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ehi, i would like if this template works also on Wordpress! I like it so much! Thank you for your answer.


Thank you for being interested in purchasing Nullfolio.

Unfortunately Nullfolio currently doesn’t have a Wordpress version, but the static version is actually very easy to work with. It comes with a detailed step-by-step user guide, and I monitor my emails and comments here frequently. So if you have any problem customizing it, just refer to the user guide or turn to me for help. :)

Fantastic template… I looked and looked and am so happy I chose yours. Great Work!!!!

Glad you like it. :)

Hello !

really nice template! is it possible to have the horizontal concept too ? (sorry for my english)


Unfortunately, horizontal scrolling is currently not implemented.

The reason is that portfolio page already uses horizontal scrolling for switching projects, and using horizontal scrolling for the whole site might confuse users.

If we use vertical scrolling for the portfolio page, then the thumbnail list need to be fixed on the screen, this will be a nightmare for small screen devices like phones or tablets.

So horizontal scrolling is unlikely to be implemented.

Hello there!

Great template! I’ve really enjoy the simplicity and elegance of your design. I just have one question concerning the buttons. I’m attempting to change the button located on the portfolio page allowing you to close the window of the project you are currently on (the big circle with the X). I opened old-s79612800a9.png, replaced the top two buttons in that image with one I wanted to use and re-saved the PNG . Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work. Am I using the correct source file? This same method worked just fine when I changed the “Portfolio” and “Contact” buttons. I simply changed the source file, modern-s10a8e71190.png.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help and guidance.

Hi veronicanson,

Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio and glad you like it.

The close button is drawn using CSS3 . Images in old-s79612800a9.png are for old browser which doesn’t support CSS3 . The X sign, however, is pure image. You can change it in modern-s10a8e71190.png. Will that be suffice for you?

Thanks for the quick reply. I did want to change the look of the close button altogether but I am unfamiliar with how to accomplish that in CSS3 . Can you give me the class or id to search for? Perhaps I can try and figure it out. If that doesn’t work, knowing how to change the X sign is helpful enough. Thanks for your help!

Sure, just search for “Tictoc module” in src/css/app.css. These rules are to draw the close button.

Hope it helps. :)

Hello! Great job! I really like the template.

I had some problems with accented characters on navigation but i’ve already solved it.

Anyway, i’d like to know if is it possible to fix scrolling. It is kinda slow and unresponsive on iphone.


I didn’t host it yet… I’m trying hosted in intranet.

But i tried the live preview and the scrolling is not ok too. :/

I didn’t add any plugin yet. I just customized your script to support accented characters and changed the heading font because accented characters are a mess in it.

I didn’t host it yet… I’m trying hosted in intranet.

But i tried the live preview and the scrolling is not ok too. :/

I didn’t add any plugin yet. I just customized your script to support accented characters and changed the heading font because accented characters are a mess in it.

Which version of iPhone do you own and what’s the OS version?

I’m really enjoying this page template – clean and simple.

Is there a maximum limit in the number of projects that can be included in the portfolio section? I’m encountering some strange behavior after placing all of my work: the Contact Me title now seems to float over all the template sections. As yet, I can’t detect any code errors on my part. Trying eliminate possible causes.

Thanks so much for your help.


Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio, and glad you like it.

There is no limit as to how many projects might be included. I guess what happened was after placing all your works, there is a syntax error in your html code. Try use an editor that can automatically check html syntax for you, or use a html validator to report the error, which can be visited here:

Hope it helps. :)

Hello, great theme, just one question? How can we turn off the “everything” tab in the gallery? I want to display two categories and only load the correct folio pieces in the correct categories.



Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

Could I ask why would you want to do that? Since when users click a thumbnail, they are going to see all project anyway. The categories are only meant to help them find projects.

Displaying only one category by default might surprise users. Before they click a thumbnail, they only see a handful projects. Once they enter a project, there are many projects in the slider. They are likely to wonder: where do all these projects come from? I only see a few of them when I came in.

This may not be a very good use experience.

Thanks for the response, basically we only want to have two tabs. One will be our folio items, and the other will be things that inspire us. It is critical that we can separate these two categories and there is no mixing, as we cannot confuse people or lead them to believe that our inspiration is our work. So a fix would be very handy.

But when they enter a project, these inspirations will be listed among your works at the top in the thumbnail bar, which is very like to lead them to believe what you hope them not to.

Will put these inspirations inside corresponding projects work? It also clearly tells people the connection between the inspirations and your works.

To put it in the most basic form we need to have two separate galleries. One for Our Work and one for Inspirations. Is there a way we can duplicate the gallery? So have an extra page?

I’m sorry, unfortunately multiple portfolio pages are currently not supported.

Hello, I’m interested in buying your template. But as mentioned before in the comments, the scrolling is weird on an iPhone. It works, but it doesn’t scroll as fluidly as it should. If you have found a fix for this I will buy immediately. Thank you! (iPhone 4s-iOS 6.0.1)

Hi Alex,

By “fluidly”, I guess you mean inertial scroll? I just added a CSS rule in the demo site to support that. Could you test it again? Is it the effect you want?

I will release an update soon.

Hi Nullstuff, I have some questions for you. 1-Testing the template I just purchased in IE9, once I visit the Contact Me section I can´t go back to About Me section. However, the online demo works fine in all IE versions (from IE7 to IE9). 2-¿Do I need to pay in order to use the php contact form, since an Akismet account is required to run it? Thanks!


Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

What’s the error message in IE9? If there is none. I guess you probably introduced some syntax error into the html file. Try an online html validator or use an editor that automatically does that.

Akismet has free plan for personal website. So you don’t have to buy an account if you just want to use Nullfolio as your personal website.

Hope that answers your questions. :)

No, that’s the problem. I did not change a single bit at all. Check it by yourself.

Oh, it’s my bad. I accidentally introduce some experiment code in v1.2.5. Really sorry about that. Will release a new version ASAP.

In the mean while, just remove line 606 – 615 (the show and hide methods of the CSectView object) in src/js/view.js, and it should work.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

This template is great! However, it does not appear to have full functionality on a Android device. I tried the stock Android 2.3 browser and could not scroll at all. Is it possible to add this?

Hi jonaAppsDev,

Android below 2.4 does not support iframe-like scrolling. A lot websites with overflowed content break in it. This bug is fixed in 2.4.

A lot developers are frustrated with this bug, as you can see here:

Thanks for the clarification.

Hi. How can I add more than one tag to a portfolio item? It is very important for me.


You simply add more class to each portfolio item, and clicking the portfolio filter should work correctly.

Hi. Thanks a lot for this awesome template. I have a question. I would like to append a new page above of the Portfolio. It should be a text only page. How can I manage to do this? Thanks very much for your help.


Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

Adding a new page might not be a good idea. Since now you have four pages stacked vertically, and switching from the top most one to the bottom most one requires at least three clicks. Users might lost themselves in the process.

What kind of information do you plan to put into the text only page? Maybe you can put them in the about me page? Or create a new standalone page and link to it?

Hi, Thanks for this great template ( sorry for my bad english ) Can we have a “flexible” layout in a next version ? I saw you’re using bootstrap do you think it’s easy to updated with responsive boostrat or the template is not made for doing this ? Hope you can understand what I try to say ;-) Anyway thanks again


Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio and your English is fine. :)

I didn’t use Bootstrap in Nullfolio, but since Nullfolio’s class names don’t collide with the ones used in Bootstrap, you should have no problem integrating it into Nullfolio.

As for responsiveness, it’s on the todo list, but with fairly low priority, as the current design works pretty well on a mobile phone or tablet.

Ok, Thank you for your answer :-) Have a nice day


Is it possible to upload my own logo? Is it possible to add my own background Is it possible to use other fonts, or maby upload my own that i have made with pentool in adobe illustrator, and upload them as a tif.file or something ?


Yes to all of your questions, and the user guide that comes with Nullfolio contains detailed instructions for them.

How to adding backgrounds is not in the user guide, but it’s simply adding a background image to each page container element, if you know your way around css.

I don’t think browsers support tif files.


I’m about to buy this template for my mobile apps portfolio, but I have a small question.

Is it possible to see the portfolio items in portrait mode? I’m going to use the portfolio to show my mobile apps, and they are in portrait mode.

Is it easy to do it? Or I would need to edit the HTML code myself?

Thanks, it’s an amazing work!

Putting the text on the right side of images means the there will be only one image per row, and since the portfolio page has no pagination, that tends to make the portfolio page very long if the number of images is not small.

Thanks for the answers, could you send me the CSS to

Sent you an email yesterday, haven’t received any reply yet.

Hi, amazing template! I really like it!

I have question … is it possible to change the URL for some pages, for example for an individual portfolio page : instead of “” having something like “” ???

Thanks in advance and congratulations for the great job!

Kind Regards,


Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

You can rename /portfolio/ to /app/, just refer to the “How to Change Section Name” section in the user guide.

Now for the ios part, well, you see, the current design is that you can apply multiple categories to a single project, so to make things simple, Nullfolio just provide a canonical url #/portfolio/project-name for each individual project.

Hope that answers your question. :)

Hi great template, I was wondering how can i change Web design button to Illustration and Photography button to Packaging Please.



Thank you purchasing Nullfolio.

You can just search the string “filter-tpl” (w/o quotes) in the index.html file and you will find html that relates the category filter.

Hope it helps. :)

Hi, congrats on a great template. I’m about to purchase it for myself but before I do I have a few questions. I’m looking at it right now using iPad and it seems that it’s freezing a lot after going to subpages and after going back to the home page. Is it some glitch on my iPad or is it something you’re aware of and will be releasing the patch for it? Also I have my own jquery 3d carousel that I want to use instead of current setting on the template in portfolio section, is that part fully customizable or would I have to replace big portion of the code? Thank you and great template nevertheless. Tom

Hi Tom,

Thank you for being interested in purchasing Nullfolio.

When you first go to a project page, it might spend some time loading images, but it should become smooth afterwards. What’s your iPad version and the ios version? Earlier versions might not be so good at animations.

Replacing the filter in portfolio is not that hard if you know your way around coding. It mainly involves two things: 1. replace the thumbnail grids with your plugin layout. 2. initialize the plugin js code when the portfolio page is active.

Hope that answers your question.

Thanks for the quick response. I already bought it and find it very easy to work with. I have an iPad 2 and freezing happened when I went to about me page and went back to home page, the home page didint respond when I tried clicking on it. It’s really a minor thing. It’s a really great template and I will highly recommend it to anyone with portfolio and esthetic sense. Thanks

Glad you like it. Happy customizing.

I created a new social network icon:

Feel free to use it!

Thanks for sharing. :)