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jkpvs14 Purchased


I have purchased the theme in November and I’m still having trouble with the FEEDBACK button. It is not displaying correctly in all the browsers. I’ve managed to get it to show in IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari but in IE9 it is upside down.

Do you have a fix for this yet?

Also the bullet lists doesn’t want to show at all in IE8 – why not?

Please assist as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Regards, Jhorene


I need your support as soon is possible, i wrote you 6 days ago but you don’t answer me yet…

Thank you!

ggando Purchased

Hello I’m having problems with the sliders, I believe they arent up to date. Can you please help?


I purchased the theme but I’m not receiving the emails from the contact form. Can you please advise ?


guibaia Purchased

Hello, i sent you a PM asking for the optiss.zip for installation.

I’m waiting, ok?

guibaia Purchased

Man, i still need the optiss.zip for instalattion, ok?

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to set up the portfolio page so it just is a list of each category and not have that filter button at the top? Thanks

your demo does not work… apparently…

Greetings my RevSlider is not working properly… Do you have an updated version of the rev slider..I plugged an other rev slider temporarily and it works but does not work with the theme corectly…. can you send me or fix my rev slider..I downloaded a new version of the theme with the rev slider and uploaded it twice and I still get the same result.. The rev slider does not fucntion well. The image lock and are not able to move within the theme or when editing the slides in the slider editior….. I figure a new version will fix that…..

Also you demo does not appear to be working now…. i am getting a connection errror..

The demo is still down, giving a database connection failure error.

naushucmr Purchased

I have purchased Optiss theme, i noticed that the slider is not workign in IE10, where as it works on Google Chrome, Please help me to solve this issue.

Thanks & Regards

My website is http://www.pbmpride.com

I cant seem to get my feeds to work properly…

I created a feed burner account. http://feeds.feedburner.com/pbmpride

How do I make it take me to the feeds when I click the link at the top of the home page

We have purchased the Optiss theme. This is the site we built: risingconnection.com.au This is not displaying properly on IE8.

Also, we noticed the Live Demo link is not working. Is this theme still being supported?

Please assist. Thanks!