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Portfolio Carousel shortcode does not work. When I press the short code icon and select Portfolio Carousel from the pull down menu, the “insert short code” blue button disappears. I cannot get this to work.

sure. I will send you a personal message

Ok. Just sent you the login info.

I can’t seem to figure out how your short code for lists works. I am using the “Insert Short Code” feature in the visual editor. I tried dropping in plain content and HTML content but I get the same result. See this link for the issue I am having:

Please advise.

i do not get what you mean?

I figured it out – thanks for the reply.

you are welcome

Hi, can we install all the theme as we can see on your livepreview. Thanks a lot, and also a really good theme. BRAVO!

thanks to reply ?

ok sorry, i just understand.. I import succesfully the xml file… waouh!

Is there a way to display a page and only show one portfolio category? I would like a 4 column portfolio alternative but only show one category.

off course, you have the setting in the portfolio shortcodes to choose which category you want to show

Can you give me an example of the shortcode showing one category? I cannot seem to figure it out. Would be a HUGE help.

just select portfolio shortcodes then you will have the selection of which category that you want to show, you can select one instead of all

Hi there, i am having the same problem than pronet1…..

The background image is not showing up for the custom header, even though it uploads and shows that it should in the back-end. The footer area works.

It’s bad that the answer it’s not posted. How can i fix this problem?

Looks like you have not purchased our theme

I need to display a single portfolio category on a page. Your example site shows categories listed above the projects. How do I add that to my portfolio page? This example page:

My portfolio page:

We have problem with internet in our town, please be patience

no problem at all. Just thought it would be a quick answer. I can wait.

replied in your email

Stephanus you have been a HUGE help with my project. Thank you so much for your support and a GREAT product! One more small question.

Is there a way to show an index masonary view of just one blog category? I love the shortcode carousel but my client would like a running vertical index of a specific blog category. Any help would be awesome!

showing single category for masonry blog page will not be possible, no feature for that

Hello, I would like to know if I can change the order of display to the team member by admin. Each new member that I added appears automatiquely in first on the top??? ca you help me please et Thank

can you please explain more briefly and send some screenshot?

Hi, how can i display a different background for every page? i don’t see this option anywhere, Can you help me?

i do not see you have purchased my files

Hello, Thank you for your work. We did send you a message regarding modification of the url (porfolio project page) : ”/portfolio/...”. we can’t modify this one as usual ? how can we do it with your theme ? Can you please let us know how to change it ? Thanks !

Sorry, I didn’t get any email. Can you please send it again ? Thanks !

Hello Stephanus168, we didn’t get any reply, can you please send it back ? Thanks !

I am having an issue with the single category portfolio display. I see an error at the top of the page on PC browser. Here is a link to a screen shot showing the error:

Here is the page where the error is displayed:

Can you please let me know what is causing this error?

Hi Author,

How to display <ul><li /><li /></ul> using the shortcode [list][/list] ? If I use [list]test1[/list][list]test2[/list] it generates two <ul /> instead of 1.

Its current output is <div><ul><li>test1</li></ul></div> <div><ul><li>test2</li></ul></div> I want it to display like <div> <ul> <li>test1</li> <li>test2</li> </ul> </div>

Can you please advise. thanks

thanks for the reply, how about my first question with regards to the content listing? any feedback about it?

Regarding your first question, can you give an admin?

Hello, I would like to add in the form on the contact page template a CAPTCHA because I receive a lot of weird email from this form. Will you tell me how to do ? I did it from the Contact-form plugin for my other forms on the website but for him, it is in the template of the page and I do not know how to add one? Soory for my english but I speak french ; ) Thank you in advance

Hi, it requires a custom modification


When I create a Portfolio page, I can only see the categories. I added Portfolio items in the portfolio tab but they do not show.

If I add a Portfolio Shortcode I get: Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/omnibiz/inc/shortcodes.php on line 1298

Any idea or recomendation?

I have figured out some problems. My main problem is, when following the instructions, in the “Home alternative 4”, I copy the configuration from the Documentation. But have to delete the “my Works” carousel because the page halts on la loading process. If I erase that line, the page loads without any problem.

can you send your login?


myMO Purchased

Hello, I just purchased the theme. However as mentioned in tutorial, I could not find demo xml file. Please reply asap. Thanks

Any plans to upgrade to wp 4.0 support? I like this theme but it only works for up to version 3.8

Hello, I just purchased the theme but I cannot find demo xml file. Please reply asap and specify its location. Thanks

replied on email

I’d like to download the demo content but don’t know where to find the demo file. Can you help?

yes, send me an email, i will send it via email