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Thank you very much for good words!

Is it possible to show multiple images underneath in a portfolio post? And, have you thought about implementing a child-theme-option. Would be great, because your theme invites one to do customizations.

Cheers, OhC


Yes. If upload few images — they are automatically formed into a horizontal slider. will appears prew-next button and button start/stop slideshow. In nearest time we planned to rework some portfolio items and make few galleries on our demo-site.

Looking forward to working with this!

On a side note, i had a thought- which I just left through your profile page’s contact form

looking good!


Thanks ! We recive your message.


a) The possibility of creating some multiple portfolios (with pagination too) in future updating are very appreciated! May I hope to get it after purchase?

b) Also the full-width project page too (the description under picture). Is it possible to do?

c) Sorry, if I’m inattentive during testing of the demo – is it possible to create the slider with pictures under the project page? (for example, http://theme.crumina.net/onetouch/portfolio/portfolio-work-as-example/ – I mean, is it possible to have the simple slideshow instead of one static image here, the theme allows it?)

d) Please, inform about of the WPML compatibility – have you already check it together with One Touch theme? (or maybe, you already have got the WPML certificate for your One Touch theme?) This moment is important for my customer.

The next question: do you plan to add some compatibility with BBpress plugin too? Just interesting about :).

And the last question: the dark-style of theme for the full-width (not for boxed) – is it possible too? Usually it saves me much time, if I may select either light or dark styling in the admin-panel.

Thank you for answers in advance! I want to buy this theme, just need know about of these important moments a little bit more.


a) Pagination will be added in next version. Could you describe in more detail what you mean by multiple portfolios? How should they look like?

b) This option will be added to today update (1.5)

c) It’s already enabled. Please check http://theme.crumina.net/onetouch/portfolio/portfolio-work-as-example/ I simply upload second image into portfolio post.

d) We planned to finish translate frontend of that theme into 9 languages after New Year holidays ( English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Macedonian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Catalan, Polish, Hungarian, Russian). Now theme’s frontend is translated more than 80%

Yes we planned to add bbpress compitablity. We started working in this direction, but we want to do it well.

We planned to add some theme colour variations (include dark version). After Ney Year holidays we will start to do that feature.


Sounds well, thank you!

A “few” :) words about of the “multiple portfolios”. Usually most of themes allow so called “unlimited portfolios”. It is well, but not enough, if we need show the different categorized content on the different portfolio pages.

It looks like I create, for example, 100 portfolio works (items), categorize them with 10 categories, and then create a few portfolio pages, each of page show the content of selected categories.

Also if it possible to select the portfolio page(s) for each of work (item) during of creating of work (item), it is great possibility, because it allows to put the uncategorized items into right places too.

At last, if we can select, which work or category will show the “last works”, “featured works”, “related works” widgets, it is very well usability for site creators.


Thanks. After New Year holydays we reorganize our portfolio options, and add that feature.

how can i change content background?

and is it possible use a pattern for the body background and another for content background?



In today update (v1.5) we add this improvement. Separate options for body and boxed content. And also add to theme archive on themeforest pattern, that we used on our demo.


when is available the update?


Now on approve. On themeforest it will be tomorrow (as envato support approve it)

write to info@crumina.net and we send it to you

It’ surely a wonderful theme!
I wonder if it is possible to show a self-playing video widget in the index page.
i.e. I want to locate a video just the place of the woman

It’s a very simple to replace image with video. That content is make with visual composer and you can simply change that in visual interface. But there are is no option to make that video auto-play. It can be done manualy by insert YouTube embed code into page in HTML editor with parameter “&autoplay=1”
<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/OdT9z-JjtJk&autoplay=1"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/OdT9z-JjtJk&autoplay=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>

Thank you for the nice theme and kind support.
I buy it :)

Before I purchase this theme, I have a question about the homepage Metrostyle Portfolio.

For some reason, while it is loading a right-hand side scroll bar appears on the portfolio and once it is fully loaded—the scroll bar goes away.

Is there a way to optimize this to ensure that the scroll bar does not show while it is loading? I love the theme but want to ensure this can be fixed.


Of course that will be fixed : )

Now i write that task to coder’s TODO list. Think in new version it will be fixed.


Thank you for the quick response. When will the new version be available?

mybtcs Purchased

Hi – I’m having an issue with the home page. This is my site:


How can I fix the two warning messages? I got a “Are you sure you want to do this. Please try again” when uploading the theme, so I uploaded via FTP, went through the steps in the video tutorial on setup but ended up with the home page issue. Could it have something to do with uploading via ftp?

This site is using DreamHost, I tested on BlueHost and was able to upload successfully, although I don’t have a site I can activate it on in BlueHost.


Sorry it’s uor fault :-( It’s a bug in yesterday update. Please write to info@crumina.net and send to you fixed version. Now we send fixed filed to approve.


At the moment approved. Please – download a latest version. And once again – sorry.

mybtcs Purchased

Thanks – all good now except the home page isn’t setup like the demo – I think its the same issue cadop posted about – no blocks or sliders on the home page. I will email you the wp login.

cadop Purchased

Hey Crumina,

Really great theme and beautiful backend!

I am having some difficulty setting up the theme just like the demo. I tried importing the to xml files, but the homepage and menu bars still dont look the same (actually there is not menu). Could you help me set it up the same so I can edit it easier?




Hi! In theme archive we provided documentation with video instruction, how to setup theme. Here is link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=80RE8tp38ts

Also we can help to setup theme. Please write to info@cruumina.net and send to us wp-admin login/password.

cadop Purchased

I couldnt get the homepage to work but i fixed everything else. I sent you login details and tried to send an email to info@cruumina.net but i got a bounce back. My email is umcadop (at gmail.com



Sorry i make misprint in e-mail. info@crumina.net

Cut area in home page ??? Chrome for MACINTOSH http://www.area24.it/cut_area.swf

It’s a horisontal slider. In bottom of them is scrolling bar. And if You scroll down – other posts will be displayed

sorry not consider my comment :-)


We have already answered to it)) Anyway thank you for your interest to our theme )

Importantly, the site is designed for SEO??


Yes ! Properly h1-h6 tags for titles of pages and posts, Blog posts are based on the hNews microformat as recommended by Readability’s Article Publishing Guidelines, alt text for images, proper html5 tags (aside, article, etc) used, and more.

ganjou Purchased

Hello, Did you get my offline message ?


Send. Please check

ganjou Purchased

Nothing came in… Please try with contact[arobase]webdomitia[dot]fr.


Ok send. Maybe you will write me to email? info@crumina.net

Hi, great looking theme!

Im interested in this thing: Blog with grid items. How does pagination work and can I select how many items I want per page?



Now we added this option to theme options panel. And you can select separate how many items display in simlpe blog template and in grig blog template. Today we upload that version to themeforest and add into our auto-updade.

Nice, sounds great :)

Also, would it be possible to make thumbnails clickable?

EDIT: Sorry, I thought I’m replying, but I created new thread :)


Already add this feature to today update (v 1.5)

1. I only see one type of home page, menú, sliders, content and receten posts. Can we build different home pages? I mean can we change elements positions? How? With shortcodes? Via admin panel?

2. is it possible to create the slider with pictures under the project page? I mean, is it possible to have the simple slideshow instead of one static image here, the theme allows it?)

3. If I use slideshow on porfolio ike this http://theme.crumina.net/onetouch/portfolio/portfolio-work-as-example/ is it possible to use diferente sizes? I mean in the same slideshow use a portrait and a landscaped images and won´t be cropped?

4. Blog post types: this theme have different type blog posts? like video , audio, blockquote post, gallery post, slider post… dont see it in your theme

5. Can we use Revolution Slider?

6. Easy to change fonts and their colors vía admin panel?

7. There is no About me page?




So question 3, if I use different images sizes like this , images will be cropped? I have to use the same sizes for the slideshow? http://proyecto3.goproyect.es/portfolios/dia-de-la-tierra/ In this page uploading differnet sizes images fit perfect

So 3. If I use slideshow on porfolio ike this http://theme.crumina.net/onetouch/portfolio/portfolio-work-as-example/ is it possible to use diferente sizes? I mean in the same slideshow use a portrait and a landscaped images and won´t be cropped?

3. Images can be used, but I’m afraid it will not look pretty neat.


3. Images are not cropped, only resize width to 940px if used standart work layout or 1200px if used full-width layout.

I said that if images will be with absolutly differet demensions – you will see some white space in slider, when horisontal image will be shown.

virplay Purchased


I bought the theme :D

Will let you know



With your theme can the homepage slider portfolio images be normal pages instead? i.e. instead we can list our services on the slider.

Can the current multiple portfolio images be replaced with a full width image slider?

Also on the contact page when scrolling down the map zooms in/out so you cannot scroll down the page (happens when using two fingers on the mac to scroll).




1. Now only latest posts or works displayed here.

2. Today we add option to display images in full-with. Also if you upload a multiple images – thay grouped into slider.

3. Thanks. We fix that in next version.

raajbrar Purchased

Great theme. How do you change the Contacts Page Map address?


Oh my !!! Sorry. In today update we add adress field to Theme options – > Contact page options

raajbrar Purchased

Is that for version 1.3, because I just downloaded it today and installed it. I had to manually go into the page-contacts.php file and change the city address in the code. But is there not an easier way?

Also how can I show blocks of different blog categories on the homepage? And is there a default view for archive category I can set in Theme Options?


About version. Now version 1.5 approved.

Sorry. Seems i dont uderstand you fully. Can you write to info@crumina.net with more detailed description of view blog categories on home page and what default view of archive must be

virplay Purchased

Hola :D Start using ur sexy theme :D

What is the ARRAY on the left?


Hi! It seems that was used some metadata in theme, that you used before.

Please send ftp and wp-admin access to info@crumina.net and we fix that.

virplay Purchased

ok, email sent. thx

5parky Purchased

Hi, great theme! Working on it now (v 1.4) and have a couple of questions:

1) Facebook Widget: Selecting ‘No’ under display faces doesn’t work and faces are displayed anyway & the background of the FB widget is white instead blending with the footer background as in demo

2) Contact page: can’t seem to find an option to edit map location

3) Portfolio item: How to remove Designer or Photographer as if I leave them blank they are displayed on the site. Another thing is the order of Designer, Photographer, Client and Link – some of my portfolio items have those in different order such as link first followed by the rest and so on- where/how can I manager their display order? And finally @virplay asked about ARRAY. I’m having the same problem. Can you share how to fix it?

Thank you!


1. Thanks we check it, and fixed in next version

2. In 1.5 version added. It’s on approve. Write to info@crumina.net and send to you latest.

3. Open [ Custom fields – > Work info ] and manage them (add or remove or change it)