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Hi AJ, is there any reason why the phone number in the header area shouldn’t work properly? I am using it on a purchased version of Office at catitude.com.au, an Australian website. It’s a mobile number and when you view the site on your mobile phone and click the number, it calls but doesn’t answer properly; you get a garbled noise and then nothing. Thanks…

This wouldn’t have to do with the theme itself this is an issue with the phone most likely.

Hi AJ hope all well!

Quick heads up that the to link to WPExploer in the office-theme-dococumentation.html file at the top of the page where it reads “Thank you for purchasing the Office WordPress theme by WPExplorer.com”, is broken… missing a p —> http://www.wexplorer.com

(Latest Office Documentation update Office-2.6.0)

;-) Have a good one!

Thanks for the heads up ;)

Hi! Thanks for a great theme! A question about the header with the logo. I have made a logo that has the same width as the header. Its a picture with the logo on a background photo. Now, when looking at it on a mobile device, the header is wider than the screen which making the downward scrolling unstable. You can move the screen to the right, because of the too wide header (this is without a retina logo). I have tried with making the retina logo twice as wide and high, but the mobile header becomes even wider then. I had an idea of solving the problem with adding a background image to the css of the header, but it didnt work.


Hi! Thanks for a great theme! A question about the header with the logo. I have made a logo that has the same width as the header. Its a picture with the logo on a background photo. Now, when looking at it on a mobile device, the header is wider than the screen which making the downward scrolling unstable. You can move the screen to the left, because of the to wide header (this is without a retina logo). I have tried with making the retina logo twice as wide and high, but the mobile header becomes even wider then. I had an idea of solving the problem with adding a background image to the css of the header, but it didnt work.

Can you please show me the URL in question so I can have a look? Images should have a max width by default so it shouldn’t be going outside the container.


There is a fixed header width of 970px added to the site inline causing the issues, please double check your custom CSS edits.

Hi, how can I align center the menu items? dcreen: http://prntscr.com/7znbqe

The only way is to use javascript to calculate correct padding for each link and space them out evenly. There isn’t a built-in function for that.

it’s sad =(

I’m working on this for a client who purchased the theme. I changed the highlight colors, and added some custom css dealing with buttons, but for some reason, none of the new colors are showing up. The changes, and even ones to the background, worked for a week, and then reverted back to the original. I even went in and changed the orange color to the one I wanted in the css editor, but still nothing. All disk and page caches have been purged as well…any ideas on what I can do next?


simked Purchased

I got this message: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use


I would appreciate it if you could provide some help

I will update the theme in a bit to fix this error, thanks for the heads up.


dano812 Purchased

What was updated in the theme today? I don’t see an update summary anywhere.

Hello, I figured this out a year ago, but after the theme update, it disappeared and I can’t remember how I did it:

I have a shopping cart that I would like the search box to search through the cart. Is it possible to replace the search form in the header with my own search form? If so, where do I place the script for my form?


Not sure if it’s relevant, but this is the script for my search form: <script> function doSearch(url, displayCatinSearch, keyword, match_criteria , searchCat){ var str = ” ”; var keyword = keyword.replace(” ”, ””); if(match_criteria ‘all’ && searchCat ‘All’){ document.location.href = url+keyword; } else if(match_criteria != ‘all’ && searchCat ‘All’){ document.location.href = url+keyword+’/match_criteria/’match_criteria; } else if(match_criteria != ‘all’ && searchCat != ‘All’){ document.location.href = url+keyword’/match_criteria/’match_criteria’/searchCat/’searchCat; } else if(match_criteria ‘all’ && searchCat != ‘All’){ document.location.href = url+keyword’/match_criteria/’match_criteria’/searchCat/’+searchCat; } return false; } </script>

We love the theme and bought a second copy for another website and will probably buy more for future sites. However, we have one problem with the tab system (for example on http://www.livethelanguage.cn/learn-chinese-beijing/group-classes/), where visitors come to a page, scroll down to the bottom of the first tab and once they are all the way down there they cannot see the other tabs anymore and complain they cannot find the other information (which is in the other tabs). Many people are clever enough to scroll back up and from there switch to the other tabs, but a surprisingly large number of people seem not to be. Is there any way to make the tabs “dynamic” so that when someone scrolls down in a tab, the tabs on the left hand side keep scrolling down with the user, so that they always remain visible?

i was about to buy this theme, and i see your notice… why do you stop suporting this theme? it seems fine whats the issue

and what about the people who paid for this? do you give free support for the new version of this theme that you suggest?

I didn’t mean to enable the notice. I am going to disable that ;) Nope there isn’t anything wrong with the theme.

I am using this theme for a business website. Just migrated it from one host to another. everything seems to be fine, except homepage. it is blank. I dont see content blocks to add content for home page. how do I fix?

Please log in with the correct account or purchase the theme for support. Support is for verified customers only that have the “purchased” tag next to their username. Thanks!

Hi I have had this theme for a couple of years and building a website using it just now but I am struggling with something. In your theme preview you have no space between the top bar and the logo/social icon bar, I want to set it up like that but unable to find the way to do it. I tried looking into the discussion and found various answers but I cant find where 4 types of headers are located.


This is the actual default design of the theme. If you have a space at the top maybe there is something else adding it, can you share the URL?

You have Header 3 Selected. To make your header look like the one in the demo log into your WOrdPress Dashboard and go to Appearance > Theme Options > Header. Scroll to the Main Header section, and for Header style select “one” from the dropdown.

- WPEX Support

I completely deleted the Addthis plugin but it keeps showing up in the theme. Someone suggested that its hardcoded into the theme.


Can you help? It’s all over and it’s annoying me.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Delane,

Addthis isn’t included in the theme, it’s probably just cache related. Make sure to clear all your site and browser cache.


uchenna Purchased

I am getting this error message on the header of my site can you please tell me what I can do to correct this. Thanks: Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘wpex_retina_logo’ not found or invalid function name in /home/sitee/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 503

Is your theme up to date? http://www.wpexplorer.com/changelogs/office/

And have you made any child theme edits that may have caused this? Please check. Thanks!


uchenna Purchased

I wiped away my site and downloaded the latest team 2.7 and saw the error message after installation

Hey this is AJ the developer. I do see the error and will submit the fix in a few moments. Thanks for letting us know of the issue!


I am sorry if this is a duplicate question, I tried to find an answer to it but couldn’t.

When I look at the desktop version, the text under the highlight is under the relevant box. However, on a mobile, the text is on the left side of the highlight. Can I make it go under it and center both the highlight and the text?

Thanks for the great theme.

Best Regards, Simeon

This doesn’t happen when I check the live demo. Hum, can you share the URL where you are having the issue?

I demo’d this theme back when it first came out from a friend who bought it. Worked really well on shared hosting environments as it had low resource cost. I was just about to purchase 2 licenses for a client as they don’t want to upgrade servers, and so I thought of this theme. However I notice on the description you say you are discontinuing support and to use “Total” instead.

The problem with “Total” (im guessing) and other all in one themes such as ‘X’, ‘Avada’ (which I’ve used both extensively) and others is the incredibly high resource cost. Most of them require a small VPS with 2cpu, 2gb ram before they run smoothly.

Does Office still run well on shared hosts or has updates introduced bloated drag and drop builders and things that are highly resource intensive?

So is this correct you will be discontinuing support? Or will you continue it?

Hi there,

I am considering discontinuing the product since it only makes about 1 sale a month which isn’t worth spending time on updates/support for the product.

Total is running on many shared hosting environments. Of course it’s going to be much faster on a better server, but the theme itself runs really fast. I’ve spent a lot of time coding and improving the theme for performance. What actually causes most “speed” issues with customers are the WooCommerce plugin and the Visual Composer (mostly when customers try using the Ultimate Addons along with it). These 2 plugins consume a bit more memory to run, however, the Visual Composer in itself is something you will use to build your pages so on crappy hosting it may be a tad slower in the back-end but the front-end should be fast because you aren’t “running” the drag/drop building system you are only parsing shortcodes.

As long as you have proper caching setup and a decent server it should be good ;) I use WPEngine to host all my demos and that works perfectly for me – http://www.wpexplorer.com/out/wpengine

Did you have an ETA on discontinuation?

I will discontinue support (I can’t until the last buyer’s support license runs out so that is in about 5 months), but will still push out fixes as needed and assist with tiny issues. I just won’t be doing any large updates anymore or huge improvements, the theme will essentially just stay as is ;)

when i see live preview its show me allot of feature , like recent work , etc but i cannout find anything in theme , even home page slider is not working for this theme

Please refer to the included documentation on how to setup the theme. When you first install the theme it SHOULD be empty. If you want your site to look like the demo you will have to import the sample data and import the sample sliders.

i have watch your videos and try to install the theme but still didnt work , when i try to import the sample temepletes after completiting 100 percent when i give th username name after its come eroor and i try to add hp slider i publish the slider but nothing no slider there

Hi, I’ve purchased the theme upgrade but am having problems. The theme is installed at http://www.cooklawofficeaz.com/ and in the Theme Options settings, I’ve enabled the (1) Slider, (2) Tagline, (3) Static Page, however neither the Slider nor the Static Page are displaying on the homepage like they used to. I don’t need the rev-slider, the simple slider is fine, but it doesn’t show up. Can you help me figure out why neither the slider nor the static content are showing up please?

Nevermind, I just hardcoded the design into the HTML

Hello, When I add more than one slide at home , the subject creates the arrow keys to move to the next or previous one, but Google Chrome does not arrows works , any recommendations?

Please share the URL so I can have a look. Thanks!

It works when I test. Are you by any chance using a touch device (PC with touch-screen)? If so this is actually a bug on that device…

Have you considered using the Slider Revolution premium plugin instead for your homepage which is included with the theme for free?