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Hi, I have bought this theme and installed it in a prestashop e-commerce. I have a problem in the home page with new products and promotions. These 2 modules don’t show the arrows to allow me to see al the new products and the promotions products. My e-commerce url is Many thanks for your help. Regards

We have checked it. Because you display 8 products, arrow button doesn’t be shown. Go Backoffice > Modules > Configure Category tabs slider module and increase number of product.
If they still doesn’t show, send a ticket here: . Our support team will help you.
Thank you !

Solved!! Many thanks!!

I’ve have a problem with megamen├╣. When a category showed on it have more than 15 subcat, it show them in an unique column that reach the end of the page. How can i solve? (in settings i’ve already changed column box to 4 and level box to 3

Can you send your website url ? We’ll check it :) Or you can send a ticket here: . Our support team will check and help you. Thanks !

Hi. Do have this page, “page builder” ? please answer quickly. thanks

Hi, It doesn’t included page builder


nonZ Purchased

Dear Plaza Themes, in May 2015 I reported two tickets (1141 and 1144). One week ago I sent ticket 1521. I received an answer on August 12th and you asked for FTP. I have sent you FTP login two times (from two different email addresses because I thought maybe you have a spam filter).

Can you please check these tickets? And check your email spam filter because I have contacted you back with all details you need. I know my email is working because I use it for customer contact every day.

Also I know it should work because I have had support help from you before and I am very satisfied and thankful for this. I understand if you have a lot of other things to do that takes your time, just let me know. :)

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Hi, If you open a ticket. You can follow and provide FTP in your ticket. We will check and help you.

Hi , what does sort by reference mean ? and can i have a filter by newest items?

Sort by reference: The product will be sorted by reference value. This field will be added when you created product.
Sort by newest items: Sorry ! We can’t help you. However you can sort product as latest product first. Go Backoffice > Preferences > Product > Select in PAGINATION table.

Hi, The price doesn’t show in layered navigation block module in the frontend even if its selected

You can open a ticket here: . Our support team will check and help you. Thanks !