Nuzi - Multipurpose, Retina Ready, Business Theme

Nuzi - Multipurpose, Retina Ready, Business Theme

We are Professional Wordpress Development Team and focusing to help our customers and growing with together. Every support and every themes are from our heart and we will reply as fast as we can.

Introducing Multipurpose, Retina Ready, Business Theme called – NUZI.

Our page builder based on lot’s of user experience which has 20+ Shortcode based elements. Every page builder item can be easily configurable and stunning powerful options.

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I was not expecting such a detailed, step by step video! I just tried it out and it works perfectly. Thank you very much, you are my absolute favourite wordpress developer. I’ll be sure to recommend your works to my friends and clients. You definitely earned your customer service. Looking forward to more great work from you!
Thanks again, great support, wish all were like you guys, well done…
Lumber Jack
Great job guys! Your Page builder is sooo easy to use and works perfect like you described. Probably recommend!

Key Features

  ThemeWaves Page Builder
  Page Builder Template Saver
  5 Custom Post Type
  3 Header Style
  5 Header Type
  9 Custom Post Formats
  6 Custom Widgets
  Bootstrap based
  Fully Responsive
  Unlimited Colors
  Unlimited Sidebars
  Unlimited Page Builder item use
  Retina Ready
  300+ Fontawesome integrated
  600+ Google fonts /All latest fonts included/
  100+ Theme Options.
  Stunning Support
  Knowledge Base Center

Page Builder Elements

  • Accordian
  • Blog
  • Carousel
  • Callout
  • Column
  • List
  • Service
  • Content
  • Divider
  • Image Slider
  • Message Box
  • Portfolio
  • Pricing Table
  • Progress Bar
  • Sidebar
  • Slider
  • Tab
  • Testimonials
  • Toggle
  • Twitter
  • Video

Sources and Credits

Thank you guys for growing with us. We really appreciate and Enjoy our theme  :)

Purchased plugins

Used Items & jQuery Plugins

Purchased GraphicRiver Images

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= V3.8 - 30.09.2015 =
        FIXED: Widgets
        UPDATED: RevSlider & TGM

= V3.7 - 19.08.2015 =
        FIXED: WP 4.3 Editor Bug
        FIXED: Isotop Conflict
        UPDATED: Revslider 5.0

= V3.6 - 17.06.2015 =
        FIXED: Version of PrettyPhoto Due to Exploit

= V3.5 - 11.06.2015 =
        UPDATED: TGM Version
        UPDATED: RevSlider Version
        FIXED: Wp Title Supports
        FIXED: Open Graph Meta

= V3.4 - 24.04.2015 =
        UPDATED: WP 4.2 Compatible
        FIXED: TGM Class Vulnerability
        REMOVED: WP TITLE customize

= V3.3 - 03.04.2015 =
        FIXED: Pagebuilder Zindex bug
= V3.2 - 03.04.2015 =
        UPDATED : FontAwesome New Version
        FIXED: Gravity Form Zindex
        FIXED: Pagebuilder Column Element Link BUG
        FIXED: MediaLibrary Search
        FIXED: One Page Menu Bug
        FIXED: Portfolio Breadcrumbs Issue

= V3.1 - 01.14.2015 =
        UPDATED : Revolution Slider 4.6.5
        REMOVED: fa-ok class and updated

= V3.0 - 10.21.2014 =
        UPDATED : Revolution Slider Version
        UPDATED : FontAwesome New Icons
        FIXED: Pagebuilder bug
        FIXED: Pagebuilder admin CSS
        REMOVED: Checking Option

= V2.8 - 09.02.2014 =
        UPDATED : Revolution Slider Version

= V2.7 - 08.01.2014 =
        UPDATED : Revolution slider version
        UPDATED : Theme URI
        FIXED : Post Password required
        FIXED : Pagebuilder Admin Area

= V2.6 - 05.08.2014 =
        FIXED : Tiny Mce bug
        FIXED : Textarea Script bug on Column
        FIXED : Trebuchet MS font
        FIXED : WMPL 3.1 bug
        FIXED : Sidebar Single

= V2.5 - 04.18.2014 =
        UPDATED : WP 3.9 Compatible
        UPDATED : Tiny Mce Updated

= V2.4 - 04.10.2014 =
        FIXED: Fluid Video bug
        FIXED: Custom Post Type icons
        FIXED: Partner Category
        Updated: Rev Slider Latest

= V2.3 - 02.10.2014 =
        FIXED: Quote bug repaired on Column
        FIXED: Twitter Bug with Emotion
        FIXED: WP 3.8 Color issue
        Updated: Fluid Video script updated
        Updated: Publish and Upgrade

= V2.2 - 01.13.2014 =
        FIXED: Content Lost on PageBuilder
        FIXED: WP 3.8 little css
        Updated: Rev Slider 4.1.4

= V2.1 - 12.12.2013 =
        FIXED: Contact Widget Mailto
        FIXED: Rev Slider Latest Version
        FIXED: Mozilla placeholder issue
        FIXED: Fluid Video JS

= V2.0 - 10.22.2013 =
        FIXED: Portfolio Hover issue on Apple Devices
        FIXED: Column Element html remove issue
        FIXED: Custom Sidebar without page Builder fixed

= V1.9.1 - 08.07.2013 =
        FIXED: Color Picker Issue
        FIXED: Mobile menu on safari
        UPDATED: Revolution Slider

= V1.9 - 08.02.2013 =
        ADDED: Portfolio Single now has Option for Custom BG
        ADDED: Portfolio Shotcodes
        FIXED: Activate Plugin auto install
        FIXED: Fixed depricate split
        UPDATED: Wordpress 3.6 Compatible

= V1.8 - 07.23.2013 =
        ADDED: Ordering option added on Carousel
        FIXED: Portfolio responsive relayout issue
        FIXED: Portfolio Video now display images from Featured Image
        FIXED: Shortcode Bug

 = V1.7 - 07.09.2013 =
        UPDATED: Revolution Slider version latest
        FIXED: Qtranslate now works with Subtitle
        FIXED: Featured Image Option Height
        FIXED: Some of element now better translate with qTranslate
        REMOVED: Some Duplicated Admin are Fields

= V1.6 - 06.29.2013 =
        FIXED: Qtranslate Compatible in Elements
        FIXED: Carousel element Video
        FIXED: Carousel Iframe Height issue
        FIXED: Twitter duplicate Feed issue

= V1.5 - 06.27.2013 =
        ADDED: Qtranslate Compatible
        UPDATED: Revolution Slider version
        UPDATED: Twitter Widget information    

= V1.4 - 06.25.2013 =
        UPDATED: Revolution Slider version
        FIXED: Page Featured Image has been fixed
        FIXED: Portfolio Small image has been fixed
        FIXED: Contact Widget Min Height fixed
        FIXED: Service and Picker bug Repaired
        FIXED: Color Fixed Changed
        FIXED: Twitter Style fixed

= V1.3 - 06.17.2013 =
        ADDED: Facebook Comment
        FIXED: Current Menu CSS now fixed
        FIXED: Twitter API 1.1 (Check your Theme Options and Save it)

= V1.2 - 06.11.2013 =
        FIXED: Child Theme Style Issue
        ADDED: Search has now included Page and Portfolios

= V1.1 - 06.03.2013 =
        FIXED: Page Builder even better drag and drop
        FIXED: Portfolio Hover issue
        FIXED: Theme Custom CSS issue

= V1.0 - 05.25.2013 =
        NEW : First Release

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