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very nice work mate, welcome back ;)

interesting work… I may use it. :)

styles links not working…

@maubuc, @soireeDigital : Thx for kind words

@pamps: Links working now, thx for pointing out :)

Very nice design Karu. Does this work on mobile devices like iPhones etc?

Do you have any published examples of this that I can see on my iPhone?


thx for kind words,

you can use ” http://iphonetester.com/ ” to check the design on iphone.

thanks for the link Karu, though it’s not working. by that I mean, that it seems to be loading only the theme preview page and no further. Perhaps because it’s linked here on the theme Forest website? that’s why I was asking to see a Published version. anything out there with it?


how do I add more “pages” so like a Testimonial page, or even edit the “portfolio” to have more variations in photography etc….

the site I’m doing is: http://www.dellustrations.com/pai/


Hello i have been waiting for an answer. This item is a nice one, however I cannot edit the portfolio, or even add more pages? There is no instruction to do that!!?

Please shine a light!

the site is this: http://www.dellustrations.com/pai/


Hi, plz send me a mail via TF contact form and I will be happy to help you on this.

Also i am in the process of updating the help document to make it more detailed in information.

Great design Karu.

However I am having a problem in the content box… numbers will not display. They show up fine in the black paragraph text but not in the red text that have drop shadows. We are not programmers here, just designers with limited knowledge of css.

The url is http://igpr.com/brinda/elyria.html

See the line that reads… “Goal Statement 1: Retool Elyria city government to be fiscally stable and financially responsible. The City will have the human and financial resources available to deliver high quality city services efficiently and affordably.” The number “1” wil not show up. Also, other tags such as and aren’t having any effect on this text either…

Please help!

Open the pages in any text editor and find this line in the head section

Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6', { fontFamily: 'Avenir', hover:'true', textShadow: '1px 1px 1px #000'});

And change that line to

Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6', { fontFamily: 'Avenir', hover:'true'});

This will remove the text-shadow from the headings

Thanks for the quick reply!

First off, I guess I should’ve mentioned that we’re working on Macs here. The number, underline, etc. problems we’re having are only happening on the Mac side. We’ve tested your original files on a Mac in Chrome 8.0.552.237 and Firefox 3.6.13. I checked it on a PC in Explorer and everything is fine.

The solution you gave only gets rid of the drop shadows on the type (which we want to keep), but doesn’t solve the number, underline, etc. problems. We have come up with a work around by creating another class but I would still like to know why this is happening.

Any additional help would be greatly appreciated

@igpr : Will Look into it and get back to you

I’ll but this piece but I don’t know how would I implement because I don’t know PHP , if they are pue xhtml+css+js ican do that but PHP ? Can you enlighten me in this regard?

Hi Karu,

Love the theme!

I’ve just spent a few hours adjusting it so it works for my needs however I’ve noticed two major compatibility issues: 1 – Using Google Chrome, the navigation buttons don’t work 2 – Using IE9 – the header text does not render

I’ve checked the live demo of your theme to make sure that it wasn’t any of my edits that have caused a problem, and the result is almost exactly the same (my own site had a slightly different issue with IE – it would display the header fonts, but the slideshow wouldn’t appear due to and ActiveX warning, but as soon as I clicked the ActiveX warning the slideshow appeared, but the fonts stopped being rendered).

Thanks in advance.

Quick update,

I’ve downloaded an updated cufon-yui.js file from http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ and it solves the issue I was having with fonts not displaying in IE9

Thanks for great template :) I had same issue with fonts in IE9 . Great fix from kneejerky worked like a charm :) Also Have same issue as kneejerky with Google chrome 12+ where buttons are not working. And special characters are also not working in headers :( Like ?š??žýáíé

Every help will be good :)

Finally found solution for Chrome: in file: custom.js you need to change line:

var targetOffset = $target.offset().top;


var targetOffset = document.getElementById(this.hash.slice(1)).offsetTop;

Then refresh chrome CTRL +F5 and it should work.

Also problem with characters was fixed by changing font :)

Thanks a lot

demo not working :(