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“left” was at 40 something point something, without previously modifying the CSS , i remember that fondly, any idea why that could be?

Anyway! I have changed both the top and left values back to 50% and I have set the appropriate 4th margin value (I’m assuming the 4th value is the last 3 digit negative number on that line), but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all, no change has occurred since the top and left percents were replaced with 50. Any idea what could of happened?

Sorry for my troubles and thanks for your help so far! :-)

Here’s the CSS section at the moment: #logo { text-indent: -119988px; overflow: hidden; text-align: left; background-image: url(’../img/logo.png’); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: 0 0; width: 325px; height: 275px; position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; margin: -106px 0 0 -163px; }

Oh, my bad. The top value should be 37.5% not 50% (you can download a clean copy of Nullfolio to find the value). After you have change that, you can start to change the margin value. Now the logo should be shifted from the center of the page.

You can also modify the margin value of the about button, which can be find by search for “Navigation” in app.css, and look at the rule ”#nav .about” below it. You can modify the first value of margin to shift it vertically.

Now they should stay at the same place relates to the center of page, regardless of the resolution.

Hope it helps. :)

Hey, thank you for being so patient with me, I’m really starting to feel like a bit of a noob, haha. I’ve done exactly what you’ve said and I’ve changed the Logo CSS back to what it was originally and filled in the bits what needed filling in, so I now have:

logo {

text-indent: -119988px; overflow: hidden; text-align: left; background-image: url(’../img/logo.png’); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: 0 0; width: 325px; height: 275px; position: absolute; top: 37.5%; left: 50%; margin: -106px 0 0 -163px; }

(The code is also here if you prefer a clearer view:

When I open this up, I see this: These are the Logo image details:

Thanks again! and sorry to bug you!


Try to increase the absolute value of the first margin value, so the logo will shift up, until they don’t overlap.

I will also help you, so don’t worry. :)

If you still can’t get the result you want, set the site live, so I can take a look at it. :)

So I have been stuck for hours and I need a little guidance, please check out these two portfolio pages:

The title and close button are being cut off by the portfolio top and I can’t figure out why. All the rest are okay, it’s just these two.

Thanks for your help and I must say, your template is AMAZING ! You should be charging so much more for it!

Thanks, Stew

Hi Stew,

Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio, and glad you like it. :)

Looks like you have a syntax error in the index.html file. Try to remove line #497 where the article element is closed twice before it does so again on line #533.

This should fixed the problem. Hope it helps. :)

Hi sorry for the delayed reply! Your previous fix was perfect, thank you ever so much! :-)

You are welcome. Glad it works. :)

The last post was helpful, thank you.

Would it be possible to remove the map altogether in the CONTACT ME page and instead put in a section for my pricing? I could put it together as an image and have it there if that’s the easiest way to do it.

Thanks again!

Yeah, it’s possible. Just replace the google map container with an img element.

Hope it helps. :)

Another question about the front page…

Say I want to put a few lines of (centered) text there, right under the logo png.

How do I go about that – where do I place the code in index.html?

The simplest way is to embed the text into the logo, but if it must be text, you can create a div to contain the text and copy most of the logo css styles to it, if you know your way around css. :)

Hope it helps.

Ok, did so; this is the code I used for the extra div:
background-position:0 0;
margin:-725px 0 0 -400px

Worked somewhat – the problem is that when you click ABOUT ME to enter the website, the text from the introtxt div is still visible among the rest of the text!

Search for ”#logo, #nav .about” in src/js/bootstrap.js, and append ”,#introtxt” to it, then it will hide with the about button.

Hope it helps. :)

I also have a similar question. I would like to add an additional button beside ‘about me’ for a blog.

Hi, I’ve answered it in a reply to izz0, you can check it out. :)


Thanks. I can get it positioned properly, but I can’t seem to get the CSS to style it like the ‘about me button’. I’ve been playing around with it now for a while, and almost got it by adding a

  • in a new div, but then it messes up the tabbed navigation.
  • Could you set up a live site that I can take a look at? I will have a better clue if I can see the code. :)


    I finally got it working and learned some css in the process!

    Cool. Glad it worked. :)

    Hi, I’m trying to add more buttons to the home page and I’ve gone through the css, and the js files and mimicked what you have done for the About button. They dont seem to work. First, when you click on the button, it doesn’t press in (which is a css issue, i probably missed adding my button’s class names into it). The main problem is that the views for the new buttons don’t show up like the About button. Is there a way I can post you what I have done in the code?

    Sorry lol, I figured it out. I made a small mistake in spelling in the bootstrap.js file. All’s well now.

    Cool. Glad it worked. :)

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to go directly to a category in the portfolio using the URL . For example in the live preview on this template the profile URL is Say I want to go directly to Web Design list instead of starting at Everything using the URL . Something like or something. Is there a way I can achieve this?

    At the top of each project page it has the thumbnails of all the projects horizontally. Is there a way I can only display the project thumbnails that belong to the category of the project page its showing?

    Hi Exvitermini,

    Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

    There is no url for each category for the moment, only projects, and in a project page, the top scroll bar displays of all other projects.

    The reason is that each project has an unique url. Nullfolio only looks at that url to direct you to different page. So there is no way for Nullfolio to know that in each project page, all other project thumbnails should be displayed or only the ones of the same category only by looking at the url, unless we append something to the url like #/portfolio/my-project?same-cate, and make Nullfolio recognize it.

    This is not very pretty, and I personally don’t think the benefit worth the effect.

    But if you have an elegant solution or have a strong use case to support it. I’m all ears. :)

    Thank for your input.

    I definitely like this product and the developer has been nothing but helpful in attempting to help me with using this template. Great support.

    Thank you for the compliment. :)

    Hi there,

    I managed to customize the template so far, and I like it a lot. Now there is an issue which I’d like to ask your advice for:

    In the navigation section of the portfolio (upper slider with thumbnails) there is a bug. When I click on some thumbnails, the right content is loaded, but the wrong thumbnail is highlighted. This is a nuisance since sometimes the highlighting switches the slider page. You can check here: and click on that one highlighted thumbnail (which is wrongly highlighted)

    Also, a smaller issue: I wanted to change the nav button from Welcome to Home, but keep the text on the home page button as ‘Welcome’ or something else. As I noticed, these two values change at the same time, and wish to separate them.

    Thank you for the help! Stefan

    Hi, sorry for the late reply (I usually check comments here daily, but have been really busy lately and forget to do so. TF doesn’t notify me where there is a new comment. I will use some kind of event app to remind me I guess. :)

    Have you solved thumbnail highlighting problem? Since it looks good to me now.

    As for the tab button, yes, the text is copied from the about me button in the home page. I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to name it “welcome”, since users might be wondering what the button will do before they click. With it being “about me”, there is no doubt that the button will take them to a intro page.

    I haven’t scrolled through all of the comments yet so forgive me if this question has been asked. I would like to simplify the portfolio to launch a jquery light box instead of its current detail.

    Great template. I’m pretty good with CSS . But have little experience with java / jquery


    Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

    It’s not an easy job, since you need to integrate the light box plugin. You should follow the user guide that comes with the plugin. If you have problem doing that, I can integrate it for you, but I might need to charge a little for the customization work depending on how complex the plugin is.

    Send me an email if you want to hire me. :)


    Yeah, I solved the thing, the thumbnails list of projects should be written in the same order as the article list of project descriptions. Ok, I’ll keep the page as About, you might be right :)

    Cool. Thank you for listening. :)


    I would like to use only the portfolio and contact me page, and not having the home and about page. I’ve been trying to follow your guide but I only know the basic about html so I’ve been messing out every time I try to delete the coding that refers to home and about page. is there a way I could do it? I would like the page to open directly on my portfolio as home page and having a link to contact page and in the contact page a link to portfolio page.



    Thank you for purchasing Nullfolio.

    Removing the home page and the about page is possible, but not easy. Also, as pointed out in the user guide, making the portfolio page as the home page has UX problems. Will hide the about button in the home page work for you? (which leaves only logo in it)

    You can hide it by adding ”#nav .about { display: none !important; }” to src/css/app.css. If you want the tab button in the portfolio page links to the home page, change the “href” attribute of the about button to ”#/”.

    Hope it helps. :)

    thank you!

    You are welcome. :)