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user_login ID is used twice. STILL BEST THEME EVER, just trying to help improve.

…e=”text” name=”user_login” value=”” size=”20” id=”user_login” tabindex=”101” /> ? Line 474, Column 99: The first occurrence of ID user_login was here. …t” name=”log” id=”user_login” class=”input” value=”” size=”20” tabindex=”10” />
Line 507, Column 94: Duplicate ID user_login.

Thanks, Steve

It’ll be taken into consideration in next update. Please follow me on themeforest to track updates. Best regards, Olechka


Hi Steve,

This problem has been solved and update will be released in few hours after reviewer approve.

malwarebytes is blocking your preview site IP You can remove this site from the blacklist asking at malwarebytes forum.

good design anyway :)


Thanks for letting me know

mtalia86 Purchased

is there a support page for this theme?


Hi, mtalia86

Please be more specific on what do you mean “support page”? Are you talking about help file?

Hello Olechka,

I am brand spanking new to wp and this was the very first them I bought and it is beautiful. However, I cannot get the slider to work. If I give you access, can you take a look and tell me what I am doing wrong? P.s…...I dont know how to code, I am still learning all of this. Thanks!


Hi Phillip,

Just answered you via e-mail. Thanks for your purchase!


Thank you so much for your help! You provided precisely what I needed! Your genius is beautiful!


You’re welcome ;) Thanks you too.

How do I add the content and images on the front page??


Has already answered via email


Could You suggest any multi language plugin which is best to use with Your theme? Something to add language selection and to display slides in different languages also?

Love Your work.Really.


Hi BLTSmartMedia,

Thank you very much for your purchase!

You can use qTranslate or WMPL for these purposes.

Hello again,

Also, could You please explain how to change services name into a products?

I changed the pages title, and so on. But for example, when I click a service for more reading, the header menu shows like this:

Home ->   Services  ->  Product 1

Before clicking a service/product it shows like it should be:

Home ->   Products

I do really need the title products, could you help me please?

I need to make the site runing asap :)


You should do following steps:

1) Press button “Edit” for permalink in admin panel “Pages > Services” (look at image ) and input “products”

2) Please open file “Includes\custom-post-types.php”. In line 73, please, change ‘slug’ => ‘services’ into ‘slug’ => ‘products’.

3) Please open file “Functions.php” and delete line 467 echo ‘

  • ’ . $post_type->labels->singular_name . ‘
  • 4) The last step to press button “Save Changes” in admin panel Settings > Permalinks



    Hi, I’m very pleased with the Theme,

    However I Have two Portfolio Categories, But when i choose a page and use it as Portfolio i cant choose which Category to display, and its shows both categories, (Only squeeze one of them to the end).

    I Believe it is simple to fix, something that will allow me to use only one portfolio category in specific page, and at another page, the other category portfolio.

    Can you Help me with that?



    Hi ilanfiner,

    Thanks a lot for your purchase!
    Please, write me via private message and I’ll send you solution of your problem.

    Best regards, Olechka

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    A real awesome theme, must have taken a lot of hard work. Thank you very much.

    One question, is there a way to remove the topmost header (Log In Log Out) ? Or would I have to do it manually ?

    Thanks once again.


    Hi hswks,

    Thank you very much for buying theme and for your appreciation!

    This possibility is available in the theme.
    1) Appearance > Theme Options > General
    2) Chose “Disable” in “Top Header Bar”
    3) Press button “Save Changes”

    Best regards, Olechka

    hswks Purchased

    Thanks a lot for the prompt reply and the directions. I missed that. Keep up the good work :)


    You are welcome;) If you enjoy theme, please do rate it :) Thanks in advance

    Love the theme – great work.

    Two questions though:

    1. Is it possible to add my own content to the top header? I have added WooCommerce and would like to add “My Account” etc. in the top header… How to do that?

    2. How do you set the “Coming Soon” page active?


    Hi MPStranger, Thank you very much for buying theme and for your appreciation!

    1.For this purpose, you should add new Widgets Area in header. Than you may drag all acceptable widgets in header and make it looks due to your needs. (replace this files )
    Also it is possible to set up plugin WooCommerce Dropdown Cart Widget It makes possible to create convinient widget cart in header.

    2. You should to do next
    a)Settings > Reading
    b)In option Front Page choose “Coming Soon” page (see coming_soon.png )
    You may set preferences there: Appearance > Theme Options > Coming Soon

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    I just set this up on my new site and tried to do the Sample Data import, but the header menu is displaying all vertically and out of place, and the widget settings plugin does not install as I get an error:

    ” unexpected T_Function – widget-settings-importexport/widget-data.php on line 49”

    Tried googling some help with this and someone mentioned this plugin works with PHP5.3, but I heard a lot of other plugins STOP working with php 5.3!

    I am using: PHP version 5.2.17 and MySQL version 5.5.29

    Please help! Thanks


    Thank you very much for buying theme!
    a) Header Menu issue
    1. Appearance > Menus and select Header Menu
    2. Click Save button

    b) Widget Settings Issue
    New version (1.1) of Widget Settins Importer/Exporter plugin is really maintain only PHP 5.3. So there are solutions of problem:
    – You may make request to your hosting support to update PHP version to 5.3
    – Set up plugin version 1.0 (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widget-settings-importexport/developers/)
    – We may set up widgets without plugin. (for this you should send me access)

    jobspex Purchased

    Thank you Olechka! This is one of the best themes I have ever purchased. Really love everything about it. I solved the header issue NOT from the Appearance>Menu section, but from Appearance>Themes>Customize>Navigation. This is where I had to select Header Menu.

    I have now installed 1.0 of Widget settings and it worked!!

    Thank you soo much!


    Thanks a lot for an appreciation! Glad you’ve solved your problem

    Hi jobspex, Same thing happened to me… as for the menu all I needed to do was to go to Appearance – Menus and then select the header menu in the theme selections box (on the left side).

    jobspex Purchased

    Hi MPStranger – Thanks for your comment :-) It was actually in another place that I had to set it. Comment above.

    @Olechka – On the demo page: http://optimasale.gozha.net/dark/index.html I can see on the left of the screen where a user can choose 3 different color schemes: “Main, Fresh and Dark”. Is there somewhere in the WP backend I can choose this?


    Unfortunately, at this moment WP version has only blue/green color scheme, but other schemes will be realized in future updates! Please follow me on themeforest to track updates and new items :)

    jobspex Purchased

    Ah ok. Great, thanks. I’m following you now.

    hi , i just bought this theme and i am new to wp and a total newbie. can you advise how to go about installing new content and images and also installing a paypal payment link as i want the theme to launch a new seo business.

    many thanks in advance


    Hi sandstar70,

    Thank you very much for purchase! Main issues are described in help file. You need to install sample data. Please read chapters (this information will be helpful):
    Theme Installation
    Importing Sample Data
    Plugins Installation
    Permalinks Structure


    Have tried to install but keeps failing


    Please be more specific on what problems do you have. What exactly failed in installation process? Please give me access to your admin panel and ftp. Write please this information on my email via private message on themeforest

    mlakhani Purchased

    Hi, I bought the theme and it looks and works great except for IE in compatibility mode. In Compatibility mode of IE it breaks Menu and Slider, which versions of IE do you support? Is it possible to support IE7+?

    Thank you,


    Hi mlakhani,

    Thanks for purchase! OptimaSales supports IE8+ (this is mentioned in description). We don’t support IE7, because it is not actual http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_explorer.asp

    Could you let me know if this layout is possible with this theme? I don’t see any documentation on the way the site works with widgets or what? Is it possible to have three columns like this on the homepage?


    Hi rmcfadd2,

    You can make such layout. Theme content based on shortcodes. Widgets also can be placed in sidebars, including 4 custom widgets.

    P.S. I don’t see your purchase badge. Are you hesitating to buy theme or not?


    I was hesitating the buy the theme b/c we purchased the PSD some time ago before knowing there was a theme available. Now that we’ve got out design and layout I want to be sure if we purchase we can have the layout we promised the client.


    Great theme…

    Can I turn the responsiveness on/off?



    Hi ADH,

    Thanks for an appreciation.
    Unfortunately you can’t turn the responsiveness on/off

    Hi Olechka,

    Quick question – can I integrate video inside home page slider?


    Hi Jungles,
    Homepage slider doesn’t support video at this moment. This option will be realized in next updates.


    Can you let me know when video will be supported please!?


    Yes, surely. I’ll let you know when it is ready.

    jobspex Purchased


    Just curious, other than comment on stuff, what can logged in users do on this theme?

    Any specific roles, such as upload their own content?



    Hi jobspex,
    OptimaSales provides standard roles for WordPress (subscriber, editor, admin etc) Addition functionality is not supported in OptimaSales.

    How about making greater changes to the template? Is that good practice to make a child theme and than changing only files in child theme? I think it is safer and easier practice in case of any future updates. Does anyone have experience with it?


    We’ve updated OptimaSales thme to version 1.3.2. This version has solution of your problem. Please update it.
    You should edit #banner p.excerpt in child theme styles


    Ohhh great!!! Thank you Olechka :)


    You’re welcome :)