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I have problem. When i visit my web, just show an instruction to create add page, not home screen view… please tell solve for this problem

Create empty page called Home (Pages ? Add New) with selected Frontpage 1, Frontpage 2 (slider with blog posts), Frontpage 3 or Frontpage 4 (metro posts) page template. Go to Settings ? Reading, select Front page: Home and SAVE changes (do not touch Posts page).

Hello i cant change my blog style from full post to summurised text..When i do this from reading settings nothing happens

Hi I just installed one community and as a member I cant figure out how to make posts to blog as admin i get it but as a new member there is really nowhere to post a blog .this is pretty crucial ,

Ok thanks I fixed that had to completely reinstall wordpress now I cant get widgets to go to the right of the front page everything is just placing itself down

Each widget must contain title.

I can*t publish a post. I have no button POST

While creating group, members can make group private.

How can I translate On community page in SLovenian language

Please read the “X. How to translate theme?” chapten on documentation.

I installed cubepoints and I like it shows my points but is there a way to show members points when you go to their profile .

also cubepoints when you transfer points its supposed to display a message on their profile but nothing is showing up how do I fix this

Hello Diabolique

Is it possible to add an extra sidebar box?

thanks, but how can it be that if I add three widgets in sidebar front page – they get pushed down to the button? Haven’t changed any css – http://www.snin.dk/

Each widget must contain title.

Thanks for very fast answer :)

how to erase ONE COMMUNITY logo in home page screen and then change with my Logo… Its very disturb.

You should install ajax search in this place, check theme documentation.

why in Tile Menu did not change icon for all? i only change selected image, nothing all

Did you change it via appearance -> customize? You should upload png files.


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Posted on the support design forum but posting here too:

I’m having trouble with numerous items (mealsnmovies.com):

1) The centering of my logo with the padding no longer exists after I tried to edit the amount of padding. How do I get it centered again?

2) Can I remove/change the creepy avatar that shows up when a person visiting the site isn’t logged in? The current cartoon face is rather off putting.

3) I’ve edited the color scheme to red, but one of the search boxes, not the live ajax search box is still orange. How or why doesn’t this change? Can I change it?

4) The Frontpage 3 Slider is on the homepage but the test doesn’t fit inside the text box. I’ve looked at editing the css style sheet but everything I’ve tried to edit doesn’t fix the text size for the word “Action” I have in the text box. Also, can I edit the color scheme in these text boxes? If so, where?

5) When I try to add groups to the bbpress forum I go to the groups page in the dashboard, select add new and it takes me to the homepage. I click Groups in the main header area and then click create group and it sends me back to the homepage.

Help with these 5 items would be greatly appreciated.


I replied on the support forum.


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Hello! I want to buy this template, but I have a few questions: If this template is ready to be translated, but is there in the presence of a source file for the Russian language edition in Poedit? First of all I’m interested in is the possibility of transferring this template site and forum on the Russian language, so the second question: How does this template displays the Cyrillic font, whether correctly with the default font? Another question: Is there a dark (or black) version of the color scheme of the template? One more question: How about your personal account with the settings for each user? Thank you!


Buddypress part is already translated – https://ru.buddypress.org/ + you have to translate my theme, maybe 40 words only.

How does this template displays the Cyrillic font, whether correctly with the default font?

You have to change font because the Quicksand font doesn’t support your language.

Is there a dark (or black) version of the color scheme of the template?


How about your personal account with the settings for each user?

Yes, each member has an access to the own settings panel.


creazot Purchased

Thank you for quick response!


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@author: I was send you a message through the contact profile. Looking forward from your response. Thanks

Can’t access support. I entered the purchase code, but am getting the error msg “Sorry, this key is already in the database. If you think this is a mistake, please contact us to resolve the issue.”

so I can’t search the OneCommunity forum? How can I find answers to my questions then?

There are over 1000 topics, you’re not providing a way to filter or search through them?!

Well, unfortunately not.

How do we remove a sidebar and make FULL screen width for certain pages and posts – we will have IFrames in some of them and thats why we need full screen

It’s possible with pages only, there is a full width page template.