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OK!, I have to say T20 has the best support I have ever seen in this market place, Thank you very much T20.

:sunglasses2: tnx

I also tried on my ipod, the website keeps on flashing.. :crying: However it works fine on samsung s4 and tablet. Could you please sort out this please. This is really important. And also when I make my browser width smaller, the text inside accordian does not show full paragraphs. It cuts off some sentences.

Kind Regards Rayesh

Hi, accordion bug solved.

go to custom.js and find below code:

jQuery(this).children(".accordion-content").css('height', function () {
                return jQuery(this).height();

remove it and paste this code:

$('ul.tt-accordion li').on(function() {
    jQuery(this).children(".accordion-content").css('height', function () {
                return jQuery(this).height();

Regards T20


Updated, Please download again and update your files, update list Here

Grate template

Thanks :)

Were you able to fix the Ipad/Iphone flicker issue in the last update?

I found the solution to fix prettyPhoto thumbnail display in IE…add this to style sheet…

.pp_gallery ul a img { width: 50px !important; }

Thanks, Added :)

Everything looks and functions great on desktops and laptops, on tablets and smart phones I see many issues. Is it possible to disable the on scroll animations, they crash the iOS browser on iPad and some sections don’t even display.

Thank you

Hey, now i’ve turn off animation in small devices, can you test it.

Hey thanks for the fast response, one more question, as Bootstrap 3.0 got just released will you be upgrading the template?

Hi agaian, in bootstrap 3 just a little problem, prettyPhoto content don’t working fine with bootstrap3, if you dont need prettyphoto, you can use bootstrap 3 with this template.

hi i’m having a little problem. In index2-revolution.html when i remove products from the “latest work” i still have 12 items in the lightbox[portfolio]. So for 8 products i get a lightbox[portfolio] of 12 items. How can i change that? thx

Hi, please Empty the cache your browsing data and again try to test it.

Regards T20

T20, I just bought your template, now how or where do I turn off the OnScroll animations? I have a very complete testing environment an I tested your online demo, I have to point out that there are many functionality issues with the template, if you want to give me your direct email I will sent you a list of problems I found.



in your http://7psd.ir/official_preview/index2-revolution.html sample, how can I add the social media icons on top of the navigation? and is it possible to change the Flikr feed in the footer to a Facebook feed?

Thx T20

Dear Tony,

open your style.css and paste below code after last line:

.header_v2 .sf-menu {
margin: 34px 2px 0 -20px;

Now copy social codes and paste it before <nav>

Your social code:

<div class="social social-head">
<a href="#" class="toptip" title="instagram"><i class="icon-instagram" /></a>
<a href="#" class="toptip" title="Google Plus"><i class="icon-google-plus" /></a>
<a href="#" class="toptip" title="Facebook"><i class="icon-facebook" /></a>
<a href="#" class="toptip" title="Twitter"><i class="icon-twitter" /></a>
</div><!-- end social -->

Regards T20

Also if you are using sticky menu, please add this code after last line in style.css :

.sticky .social-head {
margin: 14px 0;

Cheers, T20

I fixed the issue with the Ipad screen flickering. In custom.js find the following line…

$.stellar({ horizontalScrolling: false, verticalOffset: 0 });

Move that and insert into the calculate display function…

var w_width = $(window).width(); if (w_width >= 960) {

Place Code Here…

This makes it so only $.stellar is called when screen size is >=960 (Tablet Display).

I hope $.stellar being removed from screen size >= dosen’t cause other issues. T20 please confirm this is okay and apply to next update.

Hi ddweb29, thank you that have helped me.

i dont think this be issue, $.stellar only is for parallax section but any way i updated it. please check out demo.

new code:

if( isDesktop ){
        horizontalScrolling: false,
        verticalOffset: 0

Regards T20

Hi T20,

Are you any closer to fixing the ipad flickering issue? Your template looks great and I want to purchase it for a client project I’m about to start but it has to be stable on iPad/tablet and iPhone/smart phone, they will not except it as it is. BTW, I also like how responsive you are on this forum and how you are actively trying to help people, that’s another reason why I’ve waited a week and I’m prepared to wait a little longer if you’re still working on a fix. Good luck with it.

Regards, Mark

PS: the flicking is not limited to the home page, I’ve seen it on the About us page, so it can’t be home page animations causing it, I guess.

Hi Mark,

I’m still trying to fix issues, i hope can fix them soon. when update was ready, i’ll inform you.

Cheers, T20

I bought this for the great design. But the support is amazing! Thanks, T20!


What knowledge do I need to use this? Can I open it with Dreamweaver?

I know basic html, no css, javascript or php. Never used bootstrap either, but I am a quick learner.

Do you think I can use it?

Hi, You should know enough about HTML and CSS, yes you can open it in Dreamweaver but Not showing everythings good. More things should do the editing in notepad or one text editor manually like slider, contact section and …

Regards T20

Thanks! How can I set the template to function for RTL language?

Add rtl.css stylesheet before close </head>

Thank you so much ! This template is awesome !

Please – how can I change the “Thank you” note after submitting the contact us form? (or “Quick contact” ?)


Go to custom.js and find it for Contact form and Quick contact form.

Ex. find “Thanks!”

Cheers, T20

Hello, the theme is amazing!, but i have a little problem. I donĀ“t know how to edit the flickr and Twitter Sections properly with my accounts. Could you help me? . Thanks a lot.

Hi, Thanks.

i can help you for add your flickr widget but you should add twitter by yourself because twitter need create app widget.

Regards, T20

Ok thanks, what should i change to put my flickr photos? :)

Please read Documentation :)

Revolution Corporate Template is amazing but i have problem it works fine on local when internet connected. But on Xampp(server) it shows so many problems on page 1. Latest Work not worked properly 2. Knob design does not calculate percentage 3. Testimonial does not work 4. Quick Contact page does not work

NOTE: Above problems only appears in server(Xampp) it works fine on local.

Plz reply as soon as possible….

Hi, This problem will fix in next update, Go to your HTML file and cut google map and gmap scripts and paste them before close. i think problem will solved

thank you but did’t work

Well, because we used top widget map in all pages and functions of maps included in custom.js, and maps need online script before load, So you should connect to internet then edit template in localhost (Xampp, ...)

Hello, I’m interested in this template but is it easy to turn off all animations ?(except slider and navbar)?

thank you for advance

Hi, yes it is posible. you can remove animation class in html file or custom.js

The menu is flashing in firefox when is a dropdown; Tell me when you fix the problem, what i need to change.


Hi, Update will release next week.


First of all, great template!

Here’s my question: where could i see the class names for all the 600+ icons?

Thank you!


Dear Alex, Thanks for your purchase :)

We included two page with names: “icons-awesome.html” and “icons-metro.html” you can see all icon classes and use them like this code:

<i class="YOUR_CLASS_NAME"> </i>

Great theme here looks awesome.. before I purchase I did read in another pre buy question about there being no admin are or login, how do you implement the shopping cart portion of this theme and set all this up all the features? I am used to WordPress and an a little confused here. I have a little knowledge in HTML or CSS but am willing to learn if its not to painful. Please explain I would like to buy this theme.

Hi, Thanks :)

This is only a basic HTML template and not functionality for shopping or admin panel. you should waiting until release wordpress verion.

Ofcourse if you need this template with simple coding and edit for Several pages you can purchase it and change content in one text editor like notepad and use it.

Cheers, T20

Hello, I downloaded the zip file and can’t upload it to the admin panel for auto installing. I even tried to upload the HTML file to the ftp and saw error massage in the admin panel. Please advice. Thanks for advance.

Hi, This is a basic HTML template and not usable in admin panel or CMS.


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I buted this template in first days and i started working on it and stoped because of some private problems..Now i want to continue and i see that you updated this template but in new version i do not see change log and which files was updated?

Hi, Changes not much, but If you haven’t made any changes in below files, please download again and replace this files on your files.


note: before this replace files, take backup from your current files.

Regards, T20


1809 Purchased

Thank you,this was heleped me because i changed a lot in first days.In next updates please insert and changelog.txt