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euskarez Purchased

hi, in my home page site i insert blocks with shortcodes but don’t work. i see shortcodes like simple text.


can you help me? thanks!


please email to drupal@cmssuperheores.com where our team will help you then.

thank you

renigato Purchased

Hello, first of all very good and creative theme. But i have one problem. When enable cdn module all fondawersome icons disappear, can you help this it. Thanks. Link baltsin.ru


Hi you can’t turn can off some server can’t get files from other servers

visuo Purchased

Hi, I just purchased your theme yesterday and wanted to set it up today. Now I have the issue that after installing your theme in drupal (I tried all 3 possibilities: Installing it with the demo theme, installing via installation-profile and implementing the theme after installation) I only see the navigation bar with the omnia logo and nothing else. Could you help me out? Thank you.


Hello. We are in holiday and away computer. Can you follow our blog here ncluan.com where you can do it. Thanks and

Happy new year from Viet Nam!!

Hi, i bought this template for Joomla some months ago. Did you don’t offer it anymore for Joomla? What’s the reason why if not?

Thanks for a feedback.


Yes we do offer for joomla, we don’t sell it TF anymore


first of all, great theme!

Drupal notified my of an update of MD Slider (v2.16) being available. How may I get it?



Please contact us via email support@cmssuperheroes.com, our support send you link to download

Thanks for your patience. CMS Team

Hi CMSSuperHeroes, i have a problem with the socisl sharing button in the article,

have a look to http://www.picturemotionsardegna.com/fotografia/component/k2/item/29-workshop-di-fotografia-e-post-produzione-cosplay.html

the Facebook button do not open properly if you try to press like it is cutted, is not possible to share or see the full box. thanks for your help