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Great design! Good luck with sales.


Thank you :)

Awesome work TM, good luck!



Thank you :)

Hiya .. great template!

Pre Purchase Question: Are the “WORKS” links set up as individual Galleries?

For example: WORKS 1 = 11 images, WORKS 2 = 5 Images, etc.



Yes. Plaese contact with me by my profile page after you purchase it.

???? almost 40 seconds to load the page??

Please wait.
Page is loading… !

This isn’t good. Why can’t we view the top of the page, and then stagger loading of images when they are viewed? i.e. Like so many websites do now!

Could you imagine people waiting more than 30 seconds, even 40 seconds for a page to load, before they can start scrolling down??

Not too impressed with this… Is there an option to STAGGER the page elements, and pre-load just the background slideshow at the top of the web page? Then pre-load content as you begin sliding now, for objects just off the edge of the screen?



I’m sorry. I don’t understand well.

1. You can remove “Please wait…” text. It is on index.html . It is easy. 2. No

Hi. This template is awesome! Two questions about video edition: - is there any option for stopping the loop? - is it possible to take the video from youtube via script?




1. Yes you can stop video loop 2. You have to put full url of video. For example: video/movie.flv. I don’t know does youtube give you full url of video.

krigou Purchased

Hi. Not having much experience working with html i try to work with your (great!) theme…

but i did something wrong and the navigation disappears with the first parallax. what did i do?


krigou Purchased

GOT IT! Thanks anyways…

akfmedia Purchased

Hi there,

In the nav section:

<nav id=”nav”>

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Works
  • Contact

how can I utilise external links also in this menubar?

... when I add an external link to this list these do not work and also prevent the home/cover page from displaying.

many thanks.

I can´t find the options to stop the loop and if I put the url to a vimeo video instead of the .flv url into it the website can´t play the vimeo video (got just an error).

Kind regards



Thank you for purchase.

open thememarket.js file and remove this code: ‘repeat’: ‘always’,

from: line 122, 137, 151


Hi !

Thanks for the teme! It’s great.

I certainly made a mistake, but i don’t understand where…my nav and the logo doesn’t work since i made some modifications. When i click on the logo he doesn’t dissapear and when i click on the menu the anchors seems not to be at the right place…. I don’t understand because i only touch the content but nothing with the code..

Can you help me ?

Many thanks.

said001 Purchased

Hello, I do not quite understand the menu and navigation, as I understand

  • About
  • is linked to:

    <section id=”about”>

    Well, if I change to:

  • 1
  • <section id=”1”>

    It does not work, also removed from the video page

    It doesn’t work on mobile devices. Tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Sony Xperia. Is there some fix? I’m very interested to buy this template but I need that it works on mobile devices. Thanks


    I have same problems,

    How can I utilise external links also in this menubar?

    ... when I add an external link to this list these do not work


    2. Gallery does not work on mobile devices, iPhone and iPad…, why? How can I fix it?”>

    digilene Purchased

    Hi! I love the design, but i’m having trouble loading the fancybox gallery on Ipad/Iphone. Do you have a fix for this? That would be great! DL


    I sent you message.


    Love the template. My client is very pleased, as well. I do have one question (Well, two):

    How do I add the navigation bar on the very first page (the page with the scrolling images)? And is it possible to make the dark or black bar transparent?

    Thanks. Talk to you soon.




    I’m sorry, but you can’t display navigation in slider section, because template is built in this purpose that hiding navigation at the top of the page.


    Thank you. That answers the question as to why I couldn’t make it work. Thank you also and especially for your quick and timely responses. This template is wonderful. Good luck on your continues success.


    Have a nice day :)

    ants Purchased

    like others, I bought this attractive theme only to find that it is not really responsive as you suggest. If you have an update, please post it. I cant make a website live unless it works first

    Hello Can you tel me more about font and how to install it ? The link you give in your documentation is not good. Font is league or legue ? I download league.otf and i put it in css file but no result… thanks luc

    Hello there, I purchased your theme a while back and I’m still having issues with your mobile version. The template seems to break on iOS versions. Could you please share a fix? Thanks for your time,

    hi good day, we already bought your temple, through another account (which for now I have problems to access), I need your help,,because on our website, on mobile vercion still on sight the first section where is the button “Click on me!” , Could you please help us: http://e-magineyou.com/web/ thanks Said invoice/470295 (xxx)


    link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”css/exo/exo.css”

    Where is exo.css ? Thanks