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Hi – A new user here trying to find my way. Big question at the moment is how can I get all my listings (thumbnails OK) in the side bar of all pages ? Also, is there a place or page where all listings will be displayed ? Thank is advance

No problem, I’m here to help. Please send me your wp login (from the email thread that we already have) and I’ll set you up.

I would love your help, but I’m not sure what email thread your referring to ?

LOL, maybe I’m mixing you up with someone else. :) Ok, just email me your WP login from here to get started: http://themeforest.net/user/buchmanndesign


MrCanuck Purchased

Using theme for car sales listing and works well. One issue though … if someone comes to the site and makes a search, and then leaves (or closes their browser) the site remembers their last search selections. This is causing confusion, as visitors don’t realize this and hence they think there’s very few (or no!) cars for sale, based on their previous make/model etc selections.

Is there a way for the search form to be reset?

Sorry, there is no way to automatically reset.


Is the theme specific to cars only? Do you think we can use this theme for heavy construction equipment? What’s important is.. Can we modify the search filters?

Let me know


It’s really only meant for regular vehicles, and the filters can’t be modified too much.


izrina Purchased

hi, i buy this theme 4de16109-3134-4d93-877f-c14fe56aa684 ..

why documentation link not available ? any manual/documentation for setting?

Sorry, it looks like the link in your download is bad. I’ll have to re-upload the theme as a while to fix that. Until then, here are the links: Real Estate mode: https://goo.gl/dQ3Gxh Car Dealer mode: https://goo.gl/RtlTrV


izrina Purchased

the link for documentation not available..

Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

Make sure that you have the correct URL and that the owner of the file hasn’t deleted it.

Sorry, it looks like the link in your download is bad. I’ll have to re-upload the theme as a while to fix that. Until then, here are the links: Real Estate mode: https://goo.gl/dQ3Gxh Car Dealer mode: https://goo.gl/RtlTrV

Hi i’ve just installed the theme, where can i find a guide?

If you’re simply having the site in a different SINGLE language, then there is nothing special to do. Just post in your language. All static text bits are set in Theme Options -> Custom Text. If you want MULTIPLE languages, then you must install the qTranslate X plugin. See documentation for info. For Euro, enter the symbol in Theme Options -> General Settings -> Currency Symbol.

hi i’m not able to have the gallery in the listings, like in this demo http://themeforest.net/item/opendoor-responsive-real-estate-and-car-dealership/full_screen_preview/3417587

Be sure you upload your images to each listing, and you are not just choosing existing images from the image library. If this is not the solution, then I’m not sure… so you can email your WP login info from here and I’ll check it out: http://themeforest.net/user/buchmanndesign

Not sure if anyone else encountered this, but the print page template was giving me errors saying there was an unexpected echo on Line 96 of the template. I noticed that line 96 in fact had php echo echo … I deleted one of them and all works fine now.

Yes, good catch. I thought that was resolved in a previous update; not sure how it found it’s way back, lol. Thanks for that, I’ll fix and send to TF.

hi, i bought open door theme, but, please, do you have any video tutorial about how to setting it. or a manual in spanish? sorry my poor english. tks a lot.

The only documentation is what comes with the theme, and it’s in English. If you send me your WP login, I can do a basic setup where all the required stuff is done. This should help you out. Send from here: http://themeforest.net/user/buchmanndesign

Hi do you have a test login site as looking at purchasing this for a client who is not web savvy and needs an easy cms to use as he is unable to use the current wp site. Thanks

Sorry, there is no “test login”.


lesko Purchased

hello, I just noticed an error im getting: Juicebox Error: Config XML file not found. This is on a IDX Page

I just uploded WP to Version 4.5.2 – is this theme compatible with this update?

Thank you

Hmmm, I’m not sure if this has to do with the latest WP update. I’m away for a few more days but I’ll check it out when i get back. I’d rather correspond with you by email about this… Please email me from here and I’ll reply when I’m ready… http://themeforest.net/user/BuchmannDesign