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Aloha !

I install the Demo, and now my video header is always small… Can anybody help me, please? Sorry my bad english, I’m from Brazil !


Hi AlohaFilmes,

Could you provide me with a URL to your website, so I can take a look?

Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to add a custom class (or any attribute for that matter) to a given shortcode element, such as a column or text block. Something like:

[column grid=”12” offset=”0” text_center=”false” class=”firstColumn”]

I can’t seem to find a way to do it.

Great theme, btw!


Hi sofcopello,

This option isn’t available.

One of my client have purchased this theme. Now he has said to copy this site >>http://www.chinxmusic.com/music/ which is using Omni theme. Can you please describe me which sections are used on the home page for different parts on this site>>http://www.chinxmusic.com/music/ ? I will be grateful


Hi RBGamer,

We’re only able to deliver support to buyers on ThemeForest. You could open a topic on our support forum with the information of your client.

Hi, does your theme support two headers- a main header on top with links to each page and then subheaders below it for going to the individual section within each scrolling page? I am looking for a website with multiple parallax pages and double header options like this one: http://ircp.com/about-us.html .

Thanks! Caroline


Hi Caroline,

Omni doesn’t support a second navigation to scroll within the page. You could maybe achieve this with some custom work though.

gprobert Purchased

Hi, How can I add a new category in the portfolio section so that I can click on a new section? Thanks


Hi gprobert,

You’ll first have to create a new Portfolio category. You can do this by first going to Portfolio -> Categories in your WordPress dashboard and then fill in the “Add New Category” form. After you’ve succesfully added a new category, you can add the slug of the category to the list with categories inside your portfolio shortcode.

Hi there! I like the theme!

I have two questions:

1] Would it be possible to not use the featured image for a portfolio item, but make the title clickable instead? I have all the sae looking PDF’s there, and just want them to be downloadable.

2] My portfolio looks weird, with a grey box around it (http://axisto.nl/wordpress/knowledge-center/). Where can I find an example how to type/shortcode it the right way?

Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks in advance. Martine


Hi Martine,

1) Yes this would be possible but you’ll have to do some customization to the theme to achieve this.

2) Is it correct that I don’t see the grey box at the moment when visiting your page?

Granditas Purchased


When I check the “Don’t show page title” box and save de page, the title is still visible. How come?


Thx in advance!


I also want to know if it’s possible to set a YouTube video in de blog header which NOT starts playing automatically. Same website.

Thx :)

gprobert Purchased


Having trouble with the multi-page layout, we cannot get the navigation bar links hover colour to change from the default green.

When we change the colours in the styling options it seems only to change if the site is in one-page layout mode, in multi-page layout it will change all colours except from the navigation bar links hover colour.

We’ve tried changing every single colour and also tried searching for the colour and changing it in the css but to no avail.

Would really appreciate some help as we don’t want green hover colours on our nav bar!

Thanks! Graeme