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I have Office 2.0 that included the Revolution Slider 4.2.5 – each time I try to activate it, it crashes my entire site – can’t even log back into the dashboard until I go to the FTP files and delete the slider folder completely.

Is there an updated version I could download or is there a fix for this? I’d like to use the slider since it is supposed to be included in my purchase.



Have you checked server logs? Or enabled WP_Debug on the server to see what the error may be? This behavior is usually caused by the memory limit to PHP on the server not being set high enough.

If you want send me a private message and I will zip over the latest version of the plugin if you want to try that out.

You can message me privately via the form on this page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer – and I will respond via email. Make sure to send me all pertinent data and context so we can get this sorted in a timely manner.

Hi, I have been using your theme for a while and just noticed a small bug which is easy to fix. if you look at source you will see the ie8 conditional statement has a <?php echo in the url which is not correct. you should modify the script.js file in the functions dir line 123 i think.


hi i have problem with offical theme my problem with background image any pattern i choos it and click save option like nothing happen why everything is ok but why not change please hellp me thanks

How can I prevent that the link in the slider popups in a new tab and how to tranlate the search bar text? Thanks for your reply.


It’s possible to change the numbers of columns in the portfolio with filter page?

Thanks for your help!


Not by default, this would require multiple theme edits. Next year though we’ll be updating this theme to use percentages for the main grid so that these sort of options can be added.

If you need something more advanced you may want to have a look at our Total theme – http://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019

Hello, I want to use the top bar url to go to an outside site, but when I enter the url, it automatically includes my sitename to the url, which is causing a 404. Can you please help soon?

I have tried resetting permalinks, settings, etc.


Don’t forget to add the http:// in front of the URL.

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will you provide a new version with the updated revolution slider code?

Slider Revolution Premium Plugin has released a new verison 4.6.5 for their plugin. A recent hack has been found in older versions of this plugin that allows an attacker to download any file from your hosting account, such as the configuration file containing the database passwords. Once the attacker has this information the attacker can comprise your website via the database.


Yes I will update the plugin when I update the theme. The “recent hack” was actual discovered and fixed in February 2014….there are some new blog posts circulating, but they seemed to have failed to mention that. The version included with total isn’t affected by that issue.

Hi, I have a questions and I hope you can help me for my problem: 1. How to give an icon at main menu? 2. How to make just “home icon” in home navigation at main menu?

thanks for your answer.

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Well I have purchased a theme but when I install the plugin it installs the 4.0.5 version of the plugin… What should I do? For now I have DELETED all the files…


Sorry I don’t understand the question…

Does this theme work with Woo Commerce?


It should work, but it’s doesn’t have any special designs and customizations for it. The newer Total theme is fully compatible – http://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019

Hi! I bought The Office theme, installed it and imported Sample-Data. But its appeared something wrong with images. All dummy images are just blue boxes with no sizes, like this: http://topsalesrecruiting.com/. Please, tell me what to do? Where are sample images?

Hi dude, you don’t answer my question…


sorry, I have found that on documentation, my fault not read the documentation corectly

Hello, I updated WP 4.0 and now in the theme Office I can’t See main manu, I tried to changed in Wordpress Admin, but I can’t save the menu.


How can solve the problem?



Can you try disabling 3rd party plugins to see if any are breaking things? I don’t see any issue when I test locally.

Also make sure to clear all site and browser cache whenever you update WP, a plugin or the theme.

Hello, is it possible to add javascript and HTML in the header callout section? I would like to add a search form underneath the text.



Please disregard. I was able to add the code directly in that section.

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I use WPML for the language localization, currently I solve almost anything but SERVICE page. We have 4 different service pages, it works in the main language(zn_TW) but nothing display in the EN page.

The SERVICE taxonomies has been translated by WPML, and items as well.

Do I miss anything?

I am sure everything by WPML are set to right, I even have logo file localized.

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Here is the site: http://ubik.ushop.tw/en/