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Very nice! Good luck with sales!

Thanks Anps! Glad you like it.

wow so beautiful template… good luck with your sales..

Thanks Mabuc, appreciate it :-)

This is beautiful; is it possible the photo gallery can have photo comments, a play button and twitter and facebook links?

Hi Sfranzen, unfortunately not at this moment, but we’ll take this in consideration in next update

Another great one! :D

Thanks, hvala :D

I want to know if I can put the entry of blogs in the home page.

This is Site template (pure HTML ), so you can do it easily.

Really really nice mate, WP any time soon? Also just so you know the colour changer doesn’t seem to work


Hi richyp147,

WP version is in development.

Thank for noticing color changer issue (this happens in Chrome and Safari and it’s just been fixed)

Awesome will be a winner in WP, and no problem re colour changer (lol do I get a free theme for noticing)...

All the best with sales mate


Very nice! Good Luck with sales! :)

More awesome work from you guys – love the transition effects. Good luck

I love this. One question; page sites don’t perform well SEO -wise. How can use this template but create separate pages with unique URLs for better SeO indexing?

Hi zelioprime,

you’re right about SEO and one pagers.

You can easily (with basic HTML knowledge) create separate pages. Of course, in that case, there will be no slide/fade effects between sections (because you’ll open new page).

Amazing job mate.

Very easy to use thanks to great documentation.

Good luck with sales.


don’t forget to rate it ;)

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Definitely waiting for the WP version! :)

Some questions anyway: i see the “porfolio part” in every section (ex: in about part), is it possible to change that to display only the about the team?

In every page, just before the title (exemple : features title), is it possible to add a photo header?

Hi matvej,

home page consist of dynamic and static container. Portfolio is in static container, and you can put what ever you want there.

In WP version there will be feature image option (Yes/No). In HTML version you can insert image there manually.

Thank you much for the answer. I am happy it is possible !!

I’m not sure of having well understood about my first question: so in each pages, we can delete the portfolio thing which appears on the bottom of the page?

Sections like about, blog, contact etc. are placed inside dynamic wrapper, while portfolio is placed inside static wrapper. All that needs to be done is to placed portfolio content inside dynamic wrapper and portfolio section.

Great theme, I’d go for the WP version (hope it will be released soon) ...

WP work in progress…

Thanks for replying to my question. I have a design I’d like converted to WP d you have services for that or would you rather design and develop? I’d like to get pricing so I can begin ASAP .

Sorry, but we’re not available for any freelance project right now.

Is it possible to change or add to the social networking icons at the top?

If you’re referring to notification area (where latest tweet is), the answer is YES – you can insert what ever you want there.

Very cool, good luck with sales :)

How do I get the tweet box at the top to on page load remain closed?

Hi Sfranzken,

please open custom.js file and edit this line by changing value “true” to “false” (line 234)

   var notification_wrapper_visible = true;

Next question, Im creating seperate pages for each nav element, and I have saved index as about and have removed evern section div except the about div, however when I load the about.html page it shows no content, is there a default content div value somewhere I need to set?

Right now in dreamweaver I can see teh about content on the about but when I load in browswer I do not.

Thank you

Ok I removed the page-transitions.js but when I did I lost my background image and the background turned white


For image or pattern background everything is explained in helpfile.html document under “Background Image/Pattern on Separated Pages” section.

Last question, my logo is a bit higher in height then your default one, how do I move the logo div up to the tip of the purple bar and make width and height adjust ment?

Yes and I did that for image background but again when I remove the <script type=”text/javascript” src=”javascript/page-transitions.js”></script>

The page background goes white


can we please continue this issue via contact form on our profile page?

Very well done, would like to know what font you used for the logo “Omnibus”?

Hi Yyda, thanks, glad you like it. Font used for logo was “Berlin Sans FB Demi”.