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Hi Olechka,

Is there any theme documentation which I can use for setting up the website?


Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme! Unzip OptimaSales package and you should see 2 zip files and 4 folders.
Open index.html file in “1. Documentation” folder. There you can find a lot of information how to configure this theme.


Twitter feed does not work. All settings are made, but the tweets are not displayed. Tell me how to test possible?


Please, check one more time did you paste correct consumer key, secret and tokens for your twitter account. Setting up the Twitter Widget process described in the theme documentation. Also, please provide a link to your website. This might help to figure out the cause of your problem.

Problem solved thanks


In Internet Explorer 9 on the main slider is not displayed correctly team.


We have emulated OptimaSales WP in IE9 and see this problem. We use modern slider Swiper 3.0.0. Swiper doesn’t support IE 9.

Thanks for pointing out on this issue. We will improve this shortcode in the next update.

For now, you can change “Swiper Slider” shortcode to “Carousel” shortcode using the WordPress page editor. The second one shortcode will provide carousel and have great old IE support.

Ok thanks


With a width of about 900px screen logo moves out upwards.


Please provide us with a link to your website so we could see this issue in action. Also provide us with information on what devices and what browser do you have this issue

Hello – I love this theme! I’m trying to change the icons used in ‘services’ template, and I’ve followed the instructions from previous posts, but I’m hitting a wall when I try to find the current icons. I would just like to swap them out with images of the same dimension. Is there a simple way to do this?


You should modify css to change service icons to ones from the Font Awesome set. please go through the following steps.
1. Open Admin Panel > Appearance > Theme Option > General.
2. Find field “Custom CSS”.
3. Add the code below changing content value due to your needs: .icon.i-book:after{ content: "\f017"; } 4. Click “Save Options” button.

There is a full list of service icons class:
- .icon.i-clock:after
- .icon.i-book:after
- .icon.i-bag:after
- .icon.i-docs:after
- .icon.i-diagram:after
- .icon.i-light:after
- .icon.i-money:after
- .icon.i-cloud:after
- .icon.i-pointer:after
- .icon.i-talk:after

We have already improved service icons select and it will be available in the next update. Stay tuned.

Thank you, Olechka – you are great.

Thank you for your kind words! Glad everything works for you :)


How to change the link to this image wp-content/themes/optima/images/promo-image.png from the page ‘How it works’. I have all the pages with this template, you need to have different pictures. How to do it?

And how to make for different pages (template ‘how it works’) different images?


Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do it for now. We will try to improve “How it works” template in one of future updates.

You can use unique body class for each page and create a ?omplex selector to achieve this goal.

Ok i will wait, thanks

Is it possible to embed tooltips into pricing tables? Attempting to do so seems to break the table currently. Thanks!


Please contact us via support contact form and we will send you file that fixes your issue.

Hi bootstrap.js off. I’m trying to make with the help of a modal window. Tell me what to do


We have just send you a fix file via email.

@olechka have you receibe my contact support?

Hi David,

Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme! Yes, we have received your support request and answered via email. I’ll duplicate answer here as well

Please go through the following steps to fix issue with ul and li on WooCommerce:
1. Open Admin Panel > Appearance > Theme Option > General.
2. Find field “Custom CSS”.
3. Add the following rule (with your proper values): .woocommerce ul li:before { display: none; } .woocommerce ul li:after { display: none; }

And how can I put a menu, for example for cart here: http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/250871/ed7b8ea9ba4134e9bb7df997f2ecf8e1
Please be more specific on this issue. Where do you want to add menu?

We use a custom registration form. Is it possible when setting ‘show authorization’ to direct to the custom form instead of the modal pop-up registration window? The modal window appears to conflict with the custom form.


Please contact us via support contact form and we will send file solve your issue.

After examining “87 themeforest WordPress Technology Themes” I found this as the most clean, straightforward and supportive one. Will purchase it now and I think won’t regret =)




Looks like the Revolution Slider bundled is not working anymore (maybe WP version?).

When I upgrade the zip file I’m getting this message:

“The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.”

Any thoughts?


Ops, I went through the bulk plugin installation method and it worked. I knew it was something silly =/


Hi Filipe,

Glad you have found solution :)

Hey, Very nice template indeed, But in the new update the main menu at the top is not showing correctly… Please Advice http://web-design-dubai.xyz


Thank you for your appreciation.
Please create a ticket at our support site providing an access to your admin panel and we will try to find the reason of this issue.

Full RTL Support?


Unfortunately, OptimaSales theme doesn’t support RTL.

Hello I deleted the content of your beautiful pages when I installed your template 3 years ago. Now, I would like personnalising the contents for my website. How can I add them to my website ? Virginie PS. I have to install the last template update but I’ll restor my database backup.

Hi Virginie,

We had been trying to understand your issue, but we failed. Could you, please, create a ticket at our support site with more detailed information about your issue, providing a link to your website and admin access if possible.

this theme also has the option of a sticky menu?


Thank you for your question.
Sorry, but OptimaSales WP theme doesn’t have fixed-to-top menu.

I’m currently running version 1.3.2 of this theme. I have the new theme update files, but everything gets messed up and the shortcodes are not being recognized. Please let me know if any of the updates since my installation are critical for any reason. I am content running the version I have as long as there are no risks in doing so.

Hi Ron,

Please create a ticket at our support site providing a link to your website and an admin access to it.

Does the newest version of this theme provide main header styling options like centering the logo above the navigation? I was able to do that with the previous version, but cannot find any options to do it with the newest.

Also, does the new theme support the Visual Composer plugin?


Hi Ron,

Sorry for late response.
Unfortunately, the new version doesn’t have such ability as centered logo. Visual Composer initially wasn’t predefined in OptimaSales theme.

When I click on the documentation link, it just sends me to the Themeforest home page, even though I’m logged in. Am I missing something? Forgive me if I’m missing something right under my nose.

Please disregard. I just figured out what i was doing wrong.