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Thanks for your work on this theme.

Is there an easy way to make gallery a two column gallery? Took a guess that did work out to well. Tried to change the class from .three to .two I notice that you are also using other classes in unison Alpha and very Omega


Hi Elroy,

Thanks for purchasing Ofolio.

The theme override the default Wordpress gallery to make it responsive and adds some lightbox classes but it keeps the basic functionalties.

—> You can set the number of columns when creating a gallery in the Gallery Settings with the “Gallery columns” option.

- If you use the “masonry” option for the gallery (you can change it in the appearance / ofolio settings / global options), you can create galleries from 1 to 3 columns (if you set 4 or more it will be a 3 columns gallery).

- If the “masonry” option is off, then you can create galleries from 1 to 7 columns (if you set 8 or 9 it will be a 7 columns galleries… else it would be too small!).

You don’t need to change any classes! ;-)

By the way, the “alpha” and “omega” classes are used to define the start and end of a row for margin purposes.

If you need more help feel free to contact me by email (find it in the theme’s doc).

Good to know I don’t need to change classes, and thanks for your response. I turned off the masonry option in the global options, but I haven’t found where I can alter gallery columns.


Hi Elroy,

When you click on a gallery that you have already created (or when you create one), you can change the columns settings. see this screenshot:

gallery columns

Make sure that the Link thumbnails to option is set to Image file to achieve the lightbox effect.


V 1.1 – 2012-12-05

  • A new Tab “Tweaks” has been added in the Ofolio Settings. In this tab it is possible to write some custom CSS to prevent loosing it after a theme upgrade.
  • It is possible to create a page without title by using a custom field (notitle) saved with any non blank value.
  • The 3 theme widgets (Flexslider, Focus & Google maps) can now be added to the sidebar & the footer.
  • The Flexslider widget has a new option to display pictures without linking to the related post/page/slide/portfolio.
  • The Focus widget has 2 new fields to add a link (or a single text) after the widget (ie. See all blog posts).
  • The comments icon is no more displayed it the comments are turned off.
  • Doc updated.
ZeroHawk Purchased

Heya Ocholabs,

Thanks for the new update. I updated it today. I am seeing some issues though that are outstanding.

First I’ve noticed that the comments look and feel that I have on my blog posts is different than what you show in your live-preview. Any advice here?

Second, I want to use the portfolio feature… but on my website it is not displaying properly. I added a page called portfolio(permalink is ‘portfolio’), set the template to portfolio, and identified this page as my portfolio in the ofolio settings…. When visiting the page, it says this is the blog. (for frame of reference, there is a page titled blog, permlink ‘blog’, and in the reading settings this is set properly).

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks! - ZH


Hi again Zero,

I don’t see any difference for the comments can you provide me with an url to see what you mean ? see: test comment

For the portfolio, as I told you by email, the the permalink must be diffferent from “portfolio” as it is a reserved name.

Just change the url to something like “portfolio-index” or “my-portfolio” as you did before and it should work perfectly. Let me know.

ZeroHawk Purchased

Mang, you rock. Thanks for your practically immediate responses. Lol, I checked the wrong e-mail account for your initial response. I appreciate it.

You’ve clarified everything I was needing. Much appreciative. Sometimes 5 star’s just arn’t enough… this theme is easily worth 6.234 stars.


Hi Ocholabs! I really like your theme. Thanks)) I tried to make new russian translation for template. I took english one in language folder, translated it, put “ru_RU” in filename, then put “ru” in header of this translated file. I use russian localization of WP. But its still english words in website. What i did wrong?


Hi Shyamasundar,

The theme is not translation ready as the translation file is not complete. I will release it soon Sorry for that.


thanks. I made the translation but I didnt finish it yet. If you want i could send you the file when i finish it.

bradlow Purchased

My “Blog” page title isn’t as big as the rest of the page headers? I don’t know what happened?


Hi Bradlow, Thanks for purchasing Ofolio. Can you give me an URL to check that ? Thanks.

Theme is beautiful and was planning on purchasing but it does not list wordpress 3.5 Will it work with 3.5? Thanks, Dave


Hi Detox, For sure it works ! I must update the description ;-)

jkysela Purchased

Hi Ocholabs, How do you install all of the demo content into Wordpress?


Hi jkysela,

Thanks for purchasing Ofolio. What I can do is send you an export of the demo theme, but you will have to set the Sidebars manually as they are not in the wordpress export.

If you like it, please send me an email (the support email is in the doc) and I’ll email back the export to you.


Hi, I don’t make home page. How to add “Recent Post”, “Recent Works” and slide area in homepage. Just like you did your demo page.

Thank you!


Hi Melunbocek,

Thanks for purchasing Ofolio.

To create a homepage as in the demo site, you will need to create some contents (blog / slide or Portfolio).

Then, go to the ofolio settings in the appearance menu and go to the “Sidebars” tab and create one for the “main area”. You can name it Homepage if it’s for your homepage.

Then, go to the Widgets menu and add the three widgets you want : - Ocholabs Flexslider for the slider - Ocholabs Focus for the Recent Works and Recent Post

See more info on how to config the widgets in the doc.

Finally, when your sidebar has the widgets, edit the homepage and set your newly created sidebar “homepage” in the sidebars box (before or after content regarding what you want to do).

Hope it helps!

Feel free to contact me if you need further details.

dnyree Purchased

Hi, I’ve downloaded this theme and am having trouble making it Live with my hosting from GoDaddy. I have uploaded to the FTP. I also have the wordpress 3.5 uploaded as well. I do not see where I can actually manually change and make my website appear as the new theme.


Hi Dnyree,

Thanks for purchasing Ofolio. It seems like you uploaded the whole package to your FTP.

After downloading from Themeforest, unzip the file and find the directory named “ofolio”. This is what you need to uplad to your ftp in the Wordpress directory in WP-content / themes.

Then on your admin board, go to Appearance / Themes and activate Ofolio.

Let me know if you still have problems installing it.

Followed upload instructions. Whenever I try to preview or activate I receive the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_template_part() in D:\hshome\c45240\annemarieinc.com\blog\wp-content\themes\ofolio\functions.php on line 816


Hi Djmarkking,

Can you let me know which version of Wordpress you are using? I can’t reproduce your error.


Hey ocho, loving the theme so far but I’m having some difficulties. I cannot add buttons or Quotes / Testimonial. The window opens up but it shows {#insert#} {#cancel#} and when I click either button nothing happens as if it doesn’t recgonize that I am clicking insert.

In addition to this, the homepage of your preview has headline text “hello, my name is john doe” instead of saying HOME on the top. How do you make that happen?

Also, I’m having a lot of trouble making a Contact Form appear on any page. I want to have a contact page but when I try to insert Contact Box it disappears from the edit menu after I update. Please help.


Hi Cesar, Thanks for purchasing oFolio.

Can you please tell me which browser you are using? I never had those feedback using the shortcodes.

For the homepage, i’ve written the “hello my name…” In the page title. Then I have change the title in the menu to “home”

For the contact page, have you tried to change the page template to “contact page”, then save. After doing this you shouldn’t have any problem with it!

Hope it helps! Let me know if this works. Thanks.


Thanks ocholabs. I have solved the contact page and homepage issues thanks to your suggestions. As far as the shortcodes go, I am using IE9 and tried using chrome but continue having these issues regardless of the browser

karlyn7 Purchased

I’ve tried changing the colors in the ofolio settings, but the menu items are still the default dark gray. Why aren’t my settings being implemented?




Hi Karlyn, Thanks for purchasing oFolio. Do you have the # symbol before the color codes? If not, please add it and it should work. Else, can you send me a private message with the info I need to check your problem? (website URL + a temporary login/pwd for admin). Thanks.

Very nice theme! Thank You! :)


Thanks ;-)

Hi, I wonder if you have to make the DB file with examples you show us here.

I wanted a base to make my portfolio and I am layman in Wordpress.



Hi Hugorslima,

I can provide an export with the Content, but you will have to set the options and create the Sidebars as these data cannot be exported.



No problem, this will help me a lot.

I’ll send my contact in a private message for you

Hey great theme! I just have one problem…I can’t seem to get rid of the “Leave A Reply” section…any thoughts? I’m sure I’m missing something simple. Although I’ve tried going into settings and unchecked allow people to leave comments.


Hi, thanks for purchasing oFolio.

This is very simple: just edit the page, then at the top of the page find the tab: “Screen Options” and click it.

- Tick the Discussion Option. —>It will allow you to manage discussion parameters.

In the Discussion Box, untick Allow comments & Trackback.


bargosal Purchased

Hi Your theme is has terrific potential, but I’m having a few problems getting started. Is it possible to include a few words of introduction to a portfolio? I’ve tried writing in the text area and also tried to include a sidebar with a text widget with no luck. Thanks


Hi Bargosal, Thanks for purchasing oFolio! Can you please send me your URL in private with a temporary admin user account + pwd to check it online ? Thanks!

Is there a way to add more fields in the contact form ? I also need drop down box fields.

Great template by the way.


Hi CrazyMonkey, Thanks for purchasing oFolio.

This is not possible to do it without extra coding. Send me an email with the fields you need and If not too complicated I’ll send you an how to.



I need help with adjusting the background image on the site. I have tried resizing the image but that doesn’t work. the heads on the image are cut off and i cant find the file to adjust the margin. Please assist as soon as possible. great template by the way.



Hi studio24, The background image works better when displaying “abstract” things as the picture size changes to fit the browser window width. However, you should be able to handle it by modifying a few lines:

in the “javascripts” folder, open the scripts.js file. then find this piece of code near line 512 :

//vegas background .... $.vegas({src:vegasimage,fade:vegasfadingtime }) (‘overlay’, {src:vegasoverlay});

and replace it by

$.vegas({src:vegasimage,valign:’top’,align:’right’,fade:vegasfadingtime }) (‘overlay’, {src:vegasoverlay});

it should do the trick!

Let me know if it works well for your need as I might do an update to allow these parameters to be defined in the theme amin.




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