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Hi, I wanted to purchase this landing page, but I found that the last time you update it was more than almost 2 years, while the wordpress landing page of your was updated few weeks ago. Does that means you are not offering any support or update for this landing page feature?

Hi there! We are still providing support for this product and are in fact working on a WordPress version of this design as well. Support is available 7 days a week via

so no new update for the one year and half old last update

We must not change the design, so there is little you can actually update. The template is still fully supported by us.

To be honest, i am very disappointed because this template hasn’t been updated for more than 2 years. It’s built with a Bootstrap version, that not even Bootstrap supports anymore. The new version of Bootstrap 3.3.1 is very different than the v2.3.1 that you are using.

I wish i had payed a little more attention on this aspect before purchasing it. It’s a lot of work from my part to update your template and i’m very frustrated right now.

I was expecting something else. Why don’t you update your theme? When will you update the current theme with the latest version of Bootstrap?

Hi there! Actually, this template has been updated just a couple of days ago (it is also less than 2 years old by the way). Off the Shelf is also not based on Bootstrap at all, except for a small component, a configuration interface we ship with all HTML templates to make it easier to use the presets we show on our demo site and there have been no additions to Bootstrap that this small interface would benefit from in any way.

Templates based on Bootstrap are clearly marked as such on themeforest, but Off the Shelf is not one of them as the Bootstrap stack would be too complex and add a massive overhead, which would increase page loading times. That would be unwanted for this template, which has been intentionally designed as a light-weight, uncluttered alternative to landing page templates based on CSS frameworks.

If you require any assistance working with this HTML template, please feel free to contact, any time.

I have two websites (they are both addons) and I want to better understand my ability to use the templates on my sites and if these templates are templates that are easily changed, i.e. the information within. Are these templates like CMS templates and/or do I have to have special software and know how to code to use, as I do not know how to code.

Hi there! HTML/CSS templates (all templates in this category) are just that, plain HTML and CSS code that you can edit using a text or HTML editor. Some HTML/CSS skills are always helpful when editing a template. If you have any further questions, please contact for assistance.

are you planning to integrate some parallax effects? Thanks

Hi m3tatron,

thank you for your interest. Yes, parallax effects will be included in the WordPress Version of this Theme. But we will also have a look to include those later on in the HTML version.


slaimx Purchased

Hi, i really want to buy this one…but i really need to know if i can upload it to the blogspot? I use my own domain name. If it can be done, can you show me how? Because blogspot use .xml file.

This is not a Blogger template, and you cannot simply use it as such.


slaimx Purchased

I have done some research. On the blogger, I click template and scroll down to bottom and i click revert to classic template. I delete all the html and i copy some html from the source page. Then when i click my domain name. The website show the template exactly like the one i copy from. So is this the true way to use html template on the blogger?? And know i only need to change all the word and picture in the html when i buy this one right? Is this right?

Hi there! I am afraid this is not a Blogger template and you cannot simply use it as such.


slaimx Purchased

Ok tq. Then i guest i must get a website hosting plan to use this template.

Yes, I am afraid that applies to every HTML template, unless you hire a developer to develop a theme or template for your content management system of choice.

Hi, can I use this on blogger? thanks

This is not a Blogger theme, but an HTML template. You can only use Blogger themes with that platform.

HI- Is this compatible with GoDaddy hosting and can I situate a link for it to connect to my blog? Also- I didn’t see one but is there a white background color available as well? Thanks.

Hi there! This is a simple HTML/CSS template and you can customize it by editing the HTML and CSS files. The contact form requires PHP 5.2.x or higher and a fully configured PHP/mail server. There are no other system requirements. As for connecting it to your blog, that would be up to you as this is only an HTML template. If you have any follow-up questions, please contact, any time.

Hi- I just purchased and downloaded this but need help as to how/ where is the template. I just received the zip file.


Hi there! themeforest requires all files to be compressed into a zip file for product delivery, so that zip file contains all the files that belong to this HTML/CSS template. If you need assistance, please contact, we would love to help!

I have purchased this. Now to move forward for someone not as technical as myself do you have to get Dreamweaver. I don’t know how to read HTML and have no idea what to do with the files received. Thought it would be much simpler but looks like there is more of a curve to this!

Hi there! Sorry to hear that you are struggling, but editing an HTML template does require some skills. And you only need to edit one file, index.html, which is the actual template. The rest are additional resources and tools we provide with the template. That applies to all HTML templates sold on themeforest. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact customer support via

Now that we do need some skills what is the best way to approach this since I don’t have any. I’ve seen many use Dreamweaver – do you recommend any other HTML editors that can be used for beginners like myself. Thanks. BTW_ Yes I will contact at the email above if I need any assistance.

Dreamweaver is not necessarily the best or the easiest tool for everyone, and which is depends on your skill set and how comfortable you are using WYSIWYG editors, editing some code yourself, knowledge of HTML and CSS etc. Please contact support if you need any help with that.

Does this template have dummy content, one click install that I can easily edit in Wordpress?

Hi jtezze1234,

thank you for your interest!

This is not a WordPress theme, that is why it is listed under the Marketing – Landing Page category on themeforest.

However we are working currently on a WordPress Version, which will be released very soon.


Congrats for this template. Looks nice and interesting. Question: I only have one item to sell so your template interests me. However I don’t see anyway I could easily add a quantity field. Plus I would need the buy now button to be paypal ready. Any way to achieve those two requirements ?


Hi there! I am afraid this template is sold as-is, and we do not provide custom design services. However, as it is an HTML template, you should be able to add additional elements, re-purpose existing ones etc.; any web designer should be able to help you with that. If you have any additional questions, please contact


dh89 Purchased

I just bought this theme thinking it would be a simple wordpress theme…

I have no idea what to do with this zip file. What should I do?

How long until you release this as a wordpress theme? please help.

Hi there! All products in this category are HTML templates; WordPress themes are exclusively published under the “WordPress” category on themeforest. Please contact customer support in case you need any assistance with the HTML template:


dh89 Purchased

Yes, i undestand. but I read that you’re releasing a wordpress version of this file. Is that going to happen, and if so, when?

There will be a WordPress theme with the same name, and it will share much of the design. This theme will be released in 2015. We do not currently have a release date.


wender Purchased

Love it!

Thank you! :)


sups Purchased

Good job!

Thank you!


sups Purchased

Do you plan a WordPress version too with additional features?

Yes, we do!

I’m not sure if I’m being stupid, but I have no idea how to install this template on my Wordpress site now that I’ve downloaded it. Can you add some instructions to the documentation?

Note – I’m not confusing the template with a theme. I already have a theme that I’m happy with. I want to use this to create a landing page for my book within my existing site.

Hey there! This is not a product for the WordPress platform, but a standalone HTML/CSS template, like all other products in this category. You simply upload the edited files to your web host, perhaps to a sub directory. There is no installation procedure. Please contact customer support if you need further assistance. We provide free email support via

Is there a Wordpress version of this landing page yet?

Hi there! Thank you for your interest. Off the Shelf for WordPress has turned into a very powerful multipurpose marketing theme which we began developing earlier this year. We are currently finalizing some details and are writing and illustrating the user guide.

is it possible to allow visitors to rate the product and show rating stats?

I am afraid we are not currently offering custom development services. But this feature is something we may consider for a future update.

so if you look at the app demo page on do follow of off the shelf, there are two buttons google play and apple app store, I would like to show ratings there as well

WooCommerce does not currently have a feature to show ratings on external pages, though we will consider implementing something like that in a future update.