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Hi, great theme!

I need to change the size of the two image boxes at the top of the screen.

Please can you provide me with the CSS code I need to use to achieve this?

Thank you!

Hi, thank you for your purchase and appreciation. You should know support for the theme does not include customization services – you are on your own with custom requirements like modifying the layout of the theme. I suggest you hire a freelancer that can quickly modify the theme as you like: https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-customization

Hi there thanks for the response. I know it’s something really simple and just a few lines of code required so I will continue trying myself. I just thought you may perhaps know the answer. Thanks though.

Before I buy, does WooCommerce work on this theme?

Hi, WooCommerce is not officially supported by the theme – but you can easily adapt it to display with it’s default style for the theme’s layout: http://code.tutsplus.com/articles/an-introduction-to-theming-woocommerce-for-wordpress--wp-31577

I have deployed this theme on three sites now: http://radikal.ro http://glamo.ro http://drconstantinescu.ro (all content is produced in-house, I’m a content producer not web developer/designer). I’m pretty proud of my results (which did require theme modifications for new/different functionality – I recommend heartily child themes). The feedback I get is – “wow this looks so clean and professional” – obviously owing to the strength of the base theme. I was initially put off by the “no customization” policy (which I understand from a support quagmire point of view). If you don’t know which way is up in WP getting a 3rd party to do custom work bleeds both money and control. What I did is I took ownership (I do have unrelated developer background) and started with small hacks, then graduated to child themes and new functionality.

Thanks for your follow up, the 3 sites look great and I’m glad the theme offered a solid platform you could build your ideas on.

Hi, Liviu. Can you supply below style shopping mall, please? http://themeforest.net/item/dragonfly-multipurpose-theme-for-ghost/6375288?WT.ac=free_file&WT.z_author=sunflowertheme

I want to buy if you’ll supply this style, please. From Dale.

Hi, there is no support for any shopping solution in this theme, but you can do it yourself having some web development skills and using a child theme.


I have some troubles to activate the favicon with the OneStudio theme ? I do not understand because I followed the instructions and created a .png 16px x 16 px but it does’tn work ? I also tried with a .gif and even setting a favicon.ico directly in the theme’s folder but no favicon appears ?

Do you have an idea ? May be I missed something obvious ?

I also followed the wordpress instructions : http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Favicon

Thanks, Laurent

Hi Laurent, please send me a preview link via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.


I want to display google map on contact page like the one shown in demo, could please help.

Hi, you can use the Heading Widget option when editing the contact page with the following snippet: https://gist.github.com/liviucerchez/7fb581af144fa8cce15c (chnage coordinates and marker image, of course).

Thanks for your prompt response.

How do I remove the share button on portfolio items? http://d.pr/i/BwO7

Thx alot.

Hi, please use the Theme Options to remove the extra information displayed for portfolio posts.

Hi, I would be interested in buying the theme. I have some questions to ask: 1) you can use the WPML plugin? 2) in the portfolio page with filters you can also display the title over the picture? 3) There is the possibility to insert the buttons forward and backward in the display of the portfolio?

Hi, thank you for your interest. I have not tested the theme with the WPML premium plugin, so I can’t tell for sure if it will be fully compatible. As for the other concerns, the only available features are the ones presented in the preview demo – you’ll need to modify the theme for any extra custom requirements.

Hi Liviu,

Trying to solve the “filter” issue myself (I did sent an email this morning), I installed a complete new WP version, including the sample data. Guess what: no filters either :(

Is it a WP4.0 compatibility issue? Anyone else has this issue?

Hi, I replied to your message this morning as well (themeforest@zu…ol.com) – please check your inbox or the spam folder – this is definitely a mis-configuration issue (it has nothing to do with the WP version) so please follow up on the email I sent you where I’ll continue support. Thank you.

Hi, nice Theme, but the filters in the Portfolio section doesnt work, its not there??? So what can i do????


Sorry i found it, it was the subcategory….

Hi, no problem – yes, you must use a base category and sub-categories that act like filters. Please use the Support tab for any further questions you may have.

Hi, i have a presale question. Are the colors of the light theme changeable?


Hi, there is an option to set the base color of the theme (the blue in the light version) and of course you can adjust every element individually using the Custom CSS field in the Theme Options panel. Hope this helps.

Thank you for your response. As you can see, i have purchased your theme. ;) Now, i have another question concerning the coloring issue. Is it also possible to change the color of the “next/prev” arrows? I want to have them white and the square in the theme color…

Hi, thanks for the purchase – there is no option to change the colors of the slider arrows, but you can use the Custom CSS field to tweak them (you’ll need some CSS knwoledge of course). Here’s something that might help you get started:

#heading .rs-wrap .rs-arrows a { background-color: #4ea2bd; color: #fff; }

Hope this helps.

Create theme and great customer support!!! Cheers, mate!!!

Thank you, I appreciate it!


baazil1 Purchased

Curious on setting up the homepage…

Under Settings – Reading, I have it set to Your Latest Posts. However, none of my posts actually show up on the home page.

Under Appearance – Theme Options – Home Page, I have it set to show Slides, which is great, and General Text 1, which is OK. I want to replace General Text with an actual Blog Post.

How do I accomplish this? The Home Page options and General Text offer no SEO functionality, so I really need to get a blog post on the home page to help with SEO.


HI, thanks for your purchase – for actual support for the theme please contact me via the Support tab and I’ll get back with you with an email replay as soon as possible. Thank you.


baazil1 Purchased

A separate issue than above:

Even though I have supplied a link for a Slide (Link URL (optional)... the slide does not actually link to anything on the homepage.

How do I activate the link?

HI, thanks for your purchase – for actual support for the theme please contact me via the Support tab and I’ll get back with you with an email replay as soon as possible. Thank you.

Hi there, I have two questions. Hope to get a quick answer: 1. There is a search field in one page with the following text: “Apologies, but no results were found for the requested page. Perhaps searching will help find a related item.”

What could be the reason for what and how can i delete this text and the search field?

2. Can I define the picture detail in the alternating item under projects?

Thanks for your reply.

Hi, thank you for your purchase – support questions are usually handled via the Support tab or my profile’s contact form, but I’ll quickly give my answers to your questions here.

The search field and text above it can be removed by editing the part-noresult.php file (it is useful for users that don’t find something on the site and want to search for it further). You can edit the alternating item details by editing the specific portfolio post type and the projects page layout by editing the template-portfolio-alternate.php file. Hope this helps.

Hi, thanks for your quick answer. It was really helpful concerning my question about the search field…

Hello, Are you planning on updating this theme again? I see that it hasn’t been updated in a year and there are no recent comments either. I also see that you have several newer themes, but I was wondering about this one (One Studio). Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your interest – the theme is fully compatible with the latest WordPress 4.2 and the functionality hasn’t required any fix/update (it was well written the first time). If something is wrong or you’ll have concerns/questions I’ll be available for support, don’t worry.

Thank you for the quick reply!


I need to understand how to enter text in home, then I can not put the text in place of the slideshow.

I also want to insert the slide in other pages. How should I do?

Hi, you can edit the Homepage settings via the Theme Options > Homepage section and add a slideshow using the shortcode described in the documentation. Please use the Support tab of this item for further questions and I’ll get back with you via email. Thank you.

Hello Liviu, can you tell me where I can find the option to change the ‘general text1’ at my homepage? Thank you!

Hi, please find the homepage options in the Theme Options area of the Appearance section in you wp-admin panel. Hope this helps and if you have further questions please use the Support tab and I’ll get back with you via email. Thank you.

good day is there a way to split grid2 where the menu is just the way the logo and slider image are? thank you kindly.

Hi, I’m not sure I fully understand your concern – but can you please contact me via the Support tab with any technical issues and I’ll get back with you via email. Thank you.

Hi there, before I purchase this theme I was just wondering whether the theme allows you to change the animation of the slider on the home page? I don’t want it to look like a rotating box, just a fade animation would be great. Thanks!

Hi, thank you for your interest – indeed the theme has an option to choose the animation of the homepage slider and fade is one of the multiple options available. Hope this helps.

Hey, thanks very much for your reply. Great – that’s good news :)