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thank you, thats a very great theme. Two little issues…

(1) Trying to link one of the button-layers in RevSlider to an anchor on the page by using its href-attribute – but it doesnt trigger.

The link-settings for that layer only allow scrolling under the slider but no specific href? How Can I fix that?

(2) The right outline of the button-layer in RevSlider disappears in Chrome on clicking it. Any idea how to fix that?

Thank you very much.


I will research for your issue. I will release update once it done.

sorry, I did comment here instead of comment-page from wordpress-theme – which I bought… should I ask that question there?

Hi, you can ask there for Onehost WordPress Theme. :)


kld2489 Purchased

Hi there !

I just purchased this theme for Wordpress. When I upload the zip. file to the file manager in GoDaddy, when I go to find it in my themes for Wordpress it tells me the “Stylesheet is missing”. So needless to say I can’t access the theme. Is there any way to resolve this ?


You can ask any questions for OneHost WordPress theme here If you bought OneHost on here it’s not WordPress theme but html template.

Question though—the revslider’s content is screwed up on mobile, where are the mobile settings for text/placement etc?


Sorry for late reply. For slider revolution is resizing content on smaller screen by default. Please read help file for slider revolution for more info.

hi.. we have purchased this template.. we thought that this is suitable for wordpress. unfortunately we found out this is not. is that possible to change our order and change to one host template for wordpress ?


Sorry i have no right for this. Please ask Envato support regarding this.

Hi, Does this theme have a function where users can search domain names? i.e. to find out whether there preferred domain name is available


Thanks for your interest! This feature currently not available. I will consider to make it on future update.


pg57000 Purchased

hello, I am French, I bought this theme this morning I bought the theme oneshot but lacks the css and use screenshot for WP, help


This is HTML template not a WordPress theme. You can edit the content using editor like Notepad++ or Dreamweaver.


Just wanted to make you aware that the HTML OneHost theme doesn’t appear to be completely compatible with the chrome browser.

The right button in the slider doesn’t always show visible due to the color of the text matching that of the background and in the bottom of the page the table seems to be inner linking and doesn’t display properly.

Just curious on when an update will be available for this. :)



Sure this template in our update list, we will do update for this template after another theme update completed.


Just curious as to when the next update for this theme is meant to be pushed out?


I’ve to admit that’s it kinda sad that it doesn’t really support a mobile.

This template is responsive for mobile. You can try it on your mobile.

Hello. I’m from Russia. I am writing through an interpreter. I’m sorry if poorly translated. 2 months ago I bought your theme. There is one problem: when I add the in component CMS Blue Pagebuilder more than 8 columns, the footer is displayed incorrectly.

screenshot here. If columns is less than 8, the footer is displayed correctly.

screenshot here. If columns is more than 8, the footer is displayed incorrectly. info disappears.

Info disappears, even if you add a little more html code.

We tested a template on hosting. We tested a template on a dedicated server. The problem is the same.

What could be the problem?

P.S.: If you need to see something else ( site, access ) – just tell

Hello. We can talk in private (email, skype) ? So I can give you accesses.

You can send message through my profile page.

The question is still relevant!


DJTrb Purchased


I was wondering how i would be able to change the background video on the homepage-video.html to a video on my local drive.


Open file homepage-video.html then find video code below:

<video autoplay="autoplay" loop="loop" autobuffer="autobuffer" muted="muted" poster="">
<source src="your-video.mp4" type="video/mp4" />

Replace src value “your-video.mp4” with your video url.