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We ( bought Nyirok Theme Version 2.6.1 (10 October 2013). When we update WooCommerce 2.1.9, the home page meets problem as attached screenshot picture. We bought this theme through themeforest. How we can solve this problem. Please help us.

Problem solved with the latest themes

If we downgrade WooCommerce to 2.1.2 this Nyirok theme is normal. Problem happens when upgrade higher WooCommerce version from 2.1.3 to 2.1.9.

Problem solved with the latest themes version

How can I update Nyirok Version 2.6.2 (10 February 2014) ? If your Nyirok them can not update, no problem for us, we can buy one more Nyirok Version 2.6.2, but I can need you make sure this problem with Woocommerce 2.1.9 can be solved with this Nyirok Version 2.6.2. Your answer will help much for many potencial customers. Many thanks

Problem solved with the latest version

I buy one more with hope this problem can solve.

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I’m so sorry for my very late reply. Problem solved with the latest themes version

Regards, Keenan

The ADD TO CART is not working. the carts page does not pop up. This is my website please help!


I thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. About your question, because there is new update so Please update the woocommerce and nyirok theme first, and let me know if tha “add to cart” still cannot popup.


Good, some points :

  • is that theme responsive ?
  • can you customize to be with search filter ?

Hello Sanayar,

I’m so sorry for my late reply. Yes, it’s fully responsive. And the search form is just like that.


I need to know if this theme includes all the features when I buy it, like all homepages design, woo commerce, etc.

- can it be supported for rtl theme as I will use it for Hebrew language? and would that cost more in addition?

Do you have tutorial how to use that theme? I download the theme and install it. also made rtl, but there are many items that need to be fixed, including the homepage slider etc.

I want to replace all the colors on the site from #E44F50 to black, where is css file i can edit?


Congratulations to the theme.

I’d like to set the home page like this:

With a Slideshow main, under a single column of news with the sidebar on the left.

it’s possible?

Thank you, Andrea.

Just bouht the theme, it will not install, never had an issue b4, latest woo and wp version. I,m worried

fail states

installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-{######}

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

no idea what to do now?

first time a theme has ever not worked…Im not an expert thats why i bought a pre made woocom theme…

how do i get my money back?

For people who have this issue and not pc experts, don’t just press download button.. as you would expect.. you have to go and find the correct word press file HIDDEN in drop down menu under download button and select then, down load them ALL then just try and install them 1 at a time untill you find one that works.

very hard work, i just want a one click install… like all the othere themes i used b4.

I got it working now no need to reply but may be worth putting a sticky note to tell other newbes how to do it.

Hi I love this theme, we’ve had it on our site for nearly a year whilst it was in development.

I created an eshop using your theme and have customised the theme files. I used your pre woocmmerce 2 version.

I can’t simply replace the theme files, as this is likely to screw up my layouts.

Do you have a changelog of things? or a list of things to change so that I can upgrade woocommerce?

thanks Paolo

Hello there – I notice the latest update to Page Builder by Site Origin plugin (v 2.1) they have changed the class from “panel” to “so-panel” – refer

Will this affect your theme layout? I had problems on other sites with this plugin bundled. I won’t update this plugin on my Nyriok Woo site until you confirm. Thanks