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nice style… this rox – just a gallery would be nice ;D

Thanks g3niuz. I will add one if more people request it!

Nice one! A gallery would be nice..

Good theme, oh and you spelled “address” wrong in the error message pertaining to email address. You have it as “adress”. :)

youanden: Thanks for pointing this out. I will have it fixed in the update later this week. I also consider adding a gallery at this point.

For now: the spelling can be easily corrected in mail.php on line 78.

Is it possible to have each tab call a different page rather than a section of index.html?

eXtremeCast: if you want each tab to call a different page – like for instance services.html – it would force the page to reload. This substitues the sliding experience. For this reason all the sections are in index.html.

You could however use a few lines of php code to get the content of each tab/page out of an external file (relative to index.html). I can even provide you with these lines if you send me a message. But be advised, you need additional software (like WAMP server) to preview the php coded webpage on your own pc.

Pinky Purchased

Very nice file:) I have few questions: I just noticed that bowser arrows are not working…is this a bug that can be fixed or this is just how it is? and also, how can I replace or update the navigaton?

Please advise. THX

Pinky: This isn’t a bug actually, the slider plugin just doesn’t support it (yet). It isn’t hard to solve this issue, so I will add this to the template later this week.

About updating the navigation: this can be found in the documentation – look for the section that says ‘adding a page’. It’s as simple as looking for the start of a panel, and altering the ‘title’ of that panel. The code looks like this:

This line represents the Services tab. You may rename it to anything you like.

If you have a more specific question (or if I didn’t get your question right), you can always sent me a message!

I forgot to use the proper tag to display HTML code in my post.

The code I referred to looks like this:

<div class="panel" title="Services">

Is it possible to expand the height of the page?