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beautiful theme, is it possible for me to align the header so it is not cutting into the main photo area? If this is possible will it still look ok in responsive on smaller devices?

also, I do not know if this is possible, but what would really make this theme nice is adding ‘items you may like’ to product pages or ‘suggested’ items to product pages so shoppers are not left with a dead end and have additional products to look at from the individual product pages. I do not know if you have this added feature, but in demo I do not see it.

finally, as others have suggested adding the google fonts at least would make me buy this theme. The theme is so pretty in layout and design, but lacking a few basic ideas to integrate.

Thank you very much for your valuable ideas. I will definitely consider what you say.

I just bought your template and i tried to login to see your modules settings but everything is restricted and i cannot setup my westibe like the live sample template you have. Can you please give me access to the demo backend without the restriction so i can see all your modules settings and change mine to match them.

I look forward to your reply.

Great design !!!



You can log in again. Now you can access all the modules.


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I bought this theme is okay but the data from facebook homepage this in another language how do I change to my Portuguese? I have to put the title in the products as well as products of the homepage is in categories? please answer me

I bought this theme is okay but the data from facebook homepage this in another language how do I change to my Portuguese? I have to put the title in the products as well as products of the homepage is in categories? please answer me

I sent Feedback on Thursday and still got no answer

I am writing the answer to all the emails. I sent you an e-mail 3 days ago. Unfortunately, you did not come to another e-mail. The same mail sent to you again.

I wanted to know if there was a possibility to change the colours.

No need to buy for every update. Once you buy. When a new update, re-download files and upload to server.

I can’t seem to find the module for the banners on the bottom the ones that are for accessories 50% off. BAN1 BAN2 and BAN 3 thx

Using the form on my profile can faster than reach me. Banner’s psd files available. That label does not automatically. You have to do with Photoshop. Please contact me by e-mail. Let me help you

Hey Great Theme. One thing: How to make the featured and latest modules not scroll able and rather in full display on the screen with all products in one go. Thanks in advance

Thanks for the nice comments. A process will be a little longer. Please send a message from my profile.


Very nice theme! I’ll definitely buy it but I would like to ask you if opencart-theme (I don’t know…) could handle 8-10k products?

Would it be very slow?

Thanks a lot!

Strictly speaking, I have not done the project with Opencart. I know to add one by one products :(

Hi I bought your theme andinstalled the Version 1.5.5 but when i try to click edit for the CS-ONESTAR – Slideshow i get : Server error The website encountered an error while retrieving http://notjust.co.uk/1/admin/index.php?route=module/cstage_slide&token=ca32a465bdeb90a7a2c9f5bc49128d89. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly. Here are some suggestions: Reload this webpage later.: i tired uninstall module and reinstalling but no luck please can you help me, many thanks!

Please send me the admin username and password. Use form on my profile. You can open an account just limited to the module management for me.

Hi there. How do I make the Product Name come up on the Home page for the Featured and Latest Categories as at the moment there is no text so it doesn’t say what the product is. Thanks in advance.

Hi. Send me message using the form on my profile page please. I can send you the file via e-mail.

Hello, I’m very glad about the theme, but i got one issue with it.

The Featured objects gets the wrong left value, if the window is resized, etc. if you change from portrait to landscape mode on iPad.

A fix would be very nice!

Regards Mikkel Frid


I take care of with problem. Please send me a message with the contact form on my profile. I’ll give you the information via e-mail when the problem was remedied.


Any progress? Sorry, but i’m kind of in a hurry for the fix.

Excuse me. I had a job very urgent and couldn’t find the opportunity. I’ll finish within 24 hours.

Best support ever! Well done!! Thanks!

Thanks so much. This comment made me very happy. Very proud to hear that you are satisfied with.

King Regards

You deserved that comment! Fast response, fast support all three times… Thanks once again!

Thanks :)

Hello, You mention you can display Free Shipping by editing the product? can you explain further how this is done please.

Love your theme, hope it works well for us when we go live soon.

Paul www.falcon-rangecookers.co.uk

Hi Paul,

I sent you an e-mail on the subject.


Successfully installed this theme – http://galerirafflesia.com.my

Any idea to remove ‘warning’ messages at the top?

Thank you


Please enter a value to price area. This field can’t be empty for is discount badge. You can enter 1 as the value.

Kind Regards

hia inatalled the theme and practically finished but its now throwing up this error Warning: Division by zero in /home/sites/glamourglitters.com/public_html/catalog/controller/product/category.php on line 246 at the top? any ideas?


Would you please send site address through the contact form on my profile page?

Nervermind. I fixed it.

I’m glad to you resolve the problem.

Kind Regards

is this theme can be used if i want to build website not using open cart ?

Unfortunately, so can’t be used.

Hello, Your theme is perfect for me, I wonder if it is possible for you to make some adjustments for me? and as would be to create a menu type? I’m new to developing opencart. I’ll buy the issue now ..


Please send a message via the contact form on my profile page. I hope, I can help you.