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Beautiful work!!!!! ;)

Thank you!! :)

Thank you! :D

Great work.. GLWS ;)

thank you :)

Very nice and some of the nicest, cleanest, and professional looking landing pages I’ve seen!!

thank you so much!! :)

Such an interesting design :) Good luck dear Jen_Gordon

thanks ninzio! :)

Simple and nice. Congrats :)

Thank you! :)

Beautiful. WordPress next? (hint hint)

Hey Chris thank you! I’m having it rebuilt in HTML, and would definitely consider doing WP as well, but have a few questions to better understand how you would need to use it. Would you be open to chatting with me over email or phone?

You have done excellent work. I had a concern and you were quick to respond and very professional. If I had to rate you – it would be 5 stars! Jen, you have my recommendation and I will purchase from you again.

Thanks again Jen!

Sincerely, Denise

Thank you Denise I look forward to serving you again! :D

I’m not familiar with unbounce, so if I purchase these landing pages, do I have to pay a monthly subscription fee to to be able to use and edit these landing pages?

You can actually sign up for a free Unbounce account and give it a whirl:

I just downloaded the files and uploaded the email version of your template to Unbounce and got a report back saying:

“There was something wrong with the .unbounce file that you recently uploaded and it could not be added to your account. If you did not create the page yourself, please check with the original author or contact our support team at”

Hi nate did you get my screencast response?

Yes, thank you. I’ll check it out and get back to you.

Thank you! :)

I like your site but I cannot upload on wordpress. Can you help me out please how to do it?


Hi there – this is an Unbounce theme, so it can’t be uploaded to Wordpress. You will need to contact Themeforest here for a refund:

Or you can give Unbounce a whirl for free here:

jen: Still no HTML version?

Hi Jen, I am interested in buying your Opt-In HTML pack. Which themes are mobile responsive?

hi Daniel – all 5 of them are mobile-ready- the html versions can be found here:

Hi Jen, I have just purchased your HTML template.

What should I do to make sure the ‘Send the eCourse’ button is working?


Hi there thanks for purchasing – I’m not sure I understand your question can you email me directly at jen at convertthemes com?


Do you have this themes for wordpress?

regard olie

Hi Olie sorry for the late response here – I just saw this! Unfortunately no I don’t have any Wordpress themes. Thanks for asking! jen :)

Really lovely work.

Is there a benefit to Unbounce over native HTML, Wordpress or Kajabi? Seems like your theme does most of the work.

Just wondering… if it offer concrete benefits that go above and beyond what other formats offer, maybe instead of cajoling you to convert to other formats, we should actually try Unbounce, hehe. :)

Unbounce makes it easier to track conversions – if you use HTML or WP, you’ll need to set up goals in Google Analytics. You can try out Unbounce for free, on their pricing page there’s a small link below the pricing tables to get a free account for i think 30 days. Hope this helps!! jen :)

Can you please tell me which file is the actual theme file. I keep getting an error when uploading this to wordpress. Thank you!


Hi Melissa – this template is built for Unbounce ( so it won’t work with Wordpress. You can go here: to request a refund. Hope this helps! jen :)

It’s an Unbounce theme that, if you want to host on your own domain, requires $49 per month fee (!!!!). Not useful at all and should have made clear in the description.

Hi Tom – the name of the theme is: “Opt-In Landing Page Package – Unbounce Template” I apologize if that title isn’t clear enough :(

Hello… This template is only for Unbounce or I can use as HTML file?

Hi there – this is for Unbounce only, you can get the HTML version here: