovely theme. Will it work with Polish fonts?

Regards, Piedro


utf8 shows even Polish fonts. You missed something. Can you send me site url so I can check? If you want, you can contact our developer via our support forum. www.support.drythemes.com – he will help you. Thanks :)

piedrus Purchased

Thank you, I contacted developer via support forum.

Regards, P.


Thanks buddy :)

Hello I love this theme and I’m thinking of purchasing it. First I have a few questions. I’m not a web developer but I want to customize a few things. I’m wondering if it’s possible.

1. Can I put a logo in the menu that is larger in hight so that the edges pass the menu bar at the top and bottom?

2. Does the about section have to be 3 images? I’d like to put one large banner image and some text underneath.

3. Can I remove the blog section entirely.

4. Can I hide the description text on the portfolio thumbnails?

5. Is there a way of changing the behavior of those portfolio thumbnails? It would be great if when a category is selected, relevant thumbs would group together. That way the user dosen’t have to scroll too much if the first 2 rows are irrelevant.

Other than that, wonderful theme!


Hey tinalise :) = Yes :)
5. Yes, but it’s larger modification

Great theme and support. Thank you!


Thanks queensleen :) We trying hard to support all

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Are child themes supported? I’ve set one up and my new theme’s CSS isn’t being picked up.

I’ve usually found this issue to be the case when the parent CSS cannot be overwritten: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/child-theme-help-parent-stylescss-still-showing?replies=7#post-2062358

Do you have any thoughts?

jpelker Purchased

Going along with my last question, what’s the reason the functions.php file enqueues all the styles at the end of the tag on the theme: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/144582/Screenshots/8x.png instead of inside the <head>?

This seems to make it difficult to override the styles without editing the theme files (i.e. child themes or CSS editor plugins) which tend to place their CSS in the <head>. Obviously, this would also conflict with any plugin-added CSS, too.

I’d like to not edit the theme files so I can update the theme easily and safely. Do you have any suggestions how to do that?


Hi and thanks for purchasing. We tested theme and won’t work as child theme. Probably is because this is specific “one page” theme. Scripts are loading in footer. When we release update, we will publish what files needs to be replaced. If you want to change .css, please do that in style.css – that file will be always empty. If you still have issues, please contact our developer via support forum – he will help you with issues. Thanks for understanding.

jpelker Purchased

Being one page is a very poor rationale for not allowing child themes.

For anyone else who is having issues with this, I recommend adding the link to your child style.css file below the wp_footer call in the child theme’s footer.php file.

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/style.css”>

Again, I don’t see why you’re adding your scripts and stylesheets into the footer of the site. It’s generally not good practice because of the above named reasons.

More info on child themes: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

Honestly, if you’re not on board with this feature, then you’re probably not a standards-based WordPress developer. That makes me worry about other aspects of your code, too.


Thanks for the fix. I will look into it :)

jpelker Purchased

You wrote your own code for everything, including the navigation. Did you know WordPress has built-in functions for these kinds of theme calls?

It’s usually very easy to add CSS classes to an individual item using the built-in menu settings. It becomes very difficult, though, when the theme developer doesn’t use the wp_nav_menu function.

Why don’t you just use WordPress standards? You’re obviously a talented design and programmer. Are you just not familiar with the WordPress codex?

More info: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_nav_menu


:) Well I know how to use wp_nav_menu but also I know and I’m aware of bugs in that function. This is my solution and if that doesn’t work for you, feel free to create your own. Thanks

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How do I change slider speed? I looked up this question on your support forum and it said /js/main.js editing line “duration: ...” but this line no longer exists in the current release that I just purchased. Is there a new to adjust this now?


Oh, that’s fine buddy

spmccain Purchased

New, question. I’m seeing a really strange issue where the adjustments I make to “Page Preferences” for a given page periodically get reset. Specifically I’m noticing the background image URL that I specify gets removed and the “Background Image Position” field gets set to it’s default. I’m set the URL about 10 times now, and after a few minutes and some page loads, the URL field for the background image is blank. (I’m using the sample data given, the “Home” page, under Page Preferences, in the field labeled “Page Background Image URL.”) Any ideas?


Hey :) Just talked with my developer. He will help you. So, can you please go to our support forum (www.support.drythemes.com) and post the same question there? Thanks

spmccain Purchased

sure thing. Thanks.