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How to add sub menu under main menu ?

There is no provision to add sub menu but we will add in next update

Hello there

Plannign to buy it, but before i have few questions:

First my event will be in a few city a different days? can the audience have the option to choose what day and the city? Second the same event will be happen repeatedly in the following months during the year? Can i use again? what happen with the last event, it get lost or archive?> thanks

have you purchased this template? Because I don’t see your purchase tag in comment section.

Yes,i did yesterday.

Sorry but only support can help you in this but if you have downloaded the template then they won’t give you refund as per Envato policy

This is an awesome event theme – works like a charm with our marketing automation solution. Thanks a lot for your work! We’re definitvely going to use this for our larger events.

However, I would love to use smaller speaker pictures (4 in an vertical format instead of 3 horizontal per row), but I messed up the template, when trying to do so by changing the div-tag. Maybe someone could help me with a code snippet?

Thank you very much :)

so you want 3 in row and 4 in column, right?

Yeah, that’s what I tried to achieve by changing div class="col-md-4 col-sm-6 col-xs-6" to div class="col-md-4 col-sm-6 col-xs-6" but my browser didn’t align it correctly for some reason I don’t get.

However, it’s working fine right now, so once again, thank you very much!

ok, just want to suggest change transform in class:
.speaker-grid .section figcaption {
transform: translate(0px, 486px); }

Hi Saptarang,

I would like to use this theme to support for Wordpress, are you selling one? Thanks!

We are almost done with wp version but it may take time to approve on themeforest

Hi! Thanks for this template. I bought some months ago, but now I’m receiving lots of spam from the form. Also is missing some graphic elements, like the dark mask onf background photos. Please check

Hi unformatted, I have added code in forms for spam protection and updated files around 20 days ago. So you can download and update your files. For other fixes you may have done something wrong in onevent.js so please check your onevent.js or else send me your all files


rtd2 Purchased


I am trying to insert the HTML for an Eventbrite ticket form into the theme, but I am struggling to do so – the form doesn’t appear.

Are you able to advise me on how to achieve this?


Hello rt
Can you please send me screenshot? Which mobile you are checking? I have checked your website on my samsung galaxy and iPad and its working fine on my side :)


rtd2 Purchased


Where do I send the screenshot?


please email me from my profile page then I will revert back and then you can send me files or else give me your email ID and I will contact you :)

how do you change countdown?

Thank you for the purchase. Please go through documentation, i have given all instructions to set up counter :)

¿I can use video and social plugin?

Thank you for your interest :)
This is not a WordPress theme so there will be no plugin like thing. But you can add video and social icons links in this template :) as this template already have video and social icons added (you can see in preview)

Hello, thanks for the product, have one slight adjustment to the theme function i cant figure out, might be in the onevent.js file,or the FAQ section .panel-heading how can i get one faq to close once another faq is clicked open. Because right now, once one faq is clicked open it will stay open and you can click them all and they will all stay open. What file can i change to get this to work with only one faq question being open at a time.


Nevermind, figured it out, just replaced the code under // Accordion Symbols in onevent.js with this:

$('#questions').on('', function () { $('#questions .in').collapse('hide'); });

Actually I had it working perfect in second update but it is changed somehow in third update :)
Sorry for late response and Thank you for the solution :)


I might need to add a few fields to the registration form, is that possible? is it easy? or how hard that could be?


yes, you can add new fields to form but you should have knowledge of PHP :)

Success message on registration form not working! when i press submit, the page goes to /form/register.php and does not show success message. emails do get sent to proper destination. Please help!!!

Hi rockyter, please share a link to check the problem you are facing. Than You for the purchase :)

Any idea on when this will available for wordpress? I’d purchase right now if this were the case.

Thank you for your interest but I am really not sure. I am finding WP developer for my all templates.

Can I set number of seats for each price? And can I change the number manually after receiving payment?

Its a HTML template so yes you can change price and no. of seats anytime.


Your theme looks great and I’m considering purchasing it; however one of the key features that’d be good to have is the option to download the programme/agenda.

Is this something that could be available in future?

Thanks, B

Thank you for your interest. This is a HTML template page not wp theme but you will see banner in description with link to WP theme. I have to ask my developer partner or else you can directly ask in comment section of wordpress theme page :)

But if you have programme in PDF or any other format then you can put download link anywhere.

I am running on localhost but the background color specified in the custom.js doesn’t work. Strange because other scripts like slider is working.

make sure you have the correct path mentioned in your html file for custom.js script and also make sure you are loading the jQuery script before the custom.js file. It should work by then! :)

Thank you, the path was correct and jQuery was loading first but on further investigation I discovered the permissions for custom.js for “everyone” was set to “no access”. I changed the permissions to “everyone” “read” and it works. Don’t know how that happened but oh well, moving on!

No problem


Valkure Purchased

Hi! (Sorry, but cant find this answer in comments).

- How to send the registration form letter in both directions – to me and to the registrants?

- And how to made it (letter to registrants) different than original (my side) letter?


Valkure Purchased

Thnx for fast responding! Its ok for let me know just for the first “how-to” – in sending both sided-email (to me and to registrants). You may reply here or via email.

PS: In the second requirement I mean any plain text email, for me, and the second one – for registree.


Valkure Purchased

Ok, it helps, thnx!

The countdown counter does not work on a iphone. Do you have a fix for this issue?

Ok I will get that to you.

Sorry about that it was an error on myside. Thanks for getting the counter to work.

No problem

The last wordpress update froze the schedule and the scheduled items will not change in any order: no matter what time I change them to.

This is embarassing as this is a live site.

Thank you for your help and a solution.

Sorry but this is html template and I guess you want to thank to our wp partner, right?

how to edit header, i need menu from left and remove logo

I didn’t get what you are saying

Oh you purchased Wordpress version, then you should ask here:
he developed WP vesrion for OnEvent.