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I think you need to disable the scroll function on Google Maps.

When using a trackpad on a Mac, for example, you can’t scroll any further than the map without using the scrollbars.


Hello, thank you for the advice. But the scroll is general for the page hmm, I need to think how to make scrolling more comfortable.

Lovely appearance but as Helipad said disable to scroll on google maps You also need to maintain the menu bar placement on each and every section of the design. Visitors won’t like not knowing where they are or how to easily get to other sections


Thank you for the advice! I shall think what to do in order to make use of main page more comfortable for users.


Once a menu selection is made, one can not click back to home or any other menu item. Please correct this and you will have a winner.


Hello, thank you! You mean the same like in previous comment, right? (i.e. each section should provide a link to other sections), did I understand correctly?

maybe a few quirks as other mentioned…definitely a need to be able to get to other pages (sections) in this case, without needing to scroll all the way back to the top; but overall an AMAZING template. So unique and very, very beautiful. I loved Ship of Wonders also. Stunning, NICE work! :)


Thank you very much! Yes, definitely, I shall make something, vox populi is so important:)) I shall try to add this feature as soon as possible and shall publish update here. Thank you!

@virtuti – take a look at the Google Maps Javascript API . There is an option to simply disable mouse scroll on the map, so it doesn’t have to affect the rest of your page.


Wont’t affect the ability of zooming of the map? I shall check, sure, thanks!

What you’re using is not really parallax. Parallax is the usage of different scrolling speed for different background sections, especially when moving the mouse. In your template there are different backgrounds that scroll with the same speed. It’s a little misleading.

All the best


Hello, yes, I know about another type of parallax (used it too in my some other project), but this effect is also named parallax, that is why I put here this definition as well. Not my invention, somebody else called it so:)))

Looking forward to the updated file.. Bookmarked.

Best wishes

For people who pointed out that scrolling over map is uncomfortable and who want to disable scrolling on the map:

Add these options (or any of these) to the map script:

      scrollwheel: false,
      navigationControl: false,
      mapTypeControl: false,
      scaleControl: false,
      draggable: false,

By adding these options you disable the ability of map to zoom in/zoom out and to show the exact (zoomed) location of the place. Map turns to be a useless decorative object instead of functional tool helping to see where the office (or what ever else) is located.

That is why I do not add the above mentioned options neither to demo nor to the files for downloading. But you are free to add them to your website if you consider them necessary for your website.

I consider that functionality is more important rather than decorativeness, but it is your free will, so all possible variations are above.

You have also “Close Map” button, once you close the map (one click) you can proceed with scrolling down to the rest of page without touching the scroll bar of the browser.

Thank you for your attention, Tanya

Ok, I sent the updated files with added scroll-down/scroll-up button to TF approval. Demo is updated too.

Love the illustrations and creativity.

Really nice to see such files from time to time. Wish you many many sales, you deserve it :)


Thank you so much! Kind and so desirable words, thank you! Tanya

I think this is a GOOD work. Really this template has some UX aspects that should be improved, but anyway looks elegant and very focused. Graphics are very compact.

Good luck with sales and please, follow doing DIFFERENT works, sometimes is very boring to see always the same concepts.



Thank you very much! Could you advise what I can improve? You know when you make something, everything seems clear and obvious, but I know it may be wrong. Sometimes I submit my works to ConceptFeedback and I am always surprised: “How couldn’t I see what is so obvious?”. But it becomes obvious only after people say what is wrong, you understand what I mean:))) Thank you, Tanya

Like this one :)


Danke! How are you? Did you finish your theme?

This is the ever first template i like… even love …. i will defiantly buy it or i must have to create opportunity to buy it for … Excellent Work.


Thank you very very much! I shall be glad if you will find it useful for your purposes, beauty itself is good but when it is in use it is twice good. Thank you!

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Well many suggestions here, but I have not see anyone buying the site, anyway, I like it and just because you deserve it for your effort I am one of your clients.

Nice work keep it up!


Hello, thank you! I did not understand this phrase: “I have not see anyone buying the site,”. Suggestions–you are welcome to share, I shall be glad to listen to. Thank you!

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Excellent, excellent artistic template!

Found one bug.

Testing it at various screen widths such as the quite common 1024×768, the top frame (home-content) is not centered but floats left. Lower frames are centered properly.

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Here’s the solution for the centering bug in the home-content:

change the style .roses to add these two line after the others: margin-left: 50%; left: -630px;

change the style #features to remove float:left

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Correction, do not remove the float:left from #featured.

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The PSD folder is missing the file for the elliptical pink button used for “view products” ect.


Hello, of course it is included. Open pink-button.psd, find in a “pink button” group layer named “view product”.

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Ah, I see. Can you include the psd file for the repeating pattern background for the flower overlays? I realize you included it as part of the flower overlay images, but it would be nice to have just the repeating tile as a separate small image.


Hello, if you mean tillable grey background patter, it is in the “images” folder.

Hello, i love your work! I really liked this one and i need it asap but before i buy it i need to ask some questions, im still a newbie on this so here we go:

1- can i change the colors? i need to change the pink for another color like brown or something.

2- is it possible to have the menu bar showing in every section? cause thats like the main problem i see with this awesome template, its like hard to know in which section you are and hard to get back to the main section.

Thanks a lot! i really need this template. Peace


Hello, thank you very much for your interest and kind words!

1) sure, via css and Photoshop (graphic elements)–all necessary files are included and they are layered.

2) Actually, clicking menu item brings directly to the required section + every section is entitled respectively (for instance: menu item Story brings to Our Story, menu item Service brings to section Service etc) + there are up and down arrows in every section what allows to navigate from section to section up and down).

However, with small effort you can repeat nav on every section since it is has reusable nav class “left”, you will need just to copy nav code and place it beautifully on every section of the home page.

Hope that helps, thank you!