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omg! this is so cool! this is gonna be a great seller! i love the design. very eye pleasing and effective! great job vesthar. and i love ur customer service. A+!!!

Thanks for the positive feedback gr8 ! Greatly appreciated :)

Yay, this is awesome work dude… great job


Thanks man! greatly appreciated your positive comment..

Love this and the rest of your work!

Just congrats on the new theme, I for one love it and thinking of changing one of my sites and this could be perfect. Like your stuff as a whole though top work.

Also wanted to ask, don’t suppose you’ll be doing a word press version of this theme as I’d love it if you did.

Thank you @jgodbee, @elephant2009 really glad you like it. :) It’s really nice when your work is appreciated.

Regarding for WP version. I’m waiting to see how this version sells. If it sells acceptable, then I will definitely make a WordPress version. I can’t tell you how quickly that will be but I think not quicker than 4-6 weeks from now. Why ? During this week will be another PSD /HTML-CSS Template and after this I will do WP version of my ‘7Lifes’ template because is high interest for the WP version. The next should be this template. That’s the plan but who know maybe I will change it ;) Regards!

Another great design vesthar :), I like your style and the way in which your designs don’t only look good but do their job well.

Well done!


Thanks @Dynumo_Interactive! Greatly appreciated your comment !

good work?

what support is there for the blog?


Hi, deano65… It’s HTML /CSS template and blog does not work dynamically. The HTML is laid out in a way that allows clients to easily add a dynamic backend (like WordPress) if they wanted to.

I will definitely make a WordPress version this template but I can’t tell you exactly when will be done. Cheers!

hurley_ Purchased

This a great set of designs. I do have a problem with the side bar in IE…. can you help me? please…!


No problem with sidebar! Checked in all browsers.

Please use my profile page to contact with me. What problem do you have ? Did you change styles or somthing ?

I’m not available during the weekend I will repaly you on Monday. Cheers!

atv Purchased

hello, congratulations, your material are excellent.. I´ll buy 2 of them right now! Keep doing this nice job…

The only suggestion, for the “prolucrative” is something like a table with comparation of plans, like hosting does….Hope that you could do something like that in the future. I´m going to buy prolucrative right now! Tks


Thank you so much @ativecom – really glad you like it. :) It’s really nice when your work is appreciated. Have a nice day!

Hello,I consider to get this one for my portfolio. I am in television business and just wonder if I would be able to include Flash video clips and/ or embed the YouTube video in to portfolio page. I am not website designer -it is easy to do it by myself?. Do you have any guide how to do it? Please let me know Thank you ,Jan