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Very nice! :-) Is it possible to have it sliding horizontally instead of vertically?

Thanks. Horizontal scrolling is currently not supported. But I will experiment it, if it won’t have impact on usability, you can have it in a future update. Thanks for your suggestion. It’s on the TODO list now.

Amazingly beautiful… Love the concept!

Thank you. Glad you like it. :)

Simple yet creative. Excellent job. Good luck. :)

Thank you very much. :)

nice template really cool good luck

Thank you! :)

liked it, great job!

Thank you. :)

Love it for it’s simplicity and cleaness. Awesome work. Will definately be buying it.

Glad you like it. Thank you. :)

Really like it.keep it up buddy

Will do sir :). Thank you.

Thank you very much. :)

nice effects!

Thank you. :)

Wow, awesome work :) Good luck with sales :)

Thanks man. But please tell me you delete the sales part by accident, otherwise I’m hurt :(.

Awesome work! Keep it up…

Thanks man. :)

It’s by accident sorry :-(

It’s OK. Thank you. :)

you did a fantastic job mate.. i really love it.. clean and unique..

Thank you very much. Glad you like it. :)

Would really like to see this for WordPress. ;)

Me too ;), but nullfolio is mostly for showing off your personal (team) info and projects, which aren’t likely to be updated/added that frequently. You can do a simple copy & replace to add new content. It’s a pretty simple process and is documented in the manual.

But I might release a WP version in the future. Thank you for your advice.

How can i put my mail into contact so there well be a mail comming then they are trying to contact me ? :D

Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

I’m not quite sure I understand you question. Do you want to put your email address in the contact page, or do you want to find a way to get the message they submitted via the contact form?

If it’s the former, you can change the link of the email icon, which is among the social network icons.

If it’s the latter, your should use an external service that accepts submitted data, or you can wait a little longer before I finish the server-side script to accept the data (which will be released in a near future update).

Hi, Maedrys.

Just want to let you know I’ve finished the php script, and uploaded it. After it has been reviewed, you can download Nullfolio again and the contact form will work out of the box (of course, you first need to set you email address and some anti-spam stuff. Full steps are documented in the manual).

Hope you like it. :)

Arh okay ill wait untill update :D

And i really like this theme :D

Thank you. I’m very motivated. :)

This is really amazing. At first, I thought it was one of these silly single page portfolio but after checking it, it’s really great.

The price should have been set to 40 US dollars, 12 US dollars is simply a rip off.

Good luck.

That’s a very high compliment. Thank you very much FUNKist.