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Hi! Can I reposition the thumbnails in my portfolio header or are they fixed? Right now they don’t really make a sleek overall look of the portfolio and I’d like to change the positions of some. If it’s possible, then how can I do it?



Hi RIFKAcreative,

You could change the order in which the portfolio items appear by editing the publication dates. So you would order the items from new to old.

how do i install it the way you have it on the live preview , one page parallax header !!!!!!!!!!???????


Hi thomasspecial,

Have you checked out and downloaded the XML demo content through: http://themeshifters.com/support/forums/topic/demo-content/ ?

You’ll be able to use Omni as a one page with parallax header by enabling these options through the Theme Options panel. Which can be found by navigating to ‘Appearance -> Theme Options’ from your WordPress dashboard.

(1) You’ll be able to set the Website Type to One Page through ‘General Settings -> General -> Website Type’.

(2) The parallax header can be enabled by navigating to ‘Header Settings -> Home Header’. Then set the ‘Home Header Setting’ to Parallax. Then, on the some page scroll down to the settings for the Parallax Header. Here you’ll be able to upload one or multiple parallax images, your logo and a tagline.

jm938 Purchased

Hi, I have emailed support numerous times regarding several issues I am having with the one page theme.

- I can’t get the portfolio header to appear. - All links on portfolio items aren’t working correctly.

I have installed the theme correctly twice and am still having these issues.

Could someone please come back to me.

Thank you


Hi James,

I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ve read your email and checked out your WordPress installation.

It seems that you’ve implemented the Twitter Feed shortcode in your Contact page, but haven’t yet specified the correct Twitter API Key and settings through the Theme Options Panel. This causes the JS to break. If you delete the Twitter Feed shortcode from the separator, the menu will work again. I’ve taken the liberty to delete the twitter shortcode from your Contact page. The twitter shortcode looked like the following:
[twitter_feed username="themeshifters" count="1"][/twitter_feed]