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AGTV Purchased

I tried to register to the support forum. Entered the key, but did not receive an email with a passworr. What to do now?


AGTV Purchased

I sent you another mail, because I didn’t receive anything yet.

sorted right? :)


AGTV Purchased

Yes, thank you!

I can’t remove the padding between the menu and the content. I tried to edit the css files (maybe I missed something) and I checked for a configuration in the admin. Can you help me?


And also, Is there a way to change this (http://prntscr.com/6t56cf) to a button saying “Create a new topic”?


Please make a post in the support forums:




MasonCK Purchased

I’ve been asking for support on the one click install button, but it’s gone nowhere.


One click is ready and it will be released in update any day now

I have the same problem i believe as MasonCK. Once i do the one click install my wordpress says i dont have permission to visit my dashboard or do anything. if anyone knows how to fix this email me please. slateness77@yahoo.com

Hello, Please make a post in the support forums:



Any plans for an update this year?

Yep, but we are not planning to add any new big features to the theme at this point, so the update will consist of bug fixes. :)

Awesome :) Yeah I don’t need more features (your theme already has everything one would need!) but just updating and tightening things up would be great. Thanks, I look forward to it!

I purchased your theme last week and have been working on setting it up for my purposes. The one issue I have found is in the widget for twitter, there is a missing space after the twitter username and the link to follow on twitter takes me to a 404 page on my own site. Any help with this would be great. -Thanks

to elaborate on the missing space issue the text looks like this: follow useron twitter

instead of this: follow user on twitter


Please make a post in the support forums:




Noticed you published an update for the theme which fixed the demo content importer…

I tried on a fresh install of Wordpress and it locks me out of the Wordpress website every time I test this. My Admin user loses permissions and I’m unable to access wp-admin area. I have to erase and re-install wordpress or override the DB with a fresh install DB backup to gain access back. This should not be occurring.

Please take another look at your demo importer as it still currently breaks default wordpress installs. I have the site hosted on standard GoDaddy Wordpress Hosting.


Please open new support topic: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

I love this theme but I am using another on a different site which I want to keep. The only bit from this theme I want on that specific site are the BuddyPress and BBPress styles.

I tried to copy the CSS file for these from the theme to the CSS panel in the other one but it didn’t work very well.

Is there a way I can add the Oblivion styles for BuddyPress and BBPress to another theme easily?


you have to ask authors of the other theme. There are two .css files which we use that should be included.


is there an option / or a code so i can add a fifth footer widget, that is under the current 4 and is as wide as the whole footer?

My Site: http://www.clashofclans-world.com/

THX, kind regards


Please open new support topic: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/ Our staff will be glad to assist you.

ok, i open a new Topic.

Hi guys, I’ve lost teh password of my account on the support forum. Can you help me ? My skype: pommarel1

jpommar@orange.fr And Thank you for the reply.

Hi guys, I’ve receive no e-amil from your staff …

Please check your e-mail again. And please confirm if you got this e-mail. Thank you.


im using the theme for over a year and im very satisfied with it. But as my site is growing up i now have some problems with the menu.

If add a new page to my standard header menu and save, it loses the new added sites and also the checkbox for “Position in Theme” is then unchecked.

if i set the chekbox again, the position in theme is correct, but the new sites are not added.

UPDATE: if i add a new site to a submenu it loses the checkbox for “Position in Theme”. But the new sites are saved. If i set the checkbox again the menu is fine.

But if want to add a new site as the last menu item it has the problem i described above.

Seems i can’t add more than my current 8 Main Menu Items. I need one more (No. 9)

Can you figure out what could be the problem?

my site: http://www.clashofclans-world.com

thx, Chris


can I kindly ask you to create support topic on our forum? Our staff will help you. http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

I hired someone to install the theme and it installed but now i cant access my admin panel in the website. I’ve tried to sign into your website to make a thread but my info is different. I sent you guys an email will you please read it and get back to me asap.

my website: globalgaminggear.com

Thanks, Cody


can you please send me your support forum username? Thank you


i want to add a piece of code before the comment section of a post page. What PHP file do i need to edit. Can’t find the right one.

I added the code already successfull on normal pages. But i don’t find the post .php file to edit.

Regards, Chris


Please open new topic in support forum: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

We cant Login into the Support Forum and dont get any Emails of your Forum. Our Page is not working anymore and we need Help ;)

strange ;) nothing there

any news about the oblivion ios bug? i sent you an email for that reason

all the best

Ok, I’ve sent another e-mail at info@icast-media.com right now. Please confirm if you got it.

I bought the theme yesterday, but I’m having a couple issues. 1. The header menu doesn’t seem to be showing up on desktops and is just a button on mobile. 2. I attempted to sign up on your support forum, but I have not received an initial email with my password nor any email from my multiple attempts to reset it. The site in question: http://www.dorkadia.com Cheers.


please use our support forum for support questions. http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Thank you for your canned response which completely ignores that I just said I tried to sign up for your support forum and never received an email with a password.

I am really sorry. I’ve overlooked that somehow. I’ve sent you one mail with a new password, never got confirmation. Today I’ve sent another one. Again, I’m really sorry for this.

Hi, How to change font size in post?


please use our support forum for support questions. http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Hello, the site works great, but when I view it in safari it looks like its all squished into about 15% of the page and the rest is jut the background image. Please check out http://onemorestorygames.com/


you are probably using iOS9 safari. Some users have issues with this other don’t. Please use our support forum and we will work this out http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/


proditial Purchased

Hi there! We´ve been asking you starting yesterday for a solution, as our site has been down since your last update (you can check it at rolero.org). Some sections won´t work, so we cannot operate properly, there is no shop, there is nothing working but the home page. We have to take responsability for this, but there is no response from your side so far :( I have 3 months of support remaining, we were willing to buy a new license for a new design of your products, but honestly I´m starting to think that it is a bad idea, since there is no solution within more that 36 hours, nor response given. The site didn´t work any longer since your last update. Hoping that you can provide a QUICK solution to this.


you have reply in your topic. Please be patient. It will be fixed as soon as possible.


chipweb Purchased

Hey guys. Our web is disappearing page a page since november 3rd and support service not give us a solution.

Please solve the problem. We are losing sales.


please send me a link to your topic from our support forums, and we will see what is happening.

We have reply in the topic. Thanks