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Hello there- Excited to set up a new client website using this theme. Looks fantastic. I’ve worked on 50+ themeforest theme-based wordpress sites so I’m familiar with varying set-up protocols and certainly very well-versed in WP.

Looks like the demo content is also causing problems on my end and I’m curious if you’ve worked on updates to the demo file.

I have a fresh install on a brand new godaddy hosting package. I typically do FTP based installations as that usually avoids all the pitfalls that can come with uploading use WP’s import install process. Recommendation to install that way with fresh zip file? I can delete everything as I’m still in early stages.

Appreciate the help.

Tried fresh installation again with uploading via ZIP file natively within WP. Same outcome. Keeps generating server errors and WP errors that are “theme” based. Something to think about in subsequent updates. Fortunately, I’m not reliant on your demo client like others. I can handle on my own looking at theme concepts from LIVE PREVIEW, but certainly would help to have some stuff generated and filtered throughout. Thanks for heads up.

I’ll give this til morning my time in Los Angeles. If no response here or on the support site, I’ll just kindly ask for a refund and get another theme. So hard to lose valuable production time with basic things. Sorry about that. Grateful for your time if you do. AGAIN, WILLING TO PAY for time if it’s beyond basic theme support. Demo XML file being the root issue, I’m going to ask for your help to resolve that. Sounds like I’m not the only one.

Hi there, Don’t worry, we’ll support you. None of other clients of us has had the same problem on NumberOne. Please let us know the website URL and also please send your WP and FTP data to us via our contact page on the market place. By the way! Please register on our support forum: http://highthemes.com/support Our team members and forum members would be able to help you there. – Thanks

Theme really is amazing. :) Looks like you guys were able to log in and fix this OR one of my demo.xml imports worked last night. I have everything I need know template wise. Should be self sufficient. Will let you know if I need anything! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR QUICK RESPONSE TO HELP! GRATEFUL FOR THAT!

:) You’re welcome. Please don’t forget to rate us if you enjoy our theme and support.

Hi I’m interested in buying this item, I wonder if I can just leave the slideshow at the home, without all that is below, and work the pages as separate elements, as has been commonly used wordpress themes?. I need you in the home, only see the slideshow. thanks

Sure… NumberOne works based on sections. So, you can easily create your design sections and then assign the sections you want to the pages. So, you would be able to create a section and put your slider in that (this theme supports two special slideshows). Finally you can add only that section to your home page. You can also disable your footer if you don’t like to be appeared. By the way, please register on our support forum: http://highthemes.com/support Our team members and forum members would be able to help you there. – Thanks

Or I can recommend a theme that only has a slide in full screen home?

As we told you, you can use NumberOne to have only one slider on your home page. But if you would like to have a full screen theme with a slideshow in the background, you can purchase another Theme of ours which is called “SmartScreen”. You can see that here: http://themeforest.net/item/smartscreen-fullscreen-responsive-wordpress-theme/3784630

Hi, I bought your theme and I was following all the instruction to marke it work. I’m in trouble because I cannot edit pages and articles. I was trying to register on your support forum, but it keeps saying ” That username is not valid for this item purchase code. Please make sure you entered the correct username (case sensitive).”

Please help me out. It’s quite urgent

I deactivated all the plugins and it did not work. So I deactivated the theme and it’s working fine. I assumed it’s a php problem with your theme

Hi there, please redownload the theme, it was a bug which I fixed it fast, but the theme was on queue during weekend. So please re-download it. It’s now 1.2.1

it’s perfect now! thanks

is it possible to do an intro for homepage with this theme with an option to skip intro

You can use the blank template as homepage, and put a link to other pages, If I understood what you mean.

Having a bug issue after adding new menu items to MAIN MENU. I keep adding a new menu item and saving menu. Then it becomes inactive. Upon putting in custom link or adding a page, then the MAIN MENU becomes “unassigned”... it’s killing me. Known issue?

http://3tendevelopment.com/ – live site (try to click contact us).... set up as page and custom link (http://3tendevelopment.com/contact-us/)

Figured it out. Too many “custom” sub-menus as part of the imported menu! Deleted 80% of them. ;)

Is it possible to apply background image to entire site

No, It’s not possible, because the theme is based on sections and it’s wide and is not boxed. So, please register on our support forum. We and forum members help you there: http://highthemes.com/support


is it possible to add the smooth scroll effect in a button on a page? It needs te scroll to a section on the same page.

Thanks for your help

sorry, it’s not possible right now. But I will add it to the next version

LOVE THE THEME still. :)

Two small issues with PORTFOLIO. http://3tendevelopment.com/portfolio/

1st, weird arrows are showing up (glitch in prettyphoto and JS I presume)

See screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejdjhg4pxnxvxiv/Screenshot%202014-01-16%2013.45.11.png

2nd, and more important, when we click one of 8 portfolio items, the images load from a DIFFERENT portfolio item. :( Really need this to work. Any ideas? I clicked the LAST portfolio and the images from the first load automatically. Thanks for help!

See screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bdc19yjiuo31c4d/Screenshot%202014-01-16%2013.50.17.png

Just sent you the updated files

THANK YOU SO MUCH. new files fixed the portfolio issue. :)

Please register on our forum, and ask your questions there.

I have an issue with the posts functionality. I created a section with shows 3 posts. The issue is, it doesn’t update with the new post. When creating posts, I expect to see the latest 3 on the page. I cannot figure out what’s wrong (settings and code look ok). Please help! Thx

Hi sorry for the delay. I have emailed the fixed file. Please replace it too.

Fixed the problem! Tnx for your support

Please ask your next questions on our forum.


Hi! COuld i have the whole portfolio appear underneath an item instead of related items? Thanks! Marije

hi, two more things: 1- can I make a list of single portfolio items and 2- can it be filterable?

You can create a portfolio section and include it under the potrolio single pages. Also disable related items.

Hello, I did not manage to register on the forum

how can I put the items from newest to oldest page in my blog small bug in version 1.2.1 / theme options / header, nothing appears version 1.0 is ok?? thank you great job

That version is OK and you should be able to see all theme options items. Please inactive all plugins except default ones and test it again.

Hi, Love the them! 1. Could I change the standard blog layout to a horizontal split, with the image next to the excerpt? 2. can I hide the blog post info, like date, author, category etc? 3. can I have a blog menu with different blog pages for different categories bloggin?

Thanks! Marije

Hi ther,e, 1. unfortunately the style you like isn’t available. There are two blog style standard and grid.

2. No by admin options. But can be hidden by custom css.

3. You’re free to choose the blog categories for each blog page. You create a blog page and assign some categories to it

demo doesnt work

it’s ok now. check again

Hi, I consider buying your theme, but must be sure it will cover my needs. I need to be able to create several different one-pagers for a single website, some sections being common to all one-pagers. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for your answer. Thierry

The theme is getting updates, there’s some minor bugs which we’re fixing. Please wait until the update

Hello, I’ve got a problem with the wordpress gallery. It works fine if all images are the same size and shape – but with some photos in my gallery portrait and others landscape it is all out of alignment. Is there anyway to set the height of all images in the 4 column gallery so they are all the same, regardless if the image is taller or shorter?


Please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

Your system is not letting me register. I may have used your support before, but I am unable to retrieve my password. Any ideas?

please email me using our profile page, I will send you a new password.

P.S. The portfolio crops the images itself with a same size unless some of your images are less than the minimum width. Make sure you’re not using masonry layout.

Hi, I already purchased the theme but it seems to come with a version of Revolution Slider that’s a year old, and I’m unable to update it to the latest 4.5.X version. Please advise. Bart

we’re updating the theme, but in the meantime, please contact us using our profile page, I will send you the new version of rev slider.