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Good Job!Good luck! :)

Good Job, I like it, GLWS ;)

Just bought and used. Looks great theme. Easy to adopt and use for my purposes. Definitely recommend.

if i buy the theme will the search engine be still working

Search engine will work only to filter inside menu/navigation.

Can someone please tell me how to change the icons

You can change the icons by modifying the svg(retina icons) in this path ’/css/fonts/icons.svg’,

or you can modify/change file in ’/img/icons.png’ and changing the image references in css file, from ‘fonts/icons.svg’ to ’../images/icons.png’.

Thanks for PURCHASED :)

Thanks for your quick reply! Unfortunately, as soon as I change anything on icons.svg with CorelDraw, the icons disappear on the website. Method 2 doesn’t work. If I change the path as you suggested the icons disappear.

How i can make the contact us email work ? i set up .php file included, but still not work. anything else i should do ?

Hello hjrobert, just change the email in contact.php, and everything should work fine. Thank you

Beautiful. Any chance of a SASS (.scss) version? Thanks!

Hi Dorfire, not very soon, but anyway we’ll keep you in touch. Thanks

Hi, it looks gr8 and the feedbacks also are very satisfying. before i buy it, i need to ask for some advise as your the expert here. ill be using this for a small hotel and i wanted to know if i can add a reservation form to this theme. kind regards Noor

If you know how to code, then of course you can add otherwise the theme doesn’t include a reservation form.

When going from portrait to landscape and back to portrait the portrait view is a little wide with white space on the right hand side. If you reload the page in portrait it’s back to normal. This is on iPhone. Any solutions?

Hello swudev, which browser and version of iOS ? Thank you.


I love the theme, but I can’t figure out how to add my location to the Google maps. I have a Google map embedded in my regular website but this obviously works with a function that I don’t know how to feed. Any help would be appreciated!

Never mind, I found it in o-script.js


Good Template, Can i Use it into a phoneGap project?

We haven’t tested it!

Also like to know if it works well with PhoneGap.

Hi I am going to purchase your Template But I had a 2 questions to ask first question is will it work with the Android 4.3 and 4.4 web browsers and my second question is concerning the languadge can I write in Arabic and change for the example the About Us and other stuff to the same meaning but in Arabic ? Thank you

We haven’t tested it with Arabic! We are sorry about this!

I have problems finding where and how – left drop down highlighter menu understands what page are you in at this point? It shows home page when I’m on different page?(after I edited it) Other original pages show everything right) On Ocean Mobile Template.Please help with details- thanks

======= update——I found it <active> never mind-Thanks

Hello. As I can change the appearance of the icons ? Is not specified. Only social. example: i class=”i-phone” How many types are there?

Hi, everything is working apart from the notifications on the contact form. All I have changed is the email address. Any ideas?

Hi, Are any color schemes possible in it ? i like the present one also, but we might want to have a different color scheme altogether. Please respond asap as I need to buy a theme very soon.

Can the header be locked on this theme? Thanks about to buy…