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On second thought, I am considering ditching the About button on the homepage, and making the introduction available instantly below the logo. How can I do that? Wouldn’t it be easier if the user saw the about text without hitting a button?


Well, if you only want intro text (i.e., no skill bars and no downloads) and it’s very short, I suppose you can do that, but I’m not sure it won’t break the minimalistic style that the logo and the button bring.

You can experiment with that by hiding the about button (see my reply to jeansebc which is above yours) and add a p element to hold the text and then position it under the logo.

Hope it helps. :)

Hello, inside the zip file came nullfolio.psd how do I change the overall color of the site? background, while editing the psd, as I have to save, and where I have to add?


it’s a photoshop source file. You need to be able to use photoshop in order to edit it. :)

Hello Nullstuff,

Best template I bought so far. Great job. I’ve allready contacted you by e-mail, I do have two more questions and than you won’t hear from me again ;-)

1: Is it possible to put a project in more than one category? So the project shows up under “photography” and also under “web-design”.

2: Is it possible for the thumbslider at the top of the indivual projectpages to show only the projects from the chosen category? In my opinion it makes searching a bit easier.

Hope your answer is YES ! and easy to implement :)

If not… you’re great anyway!


Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio and glad you like it. :)

Not getting any email from you, maybe you sent to a wrong address? Try to use the contact form in my TF profile page.

1. Yes, just give the thumbnail element multiple class names

2. No. The reason is that when Nullfolio navigates to a project page, it only looks at the url and nothing else. So when you tell it to load for example, it doesn’t know if the slider should show all projects or only projects of the same category, unless we make Nullfolio be able to recognize some kind of query string like, which is not very pretty IMO and isn’t worth the effort.

Hope that answers your questions. :)


I have another question :

everything looks fine on my pc and mac but when I get on a project page from the portfolio page on my Iphone there is a terrible lag when scrolling up or down the page even after I let all the pictures from the page loading, I thought it could be my page but I also checked your demo on my Iphone with same behavior.


I’ve just tested it on my iPhone 4 and here is the result:

1. if you clean the browser cache and visit nullfolio, when you scroll up there will be a small lag (less than 1s). The reason is, as it’s scrolling up, nullfolio need to download project thumbnails at the same time, which seems to disturb the animation.

2. if these project thumbnails are already cached, there is no lag.

I’m not sure what causes the terrible lag on your iPhone, as it works fine on mine, but if you are concerned about it, you can turn off the animation on iPhone by adding this code to bootstrap.js

if(navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i)) { $ = true }

Hope it helps. :)

Hi Null,

Great looking site!

I have followed the guide on how to add another project to the portfolio but I’m not having luck with it. The button shows up and I’ve copied and pasted the “Individual Project Page” code but I don’t get the 4th page I made. When I click the 4th thumbnail it shows the correct path in the address bar but the page doesn’t appear. Any thoughts?


Hi, I just tested it on my machine and adding an apostrophe works fine even in IE7 .

I guess it’s probably something else. Is the url quoted by double quotes like href=”#/what’s-new” ?

<li class="photography"> <figure class="thumbnail"> <a class="image" href="#/portfolio/what's-next"><img data-src="img/whats-next.jpg" /></a> <!--figcaption class="title">What's Next</figcaption--> </figure> </li> <!-- Individual Project Page --> <article class="project"> <header> <div class="container"> <a href="#/portfolio" class="back">Back</a> <h1 class="title">What's Next</h1> </div> </header> <div class="container"> Using IE9 and Chrome</div>

Just tested your code and it works on my machine. What browser do you use?


I just purchased this template and I can’t find and how to change my profile (about me). Please help me with this.



I just replied your email.

The zip package should also contain a user guide which will help you with the theme customization.

Hope it helps. :)


Great theme but I have no development experience what so ever but I love this theme. Could you potentially help me figure out how to get up and running?


Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

The simplest way is to upload the content of src folder to your server, which makes it online.

To customize Nullfolio, just follow the user guide, which contains step-by-step instructions.

Hope it helps. :)

Hey everything has been going great with the build. But I am struggling with one thing.

In Dreamweaver, when i insert a picture it has many file paths along with it since I am inserting it from my C: drive. When I reload my FTP and the site the picture doesn’t show up.



You should put these pictures inside the website folder, otherwise the path won’t be correct.

Hope it helps. :)

Hello again

I am encountering more challenges as I continue :)

For example, when a client looks at the portfolio (or lands directly on it), it might be difficult to find out a way to contact me. It ’s not logical to click the About button first, in order to find Contact. That’s why I would put a Contact button above in the portfolio page, and also a Portfolio button at the bottom of the contact page. Is that possible, can I do it myself?

And another thing – the hash-based URLs make SEO difficult, the pages are mostly invisible . I found something about hashbangs (#!) which could works, but am not sure how to do that, is it possible to remove the hash completely and just use normal URLs?

Thanks for the support!


The home page has a contact tab by default, you don’t have to enter the about page in order to click it. Did you remove it by accident?

As for the url, since this is a single-page website, we have to use hashes to inform the browser that we want it to display different parts of the website. Hashbangs are mainly for websites that use AJAX to fetch content, it requires server-side coding, which don’t apply here.

If you really concerned about SEO , you can manually upload your sitemap to google. See more info here:

Hope it helps. :)

Hallo. I need CE fonts, for example from Google. Can I change the fonts in a template?



Yes, and the user guide has a section specifically on font changing.

Thank you for being interested in purchasing Nullfolio. :)

Hello, and congrats for you template! I have a question: Would need to put accents in some of the words of the portofolio menu, but when I do, the filters doesn’t work. Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you so much!


Thank for purchasing Nullfolio.

International characters should, by default, work without problems.

Make sure the name contained in the class name of the filter item match with the one contained in the class name of the corresponding thumbnails.

You can find the matching rule in the user guide.

Hope it helps. :)

Hello again!

I’m curious if it’s possible to make it so that when you reload the page and you have a hashtag in the URL , it loads the application with that page as the first active section, if you understand how I mean?

Let’s say a user navigates to Currently, it loads the application with the home-section as the first active section but it recognizes the hashtag in the URL and then slides the window up to the portfolio-page.

What I want to achieve is have it load the portfolio-section as the first active section instead(I want to get rid of that slide). I tried experimenting with this by using window.location.hash and then “decrypt” the hashtag-value to get what section the user wants to load and then set that as the first active section in var app = new App({activeSect:}); and it actually finds the correct section id, however.. it doesn’t load it so I’m having slight troubles with it.

var pSect = new Sect({id: 0, activePage:});
var hSect = new Sect({id: 1, activePage:});
var cSect = new Sect({id: 2, activePage:});
hSect.pages.add([home, about]);

var allSects = [pSect, hSect, cSect];

var hash = window.location.hash;
var options = { activePage: hash.replace( '#', '' ) };
var startSection = hSect;

allSects.some( function( section ) {

    if( !section.validate( options ) )

        section.set( options, {silent: true} );
        startSection = section;



var app = new App({activeSect:})



As long as the order of project thumbnails and the order of project pages are the same, you don’t need worry about anything.

Hope it helps. :)

Great! Thank you so much :)

You are welcome. :)

Thanks for this great template, I have one question for now:

- Can I put a background png image under the logo in the home screen?

Thanks for this great template, I have one question for now: - Can I put a background png image under the logo in the home screen?


Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

One simple way to do that is to enlarge the logo so it incorporates the background. You can then reposition the logo and the button beneath it.

Hope it helps. :)

Hi there and congrats on a beautiful template. Purchased it last night and I”ve been trying to tweak it for my client. I’d like to modify the text in the ‘about me’ button as well as “portfolio” and “contact me”. Ive looked up the user guide but to no avail. I do modify the the content of

tags in the HTML file and I do modify the bootstrap.js file but nothing happens. I feel like Im not doing something right when modifying the bootstrap.js file. For the about me button for exemple, say I want to replace the text with ‘Biography’. I first find the corresponding tags in the html file and I write ‘Biography’ there. Then onto bootstrap.js I look for the line var about = new Page({id: ’/about-me’}); and I replace about-me by Biography but then nothing changes… any tips ?


Thank you purchasing Nullfolio

You can simply search for the string “portfolio” and “contact me” in the index.html file and change them as you like. :)

I cant even see my whole message… what am I doing wrong ? :(

No need to worry, just post it again. Maybe you clicked the “Post Reply” button or pressed ctrl/command + enter too quickly? :)

Hey. I do not speak English, because I am from Russia. I really like your template but I do not understand how to install it and how it will work. He works as a template for Wordpress or is it just a template to the site? As will be more work in the portfolio, and how you can update the information on the site? Through forms? or we need to edit html code? Thank you.

Hi belkozz,

Thank you for being interested in Nullfolio.

Nullfolio is a static site template, it’s not a wordpress theme. You modify it by changing text in the html file, which is just simple text search & replace action.

Nullfolio also comes with a detailed user guide that helps you with customizing it.

Hope that answers your question. :)

Hello again! I have a problem with the accents and Safari browser. When I use accents in some section of the portfolio, Safari does not recognize, and does not open the section. It works in all browsers except Safari. What can be the problem? In the menu of the portfolio, there are accents and operating normally… Thank you very much for your attention!


I nailed it.

Safari somehow doesn’t unescape special characters in url, whereas other browsers do.

To fixed it, search for “match: function(pageId) {” in src/js/router.js, add “pageId = decodeURIComponent(pageId);” below it.

I will release a update soon. Thanks for reporting it. :)

Thank you very much! It works perfectly! :)

Sure. Glad it works. :)

Hi, firstly congratulations for the template, pretty and simple, great! On the second hand, at the portfolio page, when I choose one category in the filter, I ‘d like that not only de image moves but also appears a little description of the project.


You can add a jquery plugin for that if you want, but I have to ask, why showing the description when changing categories? Normally such a plugin will show the description when you hover over the project thumbnail.