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Looks really great!

Some question:

- it states that the software version is, will it work with 1.8 (maybe with some minor tweaks)

- it also states High resolution:no, yet it is Retina Ready…

- final question, is there a way to have four product per row like I have now with my current site?

Hope you can answer me these questions.


hi Alex and thanks for purchasing Magento.

Yes we will surely help you for that cuz at the moment our magento dev will be availble since we don’t have any new project for magento theme.

Yep, all of our products are responsive ready.

Thanks :)

ps. use our developers e-mail whenever you need to contact him for any problem related to our work.

Thanks, I will put it in my gmail-account.

The most important thing is the filtering and when the template-folder overrules your files I forsee css-problems on the horizon, ha ha.

I will try to analyze the mechanics used but have no experience with Bootstrap, to be honest, I do not have the slightest idea what processes make those wonderfull transitions possible, especially into mobile-view, but I am a quick learner ‘-)

I have three months before our Dutch site has to be online with new layout so the challenge is on.

Will certainly mail u guys sooner or later anyway, for this or other stuff, thanks man. Keep up the good work!

Hi; looks good I want to purchase however just one quick Q i have, can I add advance option extention with no issues in 1.7.1 or 1.8.0


hi design444 and thanks for showing interest in our work.

could please clarify this a bit cuz don’t understand ur question clearly.


Hi; ‘I had just purchased your theme and I am about to upload to my cpanel directory however I just see the version 1.7 folder when I download and I have 1.8 installed am I missing something. Regards


Thanks for purchasing. plz open a support ticket here http://prestazilla.ticksy.com/ to get help.


I have used many different themes for magento in the past however this one is the best I have seen great work keep it up the good.s


Thank you very much design444 for the kind words :)

I have installed this template, the structure is showing up, but no images at all. I checked and i do see them in the image folder, but no images displaying. Slider is enabled. Is there a setting i am missing or something? Thanks


Hey, thank u for purachasing OnSale. please open a support ticket in our forums and our devs will answer as soon as they see your ticket




Great Support. Actually, watching the video and following the step by step instructions provided solved all the problems. Once the static blocks were set up (as per instructions) and CMS home page edited (also as outlined in the instructions), then the whole theme looked perfect. Very easy to customize too. My site is not nearly finished or live, but so far it looks great. Thanks a lot!


hey emeeder, i’m glad you found it useful :)

Thank u:)

From all magenta themes which I worked on and received supper trough out my experience I have to admit you have the best support in the business so far and I hope you have great success in your sales because you deserve it. Thank you again for all your support.


Woow :) i’m glad to hear such a kind words .
Thank you u so much for your appreaciation :)

Hello, this theme looks really really nice!

I want it for a project I’m in but honestly, I do not know how to use Magento or another ecommerce platform. Could you tell me if it’s easy to learn watching some tutorials on the internet?. I have experience in HTML5, CSS3 and some JQuery stuf.

Maybe I can buy the HTML template and use it wile I learn how to use the other one.

I hope you can answer.



hi Guzalonso and thanks for showing interest in our work.

Using magento is not hard at all. we have also created a detailed documentation/instructions how to use this theme so u won’t have any problems with it. even if u have we are here to assist.

All u need to do is open a support ticket and u’ll get help from us whenever u need it http://prestazilla.ticksy.com/

johnaba Purchased

I have no “Statick blocks” installed. Can you install this theme properly for me I can pay you no probs please.

Regards JOHN


hi John and thanks for purchasing Onlinesale.

to get support: plz open a support ticket here : http://prestazilla.ticksy.com/


seems like the normal magento login is fixed but when i use your theme i can not login as a customer? tried everything on the net but it doesn’t seems to work. so the frontend login doesn’t work.


it works on 1.7 but not on 1.8


hi, please submit a ticket in our forum http://prestazilla.ticksy.com/ to get help from our dev

wow great design i like it

Dear Customers, Please use our forum for any questions or suggestions you might have regarding this product. our forum Link: http://prestazilla.ticksy.com

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