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it is diffcult to use. Download the entire file to see how the relevant data is lost, but the state of the ID and password.

plz open a support ticket here: to get help from our developer.

Pre-purchase question:can i use polylang plugin to this theme or a different multilingual plugin?if yes,it will continue work to the mobile screen?

hi vega and thanks for showing interest in our work.

Yes. that shouldn’t affect the mobile screen.

Complete newbie over here. Before I purchase I’d just like to know if I can upload my own logo? Cheers.

Hi, sure, you can do that without a problem!

Where can I get skills and the testimonials?

Skills and testimonials can be generated with our visual shortcode generator. THen, if you’d like to use it in a sidebar as in the demo, just copy the generated markup and paste into a text widget content part.

Hi there

I want to put a Lightbox in my portfolio but it doesn’t seem to work. Can you help please. (

Hello and thanks for purchasing our work.

plz open a support ticket here: to get help from our developer.

Thanks you so much.

Trouble is

Shall be supported by a video link from somewhere else other than youtube



Video Share is greater problem

Sorry I don’t catch it. Why exactly it should be always and unconditionally shared in a website other than youtube?


I didn’t find out how to change the scrolbar color. Does anybody can help me on that subject?


Hi, please edit the file THEME_FOLDER/js/script.js, you’ll find this code on line 279:
// cursorcolor:”#2fbab9”
Change it to
cursorcolor:”#2fbab9” (feel free to use any other color code)

Purchased the theme.

However, it is necessary to modify

The need to increase the size of the horizontal photo.

Below is the situation now.

The following is the format I want

Modify the style was. And he was so, the screen is more than recovered

plz open a support ticket here: to get help from our developer.

Dear PremiumLayers team,

I plan to purchase your Omega theme. However I need to use tags and in the current demo the tag section doesn’t seem to work properly, see example for tags aside ( and image ( The post that contain these tags (in this case should be visible via both link, but he isn’t. Is this a temporary issue and can you provide a demo with working tags?

Best Niels

Hi Niels, thanks for pointing it out. Seems we have missed the tag-archive option, hence the issue. I’ll look into this as soon as possible.

Thanks for your feedback. Glad to hear that you’ll look into it. :)


Inoperable portfolio

Please see the below video.

I am a foreigner.

Hi, could you please open a private ticket in our support forum and provide your WP login details so I could enter and assist with it? Thanks.

Hi I am currently using this theme and I am having difficulty on the portfolio as it’s not displaying a similar style from the demo as I wanted to achieve a light box for each of the portfolio. Please help and I have submitted a ticket already.

Hello and sorry for the long delay. we’ve totally missed your comment cuz most of the buyers usually use our official forums to get help for their purchased item.

Please open a support ticket in our official forum to get help from our devs:


Hi there – the update looks VERY VERY different from the theme shown in the example demo here – also, the example children files all come up with errors installing! I’ve just opened a ticket so hopefully you will be able to help – the example demo as seen in the image on the site is lovely, I’m just racking my brains to work out how to get the example files to look the same – Cheers, Chris

hi and sorry for your frustration

please wait until one of our support guys checks your support ticket.


Hi, can you embed videos in the portfolio section? Is so, can it be vimeo or the likes?


Could you please open a support ticket in our forum to get the answer from our WP developer

Thank you so much!

I just did an update to this theme and it turned into something completely different!! Also, it took out all my customized CSS!!!

plz open a support ticket here: to get help from our developer.


Akshay Purchased

Hello, after installing the theme , I see the wordpress sidebar (recent posts, Meta, etc ) on the homepage which I don’t want it to be there! I just want that to be showed on the blog page. Also while importing the sample content, it fails to import all the media everytime. Thank you.


Akshay Purchased

I have managed to remove the wordpress sidebar. My another problem is that when I hover mouse over the portfolio lightbox images, I don’t get the featuring name! It just shows the image and nothing clickable! I want this Thank you

plz open a support ticket here: to get help from our developer.