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Best theme I have ever seen at this place! Respect!

Only things to consider is to make the contact form work as when you don’t enter the requested field that you dont redirect it to an other error page but to stay on the same page. Could you do that and I will purchase for my personal website?!

Well done!

perfect, really! Would be cool if it were WP, u would sell $$$

simple, clean and nice… great job

@ myTheme

I found some small bugs on the home page slideshow:

1) The slideshow doesn’t auto scroll.

2) when you click on the numbers (1234) The images 2 & 3 are cut off on the left side & it show a small amount of the amount of the previous image.

3) the 4th image desen’t show, (it’s only white a space)

I’m using IE7 (1024 res)

Thanks for the feedback! Great you like my work.

@CreativeMedia, I’ll take a look that the points you mentioned. Thanks.

Ok, the IE7 bugs have been fixed. The new version will be available, when it’s reviewed by the staff.

@ myTheme

It looks & works OK now, thanks for fixing it.

Can the projects (project1.html) slideshow be set to auto slide?

@ CreativeMedia, yes it can be set to auto slide.

Very Classy ! Nice work

Is there a full psd file that shows the actuall template fully put together? Right now I just see the psd files all split up into 9psd files that make one page.

Do you have 1psd that shows the full design put together?

Ok so I purchased this file and the help file is the best I have seen…. Great work on this…. :) I am going to look at the other templates you have to see if I can use them too…

I would like a full psd though it possible. But have not heard anything back yet

Good Thème but i have a problem with the “à” and the “é” and “è”, when i write it in the theme, they are ”?”

Anyone ?

Still waiting on answer…. Has anybody heard from the author?

@findley75494: I replied to your mail. Sorry for the late answer :)

@MrKetchup: Maybe you should post about your problem in the forum? :) I’m pretty sure that problem is not caused by the template itself.

maharajg Purchased

@ my theme,

In the services or projects pages when i insert a new button it has a grey border. How do i remove the border for certain images and keep the border for some images in one page?

Regards srinivas

Tangent Purchased

can’t get my download of the theme to show up in WP, I used winace and winrar to extract it neither worked and FTP and also did the WP install and still no theme. WP said that a style sheet was missing just don’t see how that could be happening. Help

maharajg Purchased

Hi I’m having a problem with this theme in IE 8 and Safari 4. Top logo and menu spills over the header bar. URL – http://callageek.in. Please help.

Regards Srinivas

Is the IE7 bug now fixed?

Yes, the bug is fixed.