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I bought the theme and loaded it up, is there no child theme or way to make it look exactly like the demo?

Hi TJ, yes there is a Demo XML we’ve just sent it via your support request and thanks for purchasing :)

Is it possible to hide sidebar or change widgets (different sidebar) for a special page.

i am trying to get e-courses on my site (Learndash)


Hi I think there are some plugins out there that offer different sidebar options as what you described above isn’t possible in this theme. Thanks for purchasing.


The theme is great. I already setup it and the website and theme work perfect, but I still have one little issue.

Here is the URL:

Look at the portfolio wall. In Firefox if you mouse over some of the portfolio items it gets some opacity and the yellow background appear. This doesn’t work at all under Chrome. What can be the reason and how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance. Regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel, this isn’t a standard theme function, this is an issue with the customisation you have done since you purchased the theme. If you hop on support though we may be able to help if you can tell us exactly what you’ve changed so far. MeanThemes Support

Can I use this theme in Multi User Site?

Hi there. Do you mean in a WordPress multi site install? If so, we have not tested the theme with WordPress multi site so can not guarantee compatibility.

Aha. Thanks for the reply. Don’t know if I have the guts to try ;-) If I do, I will let you know.

ok thank you and thanks for purchasing :)

Hi there, Thanks for the great theme. As per a previous comment, I was wondering if you could send me the demo.xml to play around with some new features. Thanks

Hi there you should find the demo XML in the latest main package download of Only, just re download from ThemeForest :)

Why no sidebar on the blog main page? EX:

Hey there, can you raise a support request at with all the details and we will look into it for you, thanks for purchasing

Hi there, great theme – just need a little help doing the one page navigation – cant seem to grasp it

Hey there, thanks :) Its all explained in the documentation but if you are getting stuck please log a ticket at and we’ll be happy to help :)

sorted thanks

No problem at all :)

Does this theme do video light box?

Hi there, no it doesn’t by default, I’d imagine there is a plugin that would do it though.

Hi – i bought this and I am trying to upload it but i keep getting the error – <The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Can you help?


Hi Eoghan,

Thanks for purchasing, this is a simple one thankfully, if you take a look here….

It explains the issue. Basically you are uploading the full themeforest zip with all the documentation in etc.

You need to unzip that and upload the

If you’re still stuck please log a ticket with support at

great – thanks for the quick reply! I’ll try it out

No problem at all

Wow! look like what im looking for for a while. support is well ? About SEO … translation ?

Nice theme!

OK :D Looking for Info on top.. where to change that ? :D

dont want to change «info» but add text and pic at this section.

Hi there, can you contact support with all the details please we tend to leave the comments for pre-sales questions only and it sounds like we need to see a link to what you are doing as well.

Hi, first thanks for this wonderful theme with so much option. I’ve a little problem with the homepage. I use the one-page navigation and the menu reffer to link like ’#article-1’. But when i click on the menu, i’ve got an 404 error. It should scroll down to the slide number 1. Someone have an idea how to solve my problem ? Thanks for all

Thanks Charlie, you may need to link to /#article-1 but just raise a support ticket with the link to your site and we’ll take a look for you.

i can’t show you the site because it’s in maintenance mode, but i could create an account

Good idea, send the login in your support ticket to

Social buttons open The social site in The samen window and visitors are no longen on your site.. Where can I change this? I want the link to open on top.

Hi there, you’d need to change this in the code, but it would make sense to add this as an option into a future release, if you log a ticket at we can offer advice on how to change it in the code until the update comes out.

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to set the template up like the demo, even after reading the documentation provided. Do you have a more detailed, step-by-step instruction list you could send?

Many Thanks, Nancy

Hey Nancy, have you imported the demo data XML provided with the theme? Its in the main download in the folder “Demo XML”. Here is how to import Demo XML…

If you need anything else, please raise a ticket with MeanThemes Support

I’m stuck on organizing welcome page items. I want to change the order, but I’m confused. I’d like to know how to do.

I made private items for future updates, but they came to the top, and new public items are on the bottom.

(Lastly, This is my request, but I’d like to decide the anchor name page, not such as #article-1, #article-2 or #article-3. )

Hi there, thanks for purchasing can you raise a support request at please so we can provide a better level of support?


sinoun Purchased

I have a question before I buy. Is there an option to make the blog archive pull up like the portfolio wall here:

I don’t believe we will need the portfolio section at all. Thanks!

Hi there, no the blog displays as per the demo. There is no option to lay it out differently I’m afraid.

Hey guys, awesome theme(that’s why I’ve bought it)

How can I have full page blog post page?

Hi there, just tick this option in theme options > general settings…

If you need anything else please let log a ticket at

I did tick the “enable full content posts in archive” but it wont’ work, it still has the sidebars

Do you mean can you hide the sidebars then? Can you raise a ticket at http://meanthemes.ticksy,com please and we will see if we can help you out


JulieHP Purchased

Just to say thanks! I purchased a theme, got it up and running fine, I got stuck with a couple of things so I asked the Meantheme team for help, they got back to me really quickly and pointed me in the right direction. Excellent support! :)

Thanks Julie :) and don’t forget to rate Only 5 stars from your downloads tab here on ThemeForest, the more 5 star ratings we get the better :)

Hey can I make the logo larger than the 175X75 the settings are asking for?

Hey Christine, we’ve just replied to your support ticket, that is just a recommended size, you can add as large a logo as you like. Thanks for purchasing :)

Looks good this theme. However I am new in this area and it would help a great deal if i could check out a showcase of some sort for this theme. Some examples. Would that be possible?

Hey there thanks :) we don’t hold a list of examples for any of our themes other than what you may find in the comments here. Sorry!


marts08 Purchased

Hi. Nice little theme! Purchased today but upon installing and double checking you have an issue in Firefox when you view a portfolio image and the ‘link’ Portfolio item opens up fine but the image on screen (in the folio / featured image) does not sit within the frame – responsive issue. Take a look. Would welcome the fix. Thanks.

Ooooh! That’s a weird one – I don’t know why Firefox has to keep changing things :) It’s easy to fix though, so we’ll release an update.

In the meantime copy and paste this into your Theme Options > Styling & Font Options > Custom CSS Block…

.stacked { width: 100%; }

Thanks for finding the bug and showing us where it was :)


marts08 Purchased

Pleasure – happy to help! Good work on the theme though.

No worries and thanks :)

The update with this issue fixed is now waiting in the update review queue at ThemeForest. Once a member of the ThemeForest team has approved the update the theme will be ready to re-download. If you have selected email updates via your “Downloads” tab over at ThemeForest, you will also get an email to let you know the update is available. For more information on actually updating your WordPress theme, please check out this Article: