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Flawless! This would be a great start to an awesome website template! Thanks for this inspirational and amazingly beautiful landing page!

Yup indeed – most of my new landing pages seem promising for new templates and themes :) We will wait and see what happens.

Looks awesome. Can I incorporate this into an existing website (a site already using a different WP theme)? Thanks!

Hi thanks for the comment – it’s plain HTML so you can integrate wherever you can use HTML pages – hope that helps (please not it’s not a wordpress theme – just html pages) – hope that helps!

It’s a beauty, Jonathan! Thanks for creating it!

Thank you so much

If i want to use this with wordpress how do i set it up? Where would I add all the css files and such? Sorry I am fairly new to this and unsure. I basically want to set up this landing page as the only page on the site right now.

Hi it’s a landing page created in html – you don’t use it with wordpress sorry – just a landing page for a product or service etc to sell an item / service etc

just perfect because didnt know what to do with domain but now My Page with Landing Templates but want to make bottom links like menu?

Hi and thanks for the purchase – not sure I understand your question sorry – I looked at your page and I see the links you added at the bottom – did you still require assistance?

Beautifully designed, well commented and works perfectly. If only everyone on themeforest did work like this. Well done Jonathan.

It was perfect for our high-profile book launch landing page:

Oh man that’s awesome! I love it when buyers show us how they used a file – good luck with the book!!

Were do you configure the META tags and keywords?

You can place meta tags in the header to your specific needs just like any normal HTML page – no difference.

Hope that helps!

Hi Jonathan, There is a real opportunity to have WP landing pages. Any chance you’d do it for this one? Regards, Greg

Seems like serious overkill to have wordpress running a landing page. Doubt I would do that especially the work it would need to create to then sell at $8 – sorry, landing pages are really in the HTML zone.

Thanks Jonathan. The WP realm is really the only place I’ve been. I’m not asking you to teach me but how difficult is it to modify the HTML landing page for someone like me with a little HTML experience? Thanks again, Greg

well, if you have never edited any html it will be an uphill struggle possibly – depending on what editor you use – if it’s something with a preview rather than just code you may find it quite easy – the structure is pretty basic – it’s more a point of selecting the text etc already there and replacing with your own.

What a beauty. Well done! Haven’t purchased yet, but so far it does seem the best for my needs, so likely will buy later.

However one thing I miss is video.

Just knowing that you have tested Vimeo/Youtube video with your design and that it works would be good. If you push it futher, giving your clients a video example code they can drop in to, say, replace one of the promotional images with, or with a bigger video add it as a whole new section (sized something like the tabbed feature-aread), would be awesome. That is if you don’t want to incorporate video by default to this design.

I think a video is an important part of landing pages today. If not in by default, I will customize the pages to add one. I think I can do this without messing up your beautiful design. But it would be great to have it ready to drop in or in by default – done the way you see as best with your design.

Hi – video can be placed anywhere you want – plus vimeo, youtube etc just supply the embed code that’s all you need :)

My other landing pages display video on the preview.

Many Thanks

Sweet! So the standard way works fine. I will do that, then. Thank you for the quick reply.

Where is the .psd file for the box?

Its missing and I need to change the text on it!

Thanks for the great landing page though!


There is no PSD for the box as it’s created using an action from a graphic river item – and I am not allowed to offer the final item in my package. The software box is simple an EXAMPLE of a product – you are supposed to replace with your own product.

Hi there, I really like this landing page…pretty close to buying..just one question…I need 5 tabs instead of 4…can I simply copy the code for one tab to create an extra tab?

Thanks for your great work.

Yes you can

Thanks for the quick response!

Hello again Jonathan!

I love your template it is just what I was looking for.

My html editing skills are on the novice level. I made some changes here and there but I have a problem.

My page looks fine in Firefox..but in IE and Chrome the “See What Our Customers Are Saying” section and everything below that are hyperl-inked..I know it’s my fault..I just haven’t been able to figure out I made that error. If you have time to take a look at my page I would appreciate it.

If not…it’s okay…Thank you

Dog Training

Try checking your code – chances are you forgot to put a closing link tag if everything following a link is hyperlinked – hope that helps!

Will do! Thanks a lot!

Hey Jonathan,

Sorry to keep bothering you…I’m having an issue …Your template shows up fine in all of a sudden the CSS is not showing up in IE or was fine last night..I just checked this morning and the page is all messed up in IE an FF…Please note I have not changed the CSS at all.

Any thoughts?

My Page

not really sure I’m sorry – must be something you did for it to work and then not work – check out all your changes for missing closing tags in your code – looks like the footer is broken also so maybe start towards the bottom of your code.

Okay…I think I will start from scratch ;) Thanks Jonathan…


I purchased this landing page template for an SEM campaign that we are running. Here are some things that I noticed right off the bat that could use some work.

Page Speed is below what Google Adwords expects 74 out of 100. Which means that it lowers our quality score and our keywords are more expensive.

I also believe there could be some unused CSS which is causing some issues with IE as far as page speed is concerned.

I hope that you will take this into consideration. I’ve pulled down the landing page and put up our old landing page in hopes of getting a response.


Let me minify the JS and go from there. Thanks for the advice.

Hopefully the page speed will get better. Believe me it’s not your server. We run a dedicated server for our main site and it’s the only site on the server. Tried it on our Rackspace cloud server as well and still the same load speed score.

Personally, I think it could be a bit too much Javascript for an SEM based landing Page. I think I’m going to remove the Tooltips & the rotating testimonials JS before I compress the HTML & JS.

Exactly :) – now you are customizing to your specific needs and you should get to what you need by doing what you want to remove unnecessary JS effects etc – everything is commented so you should easily be able to remove any excess.

Please remember that templates are made for the masses and we have to cover all bases, include fancy effects for those that want and not minify anything and make it easy to edit and include stock images not optimized etc – custom solutions for specific needs are what I create in my day job – and yes that includes (literally) hundreds of landing pages.

But this is not an SEM template – just for clarification – that is something a buyer would tweak to their satisfaction.

Thanks again for understanding and if you have further issues please use the contact form on my profile page for support as per the directions.

It’s not a problem. Hopefully you will keep SEM in mind with your following Landing Page Templates. Not sure if you have ever worked for an advertising agency before, but again 90% of all landing pages are used inconjunction with SEM campaigns. Page speed is a huge concern with PCP Marketing.

Great File!

I’m having one problem though. I’m a novice at HTML (since i use wordpress most of the time) and I can’t figure out how to make the email capture form work??

Can you point me in the direction of how to make it work with Mailchimp or Wufoo Forms for example?


You will just replace the form elements in the HTML with those provided by Mailchimp etc – they provide specific code dependent on your account and mailing list etc – you just copy / paste – each mail service provider will supply full directions on their website.

Hope that helps and thanks so much for the purchase!

nice landing page. i think the main reason it may be a heavier load time is the font file you have included not the js. fyi in order to prevent a jump on the jquery tabbed area, one can set the height ie .tab_left { height: 300px; }

cheers -wil

Hi – the page should not be slow to load at all – haven’t seen any issues from anyone.

Also not sure what you mean by the “jump” on the tab, doesn’t jump for me on any browser in any OS.

Thanks for the purchase :)

the fonts are 212k. the jump is the content beneath the jquery tabs, notice it bouncing around, that’s because there is a variance on height for each tab’s div. i wanted to avoid that, so i just put a height on .tab_left, so the content beneath it stays in place. this of course means all your tabs will be the same height which may not be desirable for everyone cheers -w