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Hi there I’ve purchased this and installed as per the instructions. Using the current latest build which is 2.3.1 but I’m getting the following error (preventing me from accessing the front or back end)


Unable to load the following extension file:


I’ve had a look on the forums on EE but there isn’t an obvious way to circumvent it. Recopying the file into a couple directories hasn’t work (that came from the forum) and the overall solution on the forum was to do a fresh EE install. But well, the point was it this did all the work for me…

Would it be possible to let me know what I’ve done wrong?

Thanks Matt


If you have verified that the file is in the correct location, it is most likely a permission issue (the webserver cannot read the file) – so try to chmod -R 777 the entire third_party folder.

More info here: http://www.addonbakery.com/blog/quick-installation-guide-troubleshooting/

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I bought this item but in my download page the item I have is “the Station” can you please help me with that?