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Hi , Im interested in your theme..I have a question regarding the home page. I would like to change the “about me ” link with “portfolio” It is necessary special codding? Thank you and looking foward for your reply. Claud


Thank you for being interested in purchasing Nullfolio.

There is no special coding required. Just change the link of the about me button to #/porfolio and you are done. But you might also want to remove the portfolio tab since it’s not redundant.

Hi, this theme is working great for me. Any idea how I can get google analytics to see the different sections and portfolio items?

As answered by barfcannon, please try Google Analytics Event Tracking. :)

You can track different sections with Google Analytics Event Tracking.

Thanks for the answers. I would recommend Google Analytics Event Tracking too. :)

Hi, Your User Guide tells us how to add a Project Category, but how do you add a specific project to a specific category? For example: Let’s say I have 20 projects and my categories are Rock, Paper, and Scissors. How do I add project 8 to the Paper category? Thank you

Duh. Answered my own question. Brain fart. Knew it had to be that easy.

Glad you figured it out :). It’s in the “How to Add a Project to Portfolio Section” section, which explains how to assign a category to a project.

please help… I was changing so elements on my page and I accidentally moved or deleted the action that makes “SOME” of the small thumbnails on the upper slider advance and change. Could I email you my code and perhaps you could tell me where I went awry? Please?

Hi, please email it and I will take a look. You can find my email address in my portfolio contact form.

First all, Hi nullstuff. I want to let you know that is really hard to find a very minimalist type of website template and I looked for a while until I find yours. I decided to buy it and its great…! I just would like to add a little modification to the portfolio images. For example, I want to reduce the space in between the images to make it look more like a grid view. I really not concerned about removing the text at the bottom of the images. Can you please tell me where can found and change this? it will be very helpful.


Hi klujan,

Glad you like it. :)

The space between portfolio images is controlled by the grid system implemented in css. If you want to know in detail on how to change this, please send me an email.

My email server went done a few days ago. So I didn’t receive new comment notification. Sorry for the late reply. Now it’s back online. Please send via my portfolio contact form. Thanks.

Hi Nullstuff, I have a problem with switching between the tabs on the side (I mean clicking the button and go to another page – about a portofolio or contact). Sometimes moments of running, and then I have to restart mine computer and re-working. On the IPad runs all the time well. I dont know what could be the cause. That’s happening on all browsers. Any tips? P. S. I tried on a clean page without making any changes to the code.

Thank you

Hi, i don’t know your email address. Could you allow me to control again?

it’s working. We solved the problem. Thank you for your interest and great help!

It’s my pleasure. :)

Hello, I am currently using the theme and it is great I have had a person or two asking me about navigation and therefore wanted to put two more buttons identical to the about button on the home page, I cant seem to figure out how to do this, is it a simple solution? Also I think I may have made a small mistake somewhere and now the nav slider on the portfolio pages seems to skip just one line, I can’t find my error and wondered if there was another way of fixing this, I can provide more info and code etc Many thanks in advance Josh

Hi, unfortunately I can’t provide support if you haven’t purchased the theme. If you have, please use the purchasing account to leave the message (a purchasing account has the word “PURCHASED” beside the user name).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Like it! Thanks!;

Thank you. Glad you like it. :)


daxweb Purchased

Hello! very nice theme. No way to have a responsive version? thanks

Hi, due to the top/bottom tabs have to stay on the screen, making the website default to mobile width could result in these tabs taking a large portion of the screen real estate, and you can’t scroll them away, since they are fixed on screen.

You can zoom in to read the content.

hi man i have a question about this theme, how can i change direction to rtl?

Hey david,

Unfortunately rtl is not currently supported. But this theme is not that complex. You can find some developer who knows her around css and js to add rtl for you. I’m pretty busy recently, so can’t offer such customization service right now.

Hello, I’m having little problem changing the category names in the portfolio page, for example web design/print design/photography to Demo/pictures/projects

Please help, Thanks


Sorry I replied a bit late.

For changing category names, please refer to the “How to Add a Project Category to Portfolio Section” chapter in the User guide, but instead of adding one entry you just change the name.

Hope it helps. :)

Hi, Is it possible to add this to the project page.

If tried few things put my coding skills are very basic.



It’ll require some work to integrate this plugin.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t provide customization service recently. I recommend you to hire a develop or find a friend who know her way around css & js to integrate it for you.