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jp838 Purchased

Hi! I can´t remove the jagged edge in the top and bottom. I´ve tried using the theme option panel but it´s not working and I can´t find it in the css. What can I do?


jp838 Purchased

Hi again, as it turns out I can´t change any styling via the thme option panel. Any suggestions what to do?

Hi jp838,

Could you provide me with a live preview of your website so I can take a look? You can send me the information to max (at) themeshifters (dot) com.

Hi there I am trying to install my new theme – but when I try to upload the zip file like instructs a failed to load page comes up and then when I hit refresh a notice comes up with “Are you sure you want to do this?” without a Y/N option.

Thank you so much for your reply! And thanks again for the theme :)

With the portfolio box is there a way to resize the images? As they are uploading quite large on a separate line even after I have adjusted the size of the jpg.

Hi chloeclemdesign,

You can change the dimensions of images within the WordPress editor. When uploading an image to your content through ‘Add Media’, you can select your uploaded image inside the ‘Media Library’ tab. When you select your image you will see a link named ‘Edit Image’, which you’ll have to click. Then you’ll be able to manually set the image dimension (to e.g. 300×200, then click on the ‘Scale’ button).

Feb 2015 for woocommerce integration? whats the story with it now?

Hi jay88ld,

We’ve had quite some delay in the progression of the development for the new version of Omni. We’re sorry for the inconvenience it may have brought. We would like to add you to our mailinglist to keep you updated on our progress. If your interested, please send me an email to support (at) themeshifters (dot) com.

My theme options page isn’t working. I change the colors and tagline through the theme options (the plugin Vafpress Framework 2.0-beta) but it won’t save. What files do I need to update/alter to make it work?

Hey amauriello,

Could you provide me with a live preview of your website so I can take a look? You can send me the information to max (at) themeshifters (dot) com.

The service rollover effect doesn’t work in Chrome on a windows machine. Chrome on my mac works just fine. Is there a fix? Thanks

Also, this is actually occurring on your demo site. We crossed checked it to make sure we didn’t make an error with our site.

Hi amauriello,

I’m unable to replicate this issue as I don’t have access to a Windows machine with Chrome at the moment. On which version of Windows does this occur?


ddrewa Purchased

Our site (as well as your theme preview: ) does not render the horizontal menu correctly in Internet Explorer’s Compatibility View mode.

Hi ddrewa,

Which version of IE are you using to view in compatibility mode? Omni is only supported from IE8 to IE11.


ddrewa Purchased

IE11. Of course when you are running IE (any version) in compatibility mode, it’s essentially running as IE7.

Yes, although it’s possible to manually set the IE version in compatibility mode if I’m correct. When viewing Omni in IE7 there’s a possibility that some elements won’t display correctly, as we only support from IE8.


zdi4318 Purchased

Hi there, Just wondering, it could be really obvious but wanted to double check… can I have a half and half with Omni? i.e The home page be all one-page parallax-y (click and it auto scrolls down), but then also have some links to other pages (multi-page) within the site? (blog etc). thanks.

Hi zdi4318,

This is possible to achieve by using the One Page version and then to add Custom Links (using the URL of an individual page) to your navigation. This way you could have a combination of a homepage with One-Page navigation and multi pages, as the Custom Link items in your navigation navigate to an individual page.


segberts Purchased

Hi there, in the preview ( they use a parallax header image with a height of maximum 560 px. I haven’t been able to track down how I can change this in my website. Because I would like to set the height to a maximum of 560 px. Could you help me?

Hi segberts,

This is possible to achieve, but you’ll have to make some minor changes to the code. You’ll have to open up omni.js which can be found under assets/js/omni.js. Then search for lines 206 to 221, at which you’ll find jQuery for the ‘Full Screen Parallax Header Height’. Now replace that code with the following:
$( function() {

    var headerParallaxHeight = function() {
        var parallaxHeight = 560 - top.outerHeight();
        if ( main_nav.length > 0 ) {
            var parallaxHeight = _window.height() - top.outerHeight() - main_nav.outerHeight();
        $( '.home-type.parallax-type, .home-type.parallax-type .parallax' ).css('height', parallaxHeight);


Please let me know if this worked.


nevewers Purchased

I can’t get accordion shortcodes to work in my plugin. Does this mean that accordion shortcodes won’t work in the theme or just that they aren’t already loaded in the theme?

Hi nevewers,

Omni doesn’t include a shortcode for accordions. Are you using a plugin to support accordion shortcodes?

Hi, nice theme. Are there any plans to update it to Bootstrap 3 ??