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Crumina, is it possible to retract the gallery where the images on the Portfolio shows up so it would align to the right handside of the website? – Because the way it is right now, the gallery goes all the way to the right until it reaches the browser’s scrollbar while the left handside is aligned to the menu (not all the way to the left).


I’m really sorry but I can’t understand you properly :( Maybe you send to me info@crumina.net or post on forum sup.crumina net more detailed question, with links or some schema.

A couple of questions:

1) I don’t see where WooCommerce is in my theme or plugins?

2) It seems as though I can embed videos in pages but not in posts?

3) Can I change colors of the excerpt boxes (blue & green) on news slider?

4) Also, I am not getting the post types (quote, video, etc.) to work at all?

5) Social icons not showing correctly?



1. Go to Pluging -> add new -> type “woocommerce” press find and install woocommerce plugin.

2. It a standart wordpress funktion. It works in pages and in post. All you need to do to embed something into a post or page is to post the URL to it into your content area. Make sure that the URL is on its own line and not hyperlinked (clickable when viewing the post). http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds

3. By ading that code to custom css field. and
.scroll-box .item  .description {
    background-color: rgba(87,186,232,.87);
.scroll-box .item.even .description {
    background-color: rgba(108,190,66,.87);

4. Can you e-mail to me (info@crumina.net) and set more information about it? Maybe some screeshots? Thanks

5. It works good for me. Maybe you write your browser and OS to PM or to Support E-mail. For Screenshot of the problem I would be very grateful.


Thanks for getting back quick. Social icons are distorted or cut up in Safari. Fine in FF. I will email you screen shot.

thanks. its worked. :) another question. I couldnt activate the facebook widgets… it says ‘Could not retrieve the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in’. but im sure i wrote the our fb page link. help?


In facebook widget you need write not your page adress, only ID of your page.

If you don’t know that ID — find it here http://findmyfacebookid.com/

The best mean of CREATIVE. Really force me enter to every page. EXCELLENT.


Thank you, ASteam. We trying to make better and better :)

greattt!! one question more! :p how to generate short codes?? can we enter short codes in any post o page?

We added some video About it : ) http://sup.crumina.net/index.php?threads/new-documentation.83/

Yes it can be added to all posts and pages

i couldnt add anthing from visual composer. since when i press visual composer icon i the page, there comes add template and i press there, there comes a menu, but as shown in the video, i cant go beyond it. it doesnt work after that. i have even changed the visual composer roles from settings—> visual composer


Please check other your installed plugins. Maybe some of them conflict with Visual composer plugin.

You can also write to info@crumina.net wp-admin access information and i check it myself

have emailed. thank you for the support. :)


You are welcome :)

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Overall this must be an excellent theme. But I think that there are two fatal problems.

Six menu tiles on 1024px resolution turns into two rows. Then the 2nd level menu can not be clicked as well as 3rd level menu. The problem of 3rd level menu click occurs with one row depending on the resolution and browser. And there is no background or 3rd level menu, so it overlaps contents.

As a result this theme’s menu tile is optimized with 5 top menu having only 2nd level menu.

Next is that left sidebar comes before the main content on mobile screen. Both sidebar of course, one left sidebar comes so. This is not desirable for ui and seo.

I hope you will fix above two problems.

aalaw38 Purchased


I am pleased with update.

Presently, 6 menu items with 2nd level menu items on app. 960px go to 2 row, then 2nd level can’t be clicked.

I am waiting for quick update. I can’t work to change theme.


We will fix it quickly. But you must understand that ahead the New Year holidays. Because the next update will be ready on 4-5 of the next month.


Next update will be released on 4-5th January 2013

Wow great Work Ilove it:-)


Thank you, Colle28! It ‘ll be even better :)

I am sure this is gonna be one of the bestest themes of 2013! Congrats Crumina! This is surely a wowsome theme!


Thanks, Jekingala. We trying to make it the best. In 4-5th January, new update will be released.

Hi Crumina,
1/ unable to update to version 1.6. After updating, the current version remains 1.5
2/ unable do drag and drop blocks while using the blocks sorter on the homepage settings.
3/ when uploading a new version, my settings (menu customization, etc.) need to be modified : http://www.innovation-durable.net . Am I doing somethingwrong ? Can you help me please ? Thank you very much.


1. alredy fixed

2. Please send to info@crumina.net wp-admin access. Tomorrow we help to you fix it.

3. After upload new version of theme you must open theme options and press button “Save chages”

Happy Hew Year!

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Social icons are distorted or cut up in Safari. Fine in FF. I will email you screen shot.

In wordpress admin ‘updates’ it shows there is an update to the theme to 1.6 version, but when updated, it continues to show 1.5.


We recive your e-mail. Thanks. Change version in update now fixed. Happy New Year !

Hi, I love your theme. I’m considering using it for a client who needs to cater for visually impaired users. Can the menu titles on the squares at the top be made larger? Thanks


Yes thay can be larger.

You need simply add some css to Custom CSS field in theme options panel.

.tiled-menu > li > .menu-item-wrap {
width: some_new_size px;
height: some_new_size px;
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Hey, I tryed to override the header.php in a Child-Theme (https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes#Template_files) but it does not work. Do you have any Idea why this does not work? Many Thanks & Happy New Year!


Hi! Tomorrow we will look on it


I am looking forward to your response for the homepage and category page template.

Also I have updated to the new version but the left tabbed widget is showing full posts, and not the excerpt.


How would that be fixed?

Thank you and Happy New Year


Hi! Today we have a day off. But tomorrow I shall write to you about the template. And please write to us — it always shows the full post, or only when the video is in it, thank you and Happy New Year too :)


Hello :)

It’s also full posts with or without video.

Thank you.


Thanks, in next version we will use Google Fonts under both SSL and non-SSL


I’m testing your demo on a Nokia Lumia 800 (so Windows 7.5) and the slider on the home page refuses to roll to the right (and the tiles are not resized or reordered). The rest of the site appear to work and is very cool to look at, but if the slider doesn’t work on the mobile that’s something of a show stopper for me. Is this a known issue?


OK, thanks for letting me know. Do you have a timeframe for that fix? Otherwise I’m sorry to say that I will have to look elsewhere.

But don’t feel bad. It looks like the reply to posts on this site is messed up as well when using the Windows 8 IE :-)

Cheers, Fwiffo



I did some additional testing and you also have a problem with all textboxes. They all show the word “Undefined” and the text is not cleared when the box is selected.


Thanks we will test and fix that.


When you use posts or masonry blog template on a page, the pagination doesn’t work when you click ‘older’... it goes to /page/2 but still shows content from the same page.



It’s aready fixed in new version. Today we will upload it into themeforest. Auto update will be aviable also

Also I noticed that there is no author information on posts pages. I am using a third party plugin to add Author Box at the bottom of posts now, but I think you could make a nice widget to display author bio / gravatar and some last posts :)


Thanks, we will think on it. I think that after New Year weekend, when our designer will come to work, we’ll make it

Hi, I am considering purchasing your theme for our corporate wordpress site. Could you please answer the below questions :

  • Can we add a normal slider to the home page?
  • Where can we view the demo admin portal for this theme?
  • Can we have a 960 grid layout?
  • Can we add a Mega Menu to the theme?
  • Can we add more Menu Tiles to the Main menu?
  • Can we remove the ‘Hey people! My name is Crumina and let me introduce my new Metro Theme – One touch’ content, below the menu?
  • Can we have a ‘Call +12345667’ field at the top right corner?
  • The current Metro style slider seems to support only Posts. Can we also use this for links to normal pages?
  • Is your theme SEO optimised? (eg: Loading Speed, Clean Code, HI Tags, Headers, Javascript etc) This is a very important requirement for us.
  • Will your theme support additional plugins such as Backupwordpress, Codeguard, Google XML Sitemaps, Hello Bar, Wordpress SEO etc
  • We have a requirement to have a wiki / knowledgebase in the site (to store technical information). Can you advise if this feature is supported in your theme? If not, can you suggest a good compatible plugin?
  • Can we have CAPTCHA with the Comments
  • Can we add a ‘latest news’ ticker to the site
  • How can we give users the option to change language to Arabic, German, French etc

Please reply asap so we can go ahead with the purchase. Thanks and Happy New Year!!!


Yes – slider revolution included and home page has blocks manager. That slider can be removed. New added

Soon we add demo playground for our customers

Theme is responsive. It works good on 1280 or 1024 px horisontal resolution

Menu tiles – 6 per line. You can add more but it will be on second row

Yes – you can remove or change it

We don’t add that feature to our theme.

At the moment metro style slider support posts or portfolio works. In future we add support of shop items, but not custom pages.

Yes It is SEO optimised.

We have not tested these plugins, but there’s no reason that they did not work.

We will think on it, but now I can not say anything definite about it

No. There is no such feature

We used “Recent posts” widget for that

You can do that with some plugins. WPML for example.