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Thank you so much let me try this :) I’ve been doing this but no result. Also I didn’t find bgcolor to change the background color from grey to something else, if you plz tell me the location in the css where do I find this.

Sorry to disturb you again …


Search for “Global styles”, and below it is the rule for defining the background color. :)

Also IE 9 showing a white square around the curves (like button and navs), I think IE 9 supports PNG transparency, Why I’m getting this :(

Any advice would be appreciated

solved :) thanks. You rocks

Glad it works. :)

Hi, I just purchased your template and i luv it. I would like to change the IDs of the three sections so they suit my website better. For example: portfolio -> tvshows, contact -> movies and about -> home. I went through all of the files and changed them and as I changed i tested to see if everything is working properly. It was successful for the most part, the only thing that isnt working is the individual project pages. When i go to the “portfolio” section, it displays the projects, but when I click on a project, it shows an empty page. I’ve tried many things, including starting from the beginning but no dice. I was wondering if you can assist me fix this issue. Thanks, -C

Never mind, I got it working. Sweet!! Thanks for a great template!

Cool. Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio. :)

Hey, at first thanks for your great work! everything works fantastic :) i would like to change the jquery gmap, i mean the color of map for example grey, and i dont check where should i put the styler code?!...hmm

i hope you understand me, my english is not so gut!

Hi karolanton,

Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

The map images are provided by Google. I’m not sure if they let you change the map color. However, if you really want to do that. I guess you can just embed an image there and change its color to gray in Photoshop, but that way users will lose the ability to interactive with the map.

Hope it helps. :)

hi, thanks for your reply… No no images! google has no problem with that OR</stron> what i mean ist this part of code: var styles = [ { featureType: 'water', elementType: 'all', stylers: [ { hue: '#666666' }, { saturation: -100 }, { lightness: -47 }, { visibility: 'on' } ] } ];

how can modify the jquery.gmap script?

thanks, karol

Cool. Didn’t know styling was possible. Please refer to the sample code here:

the map object is the same of object at line #32 in jquery.gmaps.js

Hope it helps. :)

hello, yo it works :) thank you very much for your help!!!

best wishes and good luck, karol

You are welcome. Glad it worked. :)

Hello, I bought your template. But I can not perform the installation of the theme. Is there any tutorial teaching? I downloaded the template and extracts, came just three folders and an html document. How do I use? I extracted the folder you downloaded. And I threw in the theme folder in wp-content. ERROR : themes unavailable The following themes are installed but incomplete! The subjects must have a style sheet and a modelo. name: themeforest-406770-nullfolio Description: Stylesheet missing. Help-me plis

Hi zerOm,

Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

Unfortunately it’s not a Wordpress theme. It’s a static HTML template, but you can directly edit its content and have a site up and running in no time.

So don’t blame yourself for buying the wrong theme. :) And I will always be there when you need help.

like I’m stupid. I bought thinking it was a wordpress theme T_T how can I use this file? How can I use as a site?? teach me please! add my e-mail or skype skype intimidationbr I paid for it.

Hello, I got more or less put the site up. I have some doubts, as I edit the website, the texts, the portfolio, the about me etc. ..

What I have to open the file to edit??

Please, where the size of the change as soon as the original is very small. And where do I set up e-mail contact page?

Hi zerOm,

There is a user guide in the folder you downloaded. You can refer to it for help. If it doesn’t answer some of your questions, you can turn to me for help.

Good luck. :)

Hey, not so much website help, but Photoshop… I’m stuck on how to save the new logo? I’ve read the user guide, but I’m stuck on how to save just the logo rather than the entire website photoshop file.


Also just to add… if i wanted to include a cartoon avatar of head head above the logo, would this need to be logo graphic too?

Thanks again!

Hi Alex,

Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

To save the new logo, you can either crop the current psd image and don’t save the original psd file after you have save the logo as a new image, or you can select the logo layer and copy it, paste it to a new psd file and then save it.

I guess there are many tutorials online you can find on these topics.

As for the avatar, including it in the logo is certainly the easiest way, but if you want, you can create a new img tag to hold the image, but that might require to modify the html and css files.

Hope it helps. :)

Thanks, that works great! Just one more thing, how would I go about changing the social icons? I’m trying to import some new 128’s, thanks!

Also how can I go about adding icons to a new line under the other icons and centring them all rather than them sticking to the left-hand side? thanks! sorry to spam

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am remove the address and map also (and the raised back behind the map) to be able to do this. Thanks!

Hi Alex,

You can directly put img element into the li element which holds the social icon.

To center them, remove the “float: left” style on li elements, and give them a “display: inline-block” style, then give the parent ul element a “text-align: center” style, and it should work.

Hope it helps. :)

Question about the logo on the initial page… I am using a bigger png (800×450), however when the browser window is resized the logo loses center, i.e. – it moves left/right and is not perfectly centered. I changed the top and left percentage numbers to position the bigger image, here is my code:

background-position:0 0;
margin:-106px 0 0 -135px

Any idea how can I have it centered always, regardless of window size?


Change both “left” and “top” to “50%”, and set “margin” to “-225px 0 0 -400px”. It should work.

Hope it helps. :)

Help! I am by no means an expert but I uploaded all your files to my site as they were downloaded to see what it looked like and it’s a total mess. What did I do wrong?

Please see it here:

H, rehudnall,

The url points to a 404 page. Could you try to upload it again?

Hey! Your previous fixes worked marvellous by the way, thank you! Just one last issue it seems. I emailed a link to my site to my Dad for him to check it out. From his XP machine he saw this: He’s using Chrome on a relatively small square screen (I think his resolution is 800xSomething, I’m not entirely sure)

If you can work out a fix for it, so that it will automatically adjust for different res’s or whatever the problem maybe, that’d be awesome! – other from that it works perfect!


Sorry, to add – my friend has just on it noiw and the button is very close the overlapping too. His screen res is 1920×1080, FireFox, Windows 7.

It looks fine on mine. My screen res is 1920×1200, Chrome, OSX Lion.

What I see (and what I want it to look like on everyones screens (for distance between logo and ‘about me’ button anyway)):

Thanks and sorry for spam!

I guess you have modified the logo css too? You should checkout the user guide which has instructions on how to edit it. Basically you should leave “top” and “left” at 50%, and only modify the “margin” value, so the logo and the button won’t overlap on small screen.