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Hi, I wonder if I buy your theme. Can we change the color of the menu bar at the right? or can we put a picture in backround or the menu ? thank you for your answer.

Hi sorry for ask you again, but if you don’t have time, could I use contactform7? is it compatible ? thanks for your answer

Yes it should be!

yes it’s ok, thanks…

Any idea how hard it is to make this theme WooCommerce compatible?

Hi Belaze,

It really depends on what you expect to have from woocommerce. Which functions you want etc… as this will impact the number of templates that you’ll have to design.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I am planning on offering prints for sale from within woo commerce /shop page. For example on your theme demo, I would like to add a “buy prints” link on the left menu.

I’ve installed it,

—> see it there : http://ofolio.ocholabs.com/shop

This is how it will look like without any cutomization. If you need some customs, I can do them as a freelance work.

If interrested, then send me an email using my profile page.


Hi, I’m loving the theme

Can I change the posts page title from Blog to News?

Thanks Robyn

Thanks for your reply

The only things I can find in the documentation under Bog options are a) ajax loading and b) post formats?

I have set the reading settings page to my news/blog page…

Hey Brady,

I’ve mistaken myself :D I though you were talking about my other theme : Coffee & Cream...

This was not in the theme but it should have been! I’ll make some updates to it and come back to you.


Thanks, could you also please inlcude how to get the gallery post to work that would be great Cheers

Hi, how can we change the scrolling time of the flex slider in the home page? I want to extend the time… (“J’aimerai allonger le temps d’affichage entre les vues du slider principal”.) Thanks.

Hi Grilyne,

Sadly there is no “theme option for that”. However, you can edit the theme file “scripts.js” in the javascript folder.

At line 392, relplace the value of slideshowSpeed>

The default value is 5000 which means 5 seconds. You can edit this value.


thanks ! ;-)

You are welcome!

hi – love the theme great work! Quick question I would like to add a a transparent image/watermark to the top right of the div#main area of the site – could you help or suggest a quick solution? Currently the background is tileing the image ‘bgnoise.png’ – any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance


If I understand well, you want to add an image in background of the div#main. But as the div#content has a tileable background(bgnoise.png) then you wouldn’t see it.

A quick fix for your need would be to set the bgnoise image in the background of the div#main, then you will be able to add another background image to the div#content.

Can you test it?

It should work!


fantastic – works like a charm – many thanks for your assistance :)

You are welcome

Hi, just a quick one – on the contact form – how can I setup a bcc ?

In an email message you can use the ‘Cc’ and ‘Bcc’ fields if you want to send a message to more than one person. ‘Cc’ stands for ‘Carbon copy’ and ‘Bcc’ stands for ‘Blind carbon copy’...

Hi, thanks for the lesson ;-)

Unfortunately this option is not available. However I can add this option to the next release (september).


sounds great – I look forward to the next release, all the best :)


I just purchased your theme! Very Nice! I just need to confirm 2 things please

1: I have some issues with Internet Explorer 10, The demo doesn’t display properly at all,unlike in Chrome and other Browsers. Are you aware of that?

2: How do I get rid of the Leave a Comment section on the Bottom of the pages?

Thank you.

I found my answer for question 2 :)

Hi, thanks for purchasing oFolio. This is very simple: just edit the page, then at the top of the page find the tab: “Screen Options” and click it. – Tick the Discussion Option. —>It will allow you to manage discussion parameters. In the Discussion Box, untick Allow comments & Trackback. Done!

Hi FM, I am away for vacations and all I have is an ipad so I can’t check your problem for now sorry. I’ll take a look at it when coming back home.


WHen the theme was released IE10 didn’t existed so I could not be aware of this ;-) regards.

Hi, I’m loving you theme. But I’m having trouble configurating it. Do you have a manual or so? thanks


Hi, I need to put a header on top of the horizontal theme to add my contact. How can I do this?

Hi andrea, it seems that you found how to make galleries work as I can see images on your website. Regarding the header, you will need to custom code it as I don’t schedule to do it on a further version.


Eu poderia colocar uma barra no tamanho do logotipo top thema ofolio e alguns widgets nele? Eu gostaria de fazer um cabeçalho

Besides the vertical sidebar, I need a header at the top of the page. How can I do?

This header can be similar to the ThemeForest. Its add this header to the theme?

I can’t figure out how to add my graphic design work to my portfolio page. On your preview on the home page there are square pictures and if you hover over them, an opaque box with words slides up. How can I achieve this effect? I’m so lost. Thank you!


Sorry for the delay. Did you find out how to manage it?

If not, then give me your website URL I’ll take a look at it.


Hello Ocholabs,

I have had your theme for almost a year and really love it. It looks great on mobile devices as well. You had helped me with some custom css when I first got it and I want to add a few new tweaks.

The social links on the right side are really great but I wanted to put a few extra social icons one the left sidebar widget under Connect With Me.  By default the pictureframe is added to the img.  How can I remove the .pictureframe just in that area? I like it everywhere else.

My site is ginici.com

One other question… can I extend the main content area to go 100% and still have it resize responsively? This is an example of what I am talking about. http://demo.graphpaperpress.com/sell-photos/

Thank you so much. Gina

Okay, the link is still ginici.com. I published the icons on the left side bar widget. You can’t miss them.

Thanks, Gina

Hi Gina,

This should do the trick:

#sidebar .textwidget .alignnone {border: none !important; background: none !important; }


Fantastic! that worked. Thank you.

hi ocholabs,

first, very nice theme :)

Is it planned to publish a new version, possibly with additional lightbox effects or gallery styles?

Hi Padre,

I’m sorry but nothing is planned as the sales are not enough. I’ll only work on bug fixes or wordpress compability when needed.



how can i change the basic home age that is linking behind de logo, it’s now displaying the Blog page and i can’t find where to change it into a custom homepage with slider and recent posts.



You probably need to set the homepage in the wordpress admin : go to Settings / Reading , then in Front page displays, select : “A static page”, then below select the related page in the Front Page list.


Hi there!

The twitter widget isn’t working? How do I fix it?


twitter widget in o’folio? What are you talking about?

Thanks ;-)

Yes, I keep getting this error message:

Error: Twitter did not respond. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page.

I understand, but there is no twitter widget in oFolio, is this an external plugin which add the widget? I know that twitter is often overloaded and did not respond… maybe that’s it.


Hi Ocholabs,

Still love your theme! I’ve had it over a year now. I especially love the masonry effect for my portfolio, however I just updated to WordPress 3.9 and the update broke masonry.

Is there an easy fix to update this?

Thanks, Gina

Hi Gina, please take a look at this, this i easy to fix ;-) http://ocholabs.ticksy.com/faq/2181


Thank you that completely worked!

Very nice theme, certainly one of the fastest in themforest ( > 90% Pagespeed ) One question : how to sort comments Newest to Oldest ?

Hi. The live preview for this theme is offline.

It gives me this:

Error 403 – Forbidden L’accès au fichier requiert une autorisation.

Error 403 – Forbidden – L’accès au fichier requiert une autorisation.