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Hi I have bought your theme, it is great. I just have one qustion is it possible to delete the big image and text, when I have click on a case in the portfolio? here is a link so you can see what I mean, it is the big black box and the big text :) http://www.storyseller.dk/wordpress/?p=694


Hey mate, thank you. I can do that with some simple CSS, please send us your website URL and WordPress login information using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can help you.


Excellent work!

I love the look of this theme but would like to add some of the features of Big Junior.

For example, you have a right side bar option for the blog here but there isn’t an example of a page/post with a right side bar. I’d like to use Optima’s blog homepage option but have posts click through to a page with an that is only a 1/3 to half the page. Also, I like Big Junior’s Portfolio Artist Mention.

How difficult would it be to integrate these features into Optima?

Thank you!

You’re welcome. I guess it’s a matter of image size, try checking Big Junior’s demo portfolio images and see if any of them are as crisp as you like. If you find one, you can definitely have the same image size with same quality.

Okay, thanks! (There is one image in the portfolio that looks HI RES.)

Cool, you’re welcome.

How do I make my pictures visible on the homepage with my posts as you have on the demo page? It’s under the “Our Latest News” area of the website.

All you have to do is to add a featured image to your posts.

Also what’s the suggested feature image size to keep pictures from looking distorted when it’s viewed in the single post page?

The best size is 1170×700 pixel, but you can use different heights for your images.

does it support infinite scrolling on home blog?

Hey mate, no it does not have infinite scrolling.

Hi, i would buy this theme but i’m not sure because i want to do a site like http://www.brosway.com/ . Not the same site but a similar site. Can i do it with this theme?

If you have a theme more similar than this, can u linked me it? Thanks

Hello mate, it depends on your expectations of the theme, I suggest you to use Optima, because of it’s more modern design and great functionality, but you can also take a look at Black Pearl here: http://themeforest.net/item/black-pearl-responsive-fashion-wordpress-theme/3218144?WT.ac=search_item&WT.seg_1=search_item&WT.z_author=PixFlow
If you had any other question in mind, send us an email using pxflow@gmail.com


Can you help me with couple of things of your Themes? First, is it possible to have the homepage to be responsive and the posts are fix? More over, is it possible to make differentiation in a post, i.e.: the menu and the bottom in the post is responsive but the main part is fix?

This is our webpage: http://puremag.hu/

Please see this page, if I put this responsive, the little pictures on the page will break if I decrease the page size: e.g: http://puremag.hu/vilag-legszebb-ovodai/

Thank you,

I have checked your website and it is responsive, please send us an email using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow and explain the responsiveness issue, so i can help you.

Hi, thanks for a great theme…

I would like to hear if it is possible in the Portfolio detail boxed design to have more than 10 boxes on one page, can I for example have all on one page? so I don’t have to klick to next page? to look the next 10. Does that make sense?

Thanks again.

sorry but I can only find Page, but not page settings

I found it :) thanks.

You’re welcome. :)

Hi, the mobile menu on iPhone works only on the home page….as soon as you get to other pages it doesnt work….any fix for that? Thanks

Hi, maybe you have a script error on your website, please send me your website URL and WP login information via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and I will help you.

I buy this template and get this error. unexpected T_VARIABLE How i fixed it?

Hi, I’m not sure what’s causing the issue, please send us your website URL and WP and FTP login information to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

Hi, I like the theme very much

Is it compatible with WP 4.0? Is there a ready content that I can import into the newly bought theme?

Hello mate, yes it’s compatible with WP 4 and it has demo content to be imported to your website. :)

thx m8,

I think I will need a photographer to take some photos for the website, but your explanation would help a lot.

Can you explain how do you achieve the 3D effect on the main page in the head slider?

You’re welcome.We are using Layer Slider and this slider has a parallax feature. That’s what you see in our home page.

hi again, I have bought the theme installed it and installed also those three plugins

where can I get the demo content to import into the theme?

Hello, you should go to “appearance > theme settings > other settings > dummy data”. :)

ok, I found the dummy content. also read the documentation. The question now is:

Is there a way to have a right sidebar in the blogpost?

Yes, when you are creating your blog page, simply choose a sidebar for you page using “Sidebar” option. :)

Great theme :)

Just need a little help.. a couple of questions about Portfolio :)

1) Is it possible to show the name under every item (or above)? It would be great to have all the names always showed without need to get over the item with the cursor.

2) Is it possible to create a page which bring you to a definite “skill”? I would like to set 3 buttons in my homepage and link them to the 3 skills I have in my portfolio

thanks in advance for your help :)


Hello mate, your requests needs customization in theme, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will guide you. :)

Hello, The web agency who made our website, has chosen Optima. Now, we would like to change some page and make some of our articles page menu look like your “blog with sidebar” and “blog without sidebar” portfolio. The thing is we have asked to 3 different web developpers and none of them can make it, they all say there is something missing in your code. Could you please tell us how you do that http://themeforest.net/item/optima-simple-magazine-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/6512914 ?

Thanks because it is a real problem for us and if we couldn’t find how to do it, we’ll need to change theme.


Hello Candice, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will help you build your pages, also we will update Optima in next few days.

Hello, I haven’t seen an option to get my header that resizes when scrolling down to be transparent like the one on the demo. How can I do that? Thank you

Hello, please send us an email via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we can help you.

Hi! First of all: great theme, just love it! Before buying it, I would like to know if it supports WooCommerce, Buddypress and bbPress? I’d like to use it as a template for our upcoming LAN event. Thanks!

Hi, sorry for delay. It does not support any of the mentioned plugins, but it works fine with bbPress.