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Good Job, GLWS ;)

Thanks :)

Hello, good work, but the Glyphicons dont display correctly for me.


Hello, can you send me an email over at vmasto at cssigniter dot com with your issue? we use fontawesome not glyph icons.

Hi, I see that you split the styles into bootstrap.css and styles.css. Did you made any changes to the bootstrap files or are all custom styles in the styles.css file? If the bootstrap.css is different to the default twitter setup is it possible to get the appropiate LESS files so I can continue to work with your settings?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, the only addition in bootstrap.css is this code

img { vertical-align: middle; max-width: 100%; height: auto; }

otherwise it’s the same as Twitter Bootstrap!

ok that`s cool. thx for the quick reply. good work.

thanks! keep in mind that we only use the reset and the grid from bootstrap. if you paste the whole bootstrap framework some theme styles could be overwritten. just an assumption in case you find yourself with any weird elements.

Hello When I try to upload the theme to wordpress, the following message occours: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

What to do?

Hello, I think we talked via email, but this is not a WordPress theme, it’s a static HTML template. The actual WP theme is sold only via our website.


I was just curious, where can I edit the #mobilemenu? #mobile-bar? As in, edit the menu titles and links themselves – the HTML?

Thank you!

Found it – nevermind :)

Hi guys, Iv2 Purchased this theme because i thought was a Wordpress theme, could you give me money back or send me the wordpress version? Cheers!

Hello there! Unfortunately we don’t have control over refunds in Themeforest, you should contact Envato support for this and then purchase the WP version from our website.

Hi, are there any color options? Also is there any options to have social media icons/buttons?

Hello, Olympic comes with predefined colored schemes and you can easily convert them to your own. About social icons, it supports everything that’s listed in the FontAwesome icon pack: http://fontawesome.io/icons/

Hi, I am interested in buying your template, though it seems from comments above is NOT a WP ready to use template, but an HTML design…I am not an expert in this matter so would it be possible for you to explain which are the differences between both: HTML, WP from a functional perspective. Thank you very much we like very much your template.

Hello, a static HTML file means you basically need to know HTML & CSS coding to customize your website. The WordPress version is based on WordPress which is a dynamic and user friendly content management system and to change or update your website you don’t need to know anything about coding or programming.

Great template.I think there is great deal of creativity with this template.Very user-friendly , ready-to-use, and do not employ complicated code as in the case of self built HTML-based web pages. read more

Thanks :)

I sent an email, but haven’t received a reply yet. After my purchase I realized this isn’t a wordpress theme. I see that you said the wordpress version is on your site can you send me the link? I don’t know how to use code I don’t think I’ll be able to manipulate this the way I want.

Hello! Apologies but I never got an email! Our website is www.cssigniter.com

Cool! Excellent as usual;

Hello there!

Pre sales question, the images are not included. How about the background image with a lady on the right side? This one is included?

I’m afraid not, this is also copyright protected, unfortunately this is not our choice, the image sellers have strict policies :(

Hello, i have the olympic theme wordpress but i have a problem, the template didn’t look like the demo, when i want import the xml file, they say : impossible to import slider impossible to import…


what am i suppose to do ? thank you very much. Sorry for my english.

Hi, if we’re talking about the WordPress theme could you please open a ticket at http://www.cssigniter.com/support in Olympic’s forum and we’ll reply right away

hi, does your template compatible with buddypress ?

Hi there, this is not a WordPress theme, this is a static HTML template, the WP version is only available via our website but it doesn’t contain specific styles for BuddyPress.

great design and easy to work with.

thank you :D

I read in cometary that this topic is not for worpress. is a theme in xml? can specify detail on this subject as the platform that I can use it? I’m not a programmer, I seek ready-made themes and editable to rise to any platform, wordpress, blogger, you know?

Hi Angelo, you can check out our website (cssigniter.com) for the WP themes :)

Hi, i like the template! is the twitter feed working? and can i set it to 4 visible posts?

Hi there! The twitter feed is just a sample HTML design. I’d recommend using the official twitter widget: https://dev.twitter.com/web/embedded-timelines which is extremely easy to include!

Hi I would like to say that this is an awesome theme and it works perfectly. However, I cannot seem to edit or remove the section on the front page where is says “Latest blog post”. Can it be done? I really hope you can help me.

Best regards, Andreas.

Hi, where I can buy the theme for wordpress operate in wp 4.4.1

Hello! You can find it directly on our website, www.cssigniter.com

I already asked and I did not respond in the online chat.

I bought from your website a few years ago this theme. I am trying to download the latest version. When I login and search for it, there is no option download the latest one.

You mean the WordPress theme? If you bought the WP theme that’s available only through our website, not Themeforest :)

That’s correct I bought it from your website and had some custom work done. When I logged into my account cssigniter, I don’t see the option that shows I bought the theme nor options to download the latest version. Thanks.

If it was a few years ago your subscription is probably ended, theme updates and support need an active subscription. If it’s not ended you should have access at the support forum and the downloads section.