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I’m using the Bootstrap grid system to wrap the links/buttons below the large text banner at the top (I have 4 of the buttons). However, when I shrink the screen, it simply scales down the links and alters the center-positioning of the links. I intended to just wrap the buttons to be on top of each other (using the Bootstrap grid). I have a JSFiddle here with what I am looking to achieve.


How can I achieve this?


Hi, can you send your url so i can see your issue directly.

I purchased the theme and I’m getting a ton of javascript errors out of the box when I load the template into a browser. You also have a ton of errors on your demo site… Also soon as you start scrolling.


Hi, thanks for your notice. I will fix it on next update, but don’t worry with it. It wouldn’t affect any function within this template.

Great template. Already putting it to good use :)

A few quick questions.

1) When scrolling down the page how can you make the elements reveal themselves earlier? 2) I’m using the video homepage but wanting text to cycle through more quickly. Where is that setting kept? 3) Also wanting to adjust the scrolling speed of the logo carousel



1) Open file js/designesia.js then find code below (line 391)

if (imagePos < topOfWindow+500) {

Change 500 with bigger value to make element show earlier.

2) This is revolution slider you can read help file included. You can change data-speed to make it more quickly.

3) You can insert code below inside flexslider function on line 202.


So it look like below:

        animation: "slide",
        animationLoop: true,
        slideshow: true,
        itemWidth: 120,
        itemMargin: 0,
        minItems: 1,
        maxItems: 6,
        controlNav: false,

Thanks for the info.

Just one issue with the top menu. It does appear as soon as you go to the page now, which is what I wanted, but occasionally when I’m using the mouse wheel to scroll down the page the menu jumps around or disappears. Is there a way to have the menu come on immediately and lock it in place?

Thanks for a great template :)


Open file js/designesia.js go to line 33. Look code below:

jQuery("body").toggleClass("down", (fromTop > jQuery(window).height()-150));

replace with:

jQuery("body").toggleClass("down", (fromTop > 0));

Once you done, menu will appear immediately when you scroll your mouse.

Captcha? Desperatly needed. Thanks. When can we expect an update, will need to outsource if not soon. Sorry for the impatiance but it’s important.

The file rev-settings.css should be corrected as:

a.btn-slider, a.btn-slider:visited { ...

Otherwise after the visit the text on the button in the block btn-slider is shown in the same color as the button.


Hi, thanks for your notice. I will fix it.

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how to move Limited 1 – Limited 2

To center ?


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oh thx @designesia not care me


Hi, sorry for your inconvenience. Sometimes your question take more time to reply due support queue. Regarding your question, you can insert code below in file css/style.css.

.pricing-box{display:inline-block !important; float:none !important;}
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Dear developer, very good work, I bought your theme.

Just a couple of questions:

1) In the second page of my website, the first paragraph of text aren’t selectable. It seems that there’s a transparent image that overlaps it. Did I messed up something? http://siti.web2000.it/eos/index.html#page-2

2) Is there a way to change slide ONLY via buttons and NOT scrolling down the page?

Thanks in advance!



Sorry i not sure with your issue. Preview version (wtih video backgound) don’t have this issue. For next question can you explain more, i not clear with it. Sorry for your inconvenience.

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I just bought themeforest-7489042-onehost-one-page-responsive-hosting-template.zip, but the home slider has no pictures like what is advertised on the template. the template advertised has the computer then slides to 5 people and then one person with their finger to the screen. in the template supplied there are no slider pictures and also no other template pictures. WHY????


Hi, images used on preview is not included on download because i don’t have right for that. If you want i can help you to find these images on PhotoDune.

Can you please tell me why the video didn;t work in mobile or ipad. I tried different formats (mp4 / webm), still didn’t work.

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Dear Designesia, thank You for your reply on my last post. I solved it (and it was my fault).

I would like to join “wisdomcychan” highlighting that video on home pages are NOT showing on Safari for Mac and Safari for PC. (And obviously my customer has Mac… ...)

This apply to your Preview version TOO (Fullscreen Video)

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After some Googling, I noticed that on Win Safari is necessary to install QuickTome Player. I ask Mac users if the problem is solved too that way for them…


Hi, thanks for your info. I have thought before, this issue is not related with this template.

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When can we expect an update? To sort the above problems?