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drossa Purchased

Hi there. So I bought this theme and was just wondering if there will be any further support for it moving forward.

Hi there,

Loving the look of the theme! Planning to use it to build an artist’s portfolio site. One of the client’s demands is Big Cartel integration. I know there are a few plugins around, but are you able to confirm that the theme supports them?

Many thanks, Steve

imals Purchased

Hi~ Amazing theme. The only question…. I just need to.

Q. FormCraft clash..Please fix.


right now at desktop, i’m using magazon theme. i’m using page for my front page. how to change it to default (just show latest post) if i’m using now theme for mobile theme?

here my website: http://www.smkasegamat.edu.my

thanks :)

Hey, trying to get some support on the theme. your support link does not seem to be loading. i have tried installing even with a fresh install and i am still receiving a 500 error with the style.php file. any help would be appriciated


Really nice support were getting here :/


Come on man… answer some of your support requests…

Hi, will this popup work on this theme, please see popup on http://holidayoffersdirect.com/ , thanks

Hello, is it possible to make a “Loading-Animation” between Pageloading? It’s a better response for loading a new page. And maybe the Titlebar is fixed on top?

That would be great and i would buy it :) greets Roman

drossa Purchased

This is unfortunate that there is no more support for this great theme. Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear. xRicrdx.

YouTube will not play from the list. What should I do? 1) I set the format of the video to the post. 2) I did not use the short code. 3) Inserted a URL only.

Thank you for the reply.


To operate normally.


Quick question is it possible to have a homepage that features a cover image with a headline and tag line on it at all?

‘m thinking of purchasing but need the finished product to be like a web app the cover is important to me


Hi, Is it possible to do some changes with additional extra fee please?

Hello! Is it possible to insert advertisement block at the bottom of web page in your theme? Thanks!

whether this support with woocommerce?

can i able the widgets?? for this theme

Hi, I use this theme for my client, but i have problem with sidebar, is possibile have a 3 level menu in sidebar ?

Thanks M.